How To Choose Your Striking YouTube Channel Name Ideas


Choosing your YouTube channel name ideas might be a challenging task that could take more time than you think. It draws an important statement about you, and the content that you are creating, and it also strengthens your business development.

1. Why is your YouTube channel name important?

1.1 It is one of the most crucial factors for YouTube monetization

To get the monetization review, you have to get buy 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers on your channel. You need to focus on two fundamental elements: content and how to promote your video to the right audience.

Firstly, YouTube will evaluate your video to see if it brings value to the audience and whether the content strictly follows the copyrights. After that, you should pay attention to the thumbnails, the video title, description, and tags to attract the viewers. All these small things must be relevant to the content.

If the audiences find your video interesting and want to see related clips of your content, they would type your YouTube username on the search bar to get more information. So, an impressive and easy-to-remember YouTube channel name is necessary when you want to reach the right audience in large numbers. Many people approaching your channel would quickly increase the ability to get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in a shorter time.

1.2 Naming is also essential when it comes to branding

Here is a paradox. The better your content is, the more viewers will not pay much attention to your channel name. But if your name is too trivial or unclear, viewers tend to pass your channel without a single piece of interest. So then, the title plays a crucial role in branding your channel.

When people suggest your channel to friends or colleagues, it would be better to build trust if the name sounds professional. So, it is perfectly reasonable for you to invest the time to get a perfect YouTube channel name.

2. 6 tips for picking your channel name

2.1 Brainstorm carefully

Some people present all the content before thinking about the title, and still, some people come up with the title idea and then implement the content. You can choose whichever method suits your channel growth strategy, but do not forget that you also need to brainstorm it to have a channel name.


Brainstorming your ideas when choosing a name

If you are stuck with YouTube channel name ideas or already have a long list of great options but still cannot decide which one is the best choice. Here are the clear and ordered steps to help you to pick a suitable YouTube username:

  • List out the content that your channel is about: It includes the topic, your niche, and what style of content you will focus on.
  • Be wisely clear on your ending goal: You need to know what the aim goal you are heading to (Is it a personal brand or building a company? Do you want to promote a commercial promotion to sell your product or another party’s products, etc.)
  • Make a list of existing channel names that you like: The purpose here is to analyze the name’s characters. It would be best to consider their name’s noteworthy features, how it can help their brand be extended, or get to know the words and their description.
  • Make a list of all the words that describe your channel and topic. You can search on Google, look for how the audiences discuss and mention that topic, and then find out more related suggestions. After that, you need to consider adding suitable adjectives that describe the goal to your channel name.

It would help if you kept in mind that how your viewers engage with your content will always be the most important thing, which leads to a memorable name.

2.2 Consider Legibility

The meaning has to make sense in general. It would be much more preferable if your YouTube channel name is easy to understand, and you do not have to explain how to remember it correctly.

Using capital letters is more readable, and you can brand everything under your username so that people can find you easily on every platform.

Stay away from the specific words that confuse viewers and listeners. Try to connect your channel name with the visual association. For example.

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2.3 Use your first and last name

This simple way is pretty effective if you are building your personal brand. For example, when speaking about the entrepreneur field, people can immediately call out some notable names such as Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Marie Forleo, etc. Their channel names are their names.


Her YouTube channel name is her name

This straightforward approach provides a comprehensive view to the audience. As you grow and progress, you are building real estate around your name.

2.4 Include the topic in your YouTube channel name

The second option is coming up with an actual brand or creative name relevant to your content. It is pretty vital because people are going to see your YouTube username before they see your content. For example, Nerd Fitness is a fun channel that focuses on fitness tips for specific groups of people. This type of solid channel name can hit the audience’s awareness deeply.


An example of a username relating to cooking and food.

Mentioning the actual topic creatively and memorably is a favorable choice for this tip. Take the Cooking with Dog channel as an example. It is all about cooking, with a dog around, literally. This type of cooking may sound weird, but that niche has its distinction.

More simply, you can try sticking the topic with your name or nickname. It could be Beauty with Britney or After Effects with Austin. The critical point here is the catchy rhyming words with the same first letters. Those captivating words can be ingrained in the audience’s subconscious.

2.5 Keep the channel name as short as possible

One common problem that every YouTuber can have is creating a long channel name. They might think that the name is essential, so they want to add as much information as possible to the brand. In addition, they want to carry the signature with the name to impress the audience.


A short but nonsense YouTube channel name that you shouldn’t use.

However, it turns out to be counterproductive. For example, a lot of people make names that include a bunch of numbers. It becomes difficult to remember and search the channel name. Because the audience might wonder if they can write the numbers in numbers or words, this is brain-racking in some cases. So a good YouTube channel name should avoid using numbers. Also, it has to be short and clear enough for the audience.

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2.6 Use tools to have a unique name for the YouTube channel

  • Website can help you name something because there is a lot of different name types. It is known as a domain name reseller with awesome options. Visit it and look for any idea suggestions.
  • Website is an excellent source of ideas and synonyms. If somebody has the name you want to use on your channel name, you can hit up the source to come up with other variations. This website is an extremely helpful tool if you are out of ideas.
  • Another recommendation is Of course, you do not want somebody else taking your name, or your name might confuse you with others. You want to ensure that you secure all the social media accounts or other versions of the web domain with a channel name for your YouTube. This website gives you the information that you need before deciding on your channel name.

Thesaurus is a functional tool to develop an outstanding YouTube channel name.

However, YouTube offers you the opportunity to change your channel name. You can do it in the future if you want to become more popular on YouTube, or you suddenly have another impressive name. It takes about 90 days for one time of changing username, but do not change if it is not necessary. It would help if you were consistent with your channel name because it relates to building your brand. So, think carefully before you act.

3. Some notes on changing the YouTube channel name

change youtube channel name

Some notes on changing Youtube channel name

Remember your YouTube channel name must comply with YouTube’s terms of service.

  • You should avoid naming identical to the previous YouTube channels, you can check to see if the names you plan to put on have not been placed by anyone.
  • Besides, avoid stereotyped names that have followed the previous path, or those that may cause controversy. It’s best to look for creative names to impress viewers.
  • Absolutely not name the channel like the popular YouTube’s, because it will make your channel less noticeable.
  • Do not add symbols or numbers. A good YouTube name should be easy to find. Don’t confuse your channel name with too many underscores or numbers. Viewers may hear a glimpse of your channel’s name and try to search, but your channel gets missed just because they forgot to add the symbol to your keyword when searching.

On top of that, make sure to think of a community-oriented name in order to ensure better visibility on Youtube platforms. You can do that based on the content you make and your targeted audiences.

In addition, a name that is short, concise, and easy to remember is always appreciated and searchable.

Beautiful YouTube channel names should avoid names that are offensive, vulgar, violent or sensitive, as that will affect the quality of your YouTube channel. You can also choose for yourself a funny name but should avoid profanity.

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3.1 Switch channel to an existing Brand Account

  • Sign in to your YouTube channel. If the channel is connected to a Brand account, sign in with the owner of the Brand account.
  • Go to your Advanced settings. You can get access to this section by clicking your account icon in the top right -> Settings or next to the name information on the dashboard.
  • Under “Account Information“, click the Switch channel to the Brand account.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your password, so fill it in and you’ll see the information on the page currently connected to the channel.
  • Tap on Choose desired account to see the list of options available for your account.
  • Check how your channel name appears after switching, then click Switch channel.

3.2 Switch your YouTube channel to a new Brand Account

  • Sign in to YouTube on your computer then go to the Channel list
  • Click Create new channel.
  • Fill in the details for naming your Brand account and verifying your account then click on Done. This will create your new Brand Account.
  • Use the account switcher on the top right to sign in to your personal YouTube channel (the channel you want to switch to Brand account).
  • Go to your Advanced settings. You can access this section by clicking your account icon in the top right-> Settings or next to the name information on the dashboard.
  • Under “Account Information“, select the Switch channel to Brand account.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your password, so fill it in and you’ll see the information on the page currently connected to the channel.
  • Click Choose desired account and choose the Brand account from the list.
  • In the “YouTube channel available” box, choose Delete channel.
  • Check how your channel name appears after switching, then tap on Switch channel.

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Moreover, every channel has its unique characteristics, so the key here is to understand your channel first before coming up with YouTube channel name ideas. Therefore, if you are having trouble with the long-term development of your channel, please contact AudienceGain. We offer a wide range of services meeting your demand and committed supporters who are online 24/7 to answer all your questions.

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