How to write a Script for your YouTube videos?


How to write a script for a YouTube video? Contrary to popular belief, it is not too difficult to write a script for your YouTube videos. Here we outline all the necessary steps and some cool tricks for YouTube scriptwriting.

This article highlights all you need to know to write a script for your YouTube videos. Firstly, we elucidate the basics, which involve choosing a goal, identifying your audience, and choosing your focus/frame or central character. Then we cover finding a topic that consists of jumping on Google Trends.

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To write a script for YouTube videos, one must be aware of the basics of YouTube scriptwriting. These include choosing a goal for your script, identifying your audience, and choosing your frame, focus, or central character.

Choosing a Goal

Firstly, you will need to choose your main goals for your video before you write its script. For example, what message do you want your video to convey to audiences? What goals have you set for your channel that you want to achieve through your video? It would help if you pondered over these questions for YouTube scriptwriting.

Identifying your Audience

Furthermore, it is also vital to identify your audience to write a script for your YouTube videos. Who do you want to target through your video? It would be best to think about your channel niche and video topic in this regard.

Choosing your Focus/Frame/Central Character

Moreover, it would help to choose your video’s focus, frame, or central character. In this article, we covered selecting an appropriate frame for your video when filming YouTube videos. However, it is just as important to choose your central focus when writing a script for YouTube videos. Your frame portrays the story you want to tell through your video. Moreover, the frame also impacts how you get your point across to audiences.

To write a compelling script for your YouTube videos, it is essential to identify who you want to be the focus or frame of your video.

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Finding a Topic

Furthermore, the next step in YouTube scriptwriting is finding an appropriate topic for your video. Remember that when you write a script for YouTube videos, your video topic should accurately represent the information in your video. Therefore choose a topic that goes well with your content. However, it would help to consider Google trends when finding the best topic for your video.

Jumping on Google Trends

Google trends are a great way to identify what is trending on the internet to find a trendy topic for your video. When you write a script for your YouTube videos, you can use Google trends to develop an exciting topic and title that relates to your content and is trendy.

YouTube SEO

Additionally, when you write a script for your YouTube videos, you should also consider optimizing your text for SEO. Use keyword tools to choose appropriate keywords for your video.


It is crucial to add relevant keywords throughout your YouTube script. This is because keywords impact your content’s discoverability on YouTube and search engines such as Google and Yahoo. You should also include keywords in your video title and description.

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Finally, to write a script for YouTube videos, it is crucial to outline your script with a hook, an introduction, a body, and an appropriate video length.


The hook is what grabs the attention of your audience. Therefore, ensure that you start your article with something interesting. Moreover, your hook should also mention what the audience is to gain from watching your video.


Moreover, it would help to choose an excellent introductory paragraph when writing a script for your YouTube video. Choosing an introduction that introduces your brand and products is the best idea. Then, tell your audience what the main point of your video will be and how that relates to your brand.


Furthermore, it is also vital to have a strong body for your script because the body is the central part of a YouTube script. Your body should cover three to four main points and elaborate on them. Moreover, you must also include a CTA towards the end of your script.

Video Length

Finally, it is imperative to choose an apt video length. Videos that are too long are not viewed as often as shorter videos on YouTube. However, you also need to ensure that you cover all pertinent information. Therefore, choosing an optimal video length for YouTube scriptwriting is a crucial step.

In a nutshell, this article outlines how to write a script for YouTube videos. Firstly, we cover the basics, including choosing a goal, identifying your audience, and finding a frame, focus, or central character for your video. Additionally, it would be best if you also found an apt topic for your script. For example, you may use Google trends to come up with a trendy topic.

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