How Much Can You Sell YouTube Account Monetization?


How much can you sell YouTube account monetization as well as the advantages and disadvantages of buying a monetized YouTube channel in today’s era? Have you ever wanted to buy or sell a monetized YouTube channel? Do not worry, all your concerns about buying and reselling a monetized YouTube channel will be answered through this article.

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How To Define The Standard Price of YouTube account monetization?


Monetized YouTube channel

The YouTube channel is like the website AdSense, the best way to calculate the price is to take the average income of the last 3 months, multiply by 10, or which channel is very reputable, multiply by 12.

It is equal to the income in 1 year if that channel is alive and well.

In the segment of YouTube channel trading today, the situation of “wrong” quotation is very common, almost no price can be quantified at any price. That is very strange.

But because of the profit, the buyers sometimes ignore all the prices, to buy the right way, the channels you feel “love already”. Let’s discuss the issue of the monetized YouTube channel and buy and sell it properly.

#1. Great Income Channel Never Sells

Usually, for sale channels are channels with a large number of subscribers, about over 10.000, if the channel has a steady income, without any complaints, then no crazy guy will sell the channel.

So surely strange problems are happening before people bring the channel to sell.

Do not believe in reasons such as, need money to pay for school urgently, need money to pay urgently, need money to get married urgently, the family is busy, the family moves to the US …

#2. Most Professional YouTube Channel Pricing

The YouTube channel is like the website AdSense, the best way to calculate the price is to take the average income of the last 3 months, multiply by 10.

Or which channel is very reputable, multiply by 12. It is equal to the income. 1 year if that channel is alive and well.

For example, in January with an income of $ 500, an income of $ 600 in February, a $ 700 in March, the price of that YouTube channel falls to about $ 6,000.

This is true for the channel with a high number of subscribers over 10.000 sub, and high views over 10.000 views/day.

For smaller channels, you should reduce the estimated number of months to about 5 or 6 months. Especially, those channels do not have any YouTube sticks and violate the community terms at any time.

With the price calculation on both the seller and the buyer, it is beneficial and reasonable in the quotation.

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#3. Very High Channel Subscribers But Low Income

Usually, these channels quote very magically, for example, channel 50.000 sub but the income is only around $ 200. These are virtual subs of channels. It is difficult to grow if purchased to create content.

The virtual sub in this case is understood as buying sub cheap about 200d-300d / sub. Or drag sub with 18+ videos

For example, in this case, the income channel is 150 $ / month with 50,000 subs, the price will be for every 10.000 sub, the price is 100 $, the 50.000 sub price is 500 $ + 1500 $ = 2000 $

But it is a virtual sub and signed a bad brand, so the price is only about 1000-1500 $ is the highest.

#4. To The Seller Defends Himself And His Channel

Do not provide a link to the channel, name of the channel, only provide screenshots of 28-day income, as well as 28-day views, if necessary, provide 60-minute and 48-hour real views.

You will regret it a lot if you specifically provided your channel.

#5. Good Selling Channel, Good Price To Buy Should Use Intermediaries

With good deals and high value, if you do not meet in person to reach a deal, you should use a trading intermediary. For example 1 week, or 1-month warranty.

As well as confirmed there is no violation. The buyer can ask the seller for a warranty. Or the seller does not want the buyer to cheat to take the channel, it is possible to ask a transaction intermediary to keep the money.

Also, you get much other free advice when trading and buying and selling your monetized YouTube channel. All comments please comment below, if you have a better and more reasonable channel pricing.

Currently, the number of channel creators to make money on YouTube is increasing.

So YouTube is tightening its policy on its partners and increasing requests for the channels/content creators, forcing them to meet certain requirements. can make money.

A YouTube channel is required to have more than 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and have at least 1,000 followers. And the channel has to deliver value to the user.

You want to develop on YouTube but are wondering whether to buy a monetized YouTube channel that has turned on to make money or build a channel and increase the sub to increase YouTube views …?

YouTuber’s pressure to monetized YouTube channel


Youtubers pressure

Currently, YouTube’s algorithm is more and more complex. Therefore, you cannot use tools, bots, or proxies to increase YouTube watch time like in the old days.

The YouTubers you see often make thousands of dollars per month, but you should look at the complicated and difficult reality that many YouTubers have.

A typical audience watching YouTube clips may see a high and low view count, but that number is not completely related to the money earned from the channel owner’s ad.

Because YouTube pays according to CPM – stands for “Cost Per Mille” (the price paid for every 1,000 views of the audience viewing the video ad). YouTube pays 1 thousand views for an advertisement longer than 30 seconds displayed (automatically) on that clip.

YouTube also pays by CPC – short for “Cost Per Click” (the price paid per audience is attractive enough to see and click on the ad to the original page introducing the product).

A video clip can have millions of views, but the amount of money its owner gets from YouTube depends on the number of people who click on the ad displayed between that clip.

It is calculated by the number of 1 thousand and the price depends on the region. YouTube has a pretty good metering algorithm.

Also, if you earn 1 thousand USD from advertising from YouTube, this website will recover 45% of that income, not to mention, you have to take care of the video production costs, income tax…

Not all YouTubers make money. According to statistics from YouTube itself, up to 90% of channels on this social networking site cannot earn $ 2.5 / month.

But even those who make money, not everyone maintains a strong and continuous video production prowess.

They have to deal with heavy mental and psychological pressure. It’s the pressure of fame, the pressure of continuous video production, the pressure of interaction with fans, the pressure of finance.

It is also pressure to go bankrupt if you are accidentally blamed due to a lack of restraint of speech during live streams!

Because of the above difficulties, it is not difficult to understand when many people need to buy a monetized YouTube channel to reduce psychological pressure, time, and effort.

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Buy and sell a monetized YouTube channel with money

How to buy and sell a YouTube channel?


The value of monetized YouTube channel before selling or buying

Buying and selling a monetized YouTube channel has two main types: only selling channel, the second channel is selling channel with Gmail.

YouTube has two types of channels that are main channels and brand channels. Can create many different YouTube channels from 1 Gmail. But only one main channel and the remaining channels are the brand channel.

Selling a monetized YouTube channel without Gmail

Selling a YouTube channel without Gmail is selling brand channels. And selling channels is very simple because you just need to change the channel administrator and delete the old admin.

After adding an administrator to the channel, the newly added person needs to wait 1 day to be granted the highest permissions. New users simply delete the old admin of the channel. So the transaction is finished.

Selling a monetized YouTube channel with Gmail

With this kind of sale, the most important thing is the Gmail account. If you buy a channel, changing your Gmail password is not enough because Gmail has a recovery mechanism.

You must completely change the information to restore your Gmail account such as phone number, 2-layer security notification,…

Once everything is fine with Gmail, check the admin rights of the channel. Delete all unrelated people. Now the YouTube channel is yours.

The benefits of buying a monetized YouTube channel

  • Save time the cost of building a monetized YouTube channel from scratch
  • Save the cost of buying YouTube views and subs. In some cases, the channel has enough 4000 watch hours and 1000 subs but has not turned on to make money.
  • Increase YouTube views when there is a new video, increase YouTube sub, and increase suggestions quickly.
  • Create strong brands for individuals and businesses instantly.

Risks when buying YouTube channel

  • When buying a monetized YouTube channel, the possibility of making money off is quite high.
  • If the channel only has re-up videos, the channel may die or be beaten (copyright report) at any time.
  • When buying a monetized YouTube channels on online groups, the likelihood of you being cheated on money and not receiving the channel is also quite high.
  • Retrieved YouTube channel via email. They take advantage of the email recovery function to get back Gmail and take the YouTube account sold. Therefore, when buying YouTube with Gmail, you should carefully review and change all information.

Criteria when buying a monetized YouTube channel

You should notice some Necessary criteria when buying a monetized YouTube channel because there are currently many scam YouTube channel providers.

If you choose a YouTube channel with Gmail, they can recover your account and sell it back to others after taking your money.

Here are some factors that you should recognize when buying a monetized YouTube channel:

      • The service has many channels on diverse topics and related to the topic you want to make a video of
      • Service providing content channel or selling content without buying re-up channel
      • Have a safe AdSense account for a monetized YouTube channel
      • Realtime as high as possible, you should calculate in 1 hour
      • Never pay attention to quickly view and subs pump channels within 24 hours to 48 hours
      • Buy through trustworthy intermediaries to ensure credibility
      • Choose the channels that have as high subs as possible
      • Change channels via Gmail and receive the money within 24 hours of the transaction

If you own a monetized YouTube channel, what is the payment?

If you are a buyer of a monetized YouTube channel, you should note that you buy a monetized YouTube channel with Gmail or without Gmail.

If you use Gmail, you use the Adsense account and pay via western union or the bank where you live. Usually, only when your Adsense account reaches $ 100 will you withdraw.

Every month, YouTube will pay you on the 22nd.

But if you buy a monetized YouTube channel with a network link, you do not need to wait until $ 100 to withdraw money. However, the amount you withdraw will be partly for the network.

The great thing about a monetized YouTube channel linking the network is that the network will assist you to overcome the exclamation mark error when you turn on making money.

At the same time, when you buy a monetized YouTube channel with a network you can pay via PayPal, WebMoney, or bank transfer, … depending on the network. Some networks are trusted by many YouTubers today:

      • QuizGroup: the participation condition is that all YouTube channels have from 1000 views and 10 subscribers in the last 30 days
      • Fullscreen: conditions for participation are that all YouTube channels have thousands of views per month
      • Music Nations Network: eligibility for all YouTube channels with 1500 views within the last 30 days.
      • Adrev Network: no requests
      • Freedom: No requests
      • Scalelab: do not ask anything
      • Miraiscope: 100 views required in the last 30 days

So, make sure you understand the time, method, and types of payments from monetized YouTube channel.

If you have understood the mechanism and the types of channels that enable monetized, a coin is sold and bought, is a suggestion you should pay attention to when wishing to buy a monetized YouTube channel.

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Final thoughts

In short, if you want to sell a YouTube account monetization, you should carefully grasp the tips mentioned above to avoid selling at low prices.

If you are someone who needs to buy a monetized YouTube channel, you should pay attention to buy channels with Gmail or without Gmail.

After summarizing experience from the article, if you want to purchase a quality monetized YouTube channel, do not miss AudienceGain.Net!

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:
Hotline/WhatsApp: (+84)70 444 6666

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