How to deploy a product review channel on YouTube


We cannot deny the fact that the YouTube platform has greatly contributed to the promotion of marketing and advertising for large service companies, and in particular, the major emergence of product review video channels on YouTube, which is extremely outstanding content. So, let’s find out why this type of content is so prosperous in this article.

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The perks product review channels can exploit from Youtube

The strong development of the YouTube platform means that the effectiveness of YouTube Ads is not just ordinary. Many individuals and major brands have chosen YouTube as a market specializing in promoting products and competing with each other to target potential customers.

The accessibility

Yes, it’s Youtube we’re talking about. This platform has 2 billion logged-in monthly users, each visitor spends 11 minutes and 24 seconds per day on average, and 70% of what people watch on YouTube is determined by its recommendation algorithm.

Because of this, YouTube offers a huge opportunity to get your message across to millions of people and all of them have the potential to become your targeted customers.

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The entertainment


Product review channel – The entertainment

Watching product review channels can be a way to entertain, not only just learn certain information and knowledge. We mean, a tech-savvy person can watch iPhone 12 unboxing all day just to see which reviewers have better comments and evaluations on the products.

Every day, videos on YouTube attract up to a billion hours of YouTube watch time and generate billions of views for all YouTube channels. This is due to the entertainment needs of millions of people around the world that are essential for them to deal with work pressures or desires in life.

As a result, product reviewers and marketers can leverage the power of videos and serve their content according to the growing interest of audiences in reviewing genres

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There are tons of targeted audience options for product review channels to choose from, so they can look for a certain brand that matches well with these potential customers, thus having more views and subscribers.

All data are recorded on the Youtube analytics tool, along with the help from another keyword-search tool for SEO:

  • Subject: The topic of the video content on Youtube
  • Demographics: Age and gender
  • Primary keywords: Specific keywords that are relevant to the products
  • Placements: Specific YouTube pages related to the products
  • Category – user preferences

There are countless ways in which you can get started creating reviewing videos on YouTube based on the above metrics.

First off, perhaps you can create a YouTube channel where you can share updates with your audience or interact with them and address their queries or concerns. Or let’s say you have an online store and want to share videos of your products on YouTube with your audience.

Furthermore, you should add a link to your e-commerce store (if you have one) under every reviewing video’s descriptions so the audience can find you there.

The power of videos


Product review channel – The power of videos

Last but not least, when it comes to the advantages of product review, the video will be a leading format and surpasses images and writing reviews. Video is a powerful marketing tool and most Internet users say they discover new brands and products on YouTube.

Based on the system innovation in general and the sophistication of the algorithm in particular, YouTube will help the creators to popularize their products. If they are trying to break into a new market or increase your product’s exposure, they can create a video of that product demonstrating its benefits.

However, with video content increasingly competitive, the key here is creativity. The more prominent your content is, the more chances your audience will be hooked on to your style and curious to learn more.

Besides, remember to stay engaged with audiences by answering their questions or concerns, as well as sharing ideas and tips on certain products.

The basic steps to start a product review channel

Compared to conventional forms of advertising, product review channels on YouTube, especially through celebrities (KOLs), receive more attention and comments through honest and easy-to-understand reviews.

Moreover, with the advantage of a video-sharing social network, YouTube will be a good environment to help promote the spread of brands, as well as creators to review products, and help them convey messages and their value to the users.

So how do you start a product review channel?

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Create a Youtube channel


Create a Youtube channel

Now is the time to step in to create and build a YouTube channel for you or your business. Start with setting up a Google account.

Google supports two types of accounts for individuals and businesses. On the one hand, if you make the product review videos alone, well you know what you’re going to do.

If you do the reviewing with a professional team and with many different businesses, it is better not to use a personal account.

The advice for you in this case is to create a shared email account that can be used by multiple people. Creating a personal or business Google account is relatively simple. You just need to follow Google’s instructions to easily own a Google account.

Next, login to your Google account on YouTube. Then go to your account area, select the Youtube Channel item and click Create a new channel.

Optimize Youtube product review channel

Let’s talk more closely about this niche you are targeting. Product reviewing is an evergreen content (which means it’s time-insensitive and not viral), so you will have a lot of challenges right from the start to be able to promote your channel, in addition to the pressure to increase watch hours if you’ve not joined Youtube Partner Program yet.

Besides, to increase marketing effectiveness you need to have a channel outlook that attracts both audiences and brands at first sight. So, optimizing your YouTube channel makes it more friendly and professional to customers. At the same time, it also contributes to improving the position of your channel in YouTube’s search results.

The Homepage

The first thing is to design channel art and the channel icon for your YouTube channel. These two elements play the same role as Facebook’s avatar and cover.

Use images and colour tones that are consistent, impressive and relevant to the product line you intend to evaluate. Google also offers the following advice for creators:

  • The channel art should use a 2560 x 1440 px image. This is the recommended ratio when displaying pictures on desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and TVs.
  • The channel icon should use a square or round image of 800 x 800 px. This is the most displayed image and the face of the brand. Therefore, the image should have brand features.


Next, add targeted keywords related to the content you plan to work on so that your audience can quickly find your channel on YouTube’s search results.

Write a short, concise description, and try to focus on the content you want to convey in the first 1000 characters. Furthermore, don’t forget to add the affiliate’s link from the brand you’re partnering with.


Finally, as for the homepage’s trailer, Youtube also suggests a brief introduction from the 30s to the 60s would be an ideal time length. On top of that, focus on showing audiences what your channel is and what they can expect to see in your videos.

Don’t forget to add an enthusiastic CTA at the end of the video for more potential subscribers.

Video setup

This is the most important part of a product review Youtube channel. If your videos are eye-catching and professional, the chances of you getting your viewers’ interest will also increase.

Also, even though you are the specialist of the product you are evaluating, to convey your assessment fluently and clearly, you’d better write a script so that while shooting, you can still take a look at it whenever you forget something to say.

In terms of lighting, you should prepare cinematic graphic lamps as LEDs or a ring light for the best visual effect of the video. Moreover, you can buy small product shooting boxes with monochrome color for an impressive background look.

Seek for business partner


Seek for business partner

Remember that you are creating a YouTube channel for product reviewing, so setting up and optimizing a channel is not enough. You will need to find and partner with brands that interest you, review their products and receive commissions if any of the audiences decide to purchase.

Indeed, for product review channels, the majority of the revenue creators make is from affiliate marketing and branding. The amount of money from views and subscribers will be only a fraction.

We all know that ranking high in search results and having a large subscriber base is the goal of YouTube marketers. That is the premise to attract customers and speed up the sales process. However, that goal can be difficult to achieve when you are just starting.

So take advantage of other social media platforms to get social credibility.


Joining a popular Q&A platform like Quora would be a simple and great marketing tactic. You can also collect questions from people through the comments section on Youtube videos and on other platforms, then produce a video to answer these questions.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

These are the 3 most popular social platforms, with the most users in the world. Please share your YouTube video link on these platforms to approach more Internet users.

However, just posting a link on your page is not enough. Add posts to private groups specifically about the type of product you are making, and remember to add relevant hashtags when sharing videos.

Personal website

In the process of preparing to record any product review video, don’t forget to post the script (edited to match the blog format) so that after watching the video, viewers can easily follow your product’s evaluation.

The combination of a YouTube video and your blog post will not only make your website more interesting but also an effective way to promote your YouTube channel, help it get more views and collect more viewers’ points of view. As a consequence, you can learn from your experiences to produce better videos in the future.

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Want to build a YouTube product review channel?

In a nutshell, with the advantage of being the largest video platform in the world, YouTube is still an effective social network to promote the brand. Therefore, the demand for viewers to search for product-reviewing videos will increase significantly.

That being said, join AudienceGain right now for more optimal and useful tips for developing YouTube channels and making money on social networks.

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