How Does YouTube Shorts Make Money?


How does YouTube shorts make money? YouTube recently announced the launch of a new feature, YouTube Shorts. It is a new short-form video-sharing platform available to YouTube Creator Studio users. Since it launched, YouTube Shorts accumulated a sizable view count spanning more than 5 trillion views, and many people enjoy making and watching it. Let’s find out!

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Does YouTube Shorts Make Money?

The answer is yes! However, as a content creator, you are not dependent on making YouTube Shorts videos for income. As a matter of fact, you can make money from your videos in some other different ways.

YouTube Shorts Fund

YouTube has a new initiative called YouTube Shorts Fund distributed from 2021 to 2022. It is a $100 million program created to encourage YouTube creators to create content that is no longer than 60 seconds long.

Creators who participate grant YouTube the right to monetize their videos and access additional benefits of being part of the program. In May 2021, YouTube Shorts Fund was introduced as the first step toward YouTube Shorts monetization.

View counts from all creator’s Shorts videos will be considered when evaluating a creator’s performance each month. Bonuses in payments will coincide with any payments they would have received. It will be calculated based on the total number of views a channel receives across its Shorts videos.

The YouTube team says that it will choose thousands of eligible creators to receive a payment from the fund every month, and this marks the first step for the short-form monetization, TikTok style videos on its apps. Creators can potentially receive anywhere from $100-$10,000 based on their video’s viewership and engagement.

To apply for this fund, creators must meet a few simple eligibility requirements:

  • Have an eligible YouTube Short published in the last six months (180 days)
  • Your YouTube channel complies with the YouTube copyright rules, guidelines, and monetization policy.
  • Every video on your YouTube Shorts channel must be unique and original. You cannot re-upload videos or use clips from other platforms.
  • Creators must be at least 13 years old.

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By creating a YouTube channel and uploading short videos there, you are allowed to insert advertisements every once in a while. With this method, you can make money every time someone views one of your projects on YouTube.

The streaming media that displays the advertisements earns a share of profits, some of which is then shared with you. When it comes down to it, the more videos you have online, the more money can be made through advertising. Creators will advertise their brand or personal product all within their videos for additional profitability.

Channel Membership

Engagement is the driving factor behind Internet use, and it is easier to get people hooked. You have probably set yourself up for success and a solid following if you can produce content that your target audience likes and shares with others. A paid membership may offer many perks to users who decide to subscribe.

What Countries Will Shorts Monetization Be Available In?

At this time, YouTube Shorts Fund is only available to creators in the following ten countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Russia, India, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, and Nigeria.

Creators in countries may need to wait until more funds are available.

How Much Money Can I Make From Shorts Monetization

Some YouTube creators said they made $200 for seven million views or $2300 for 130 million short views,… However, none of the exact numbers should be considered facts because we don’t have all the data, and they just come from creators’ experiences.

Moreover, if you don’t live in one of the above countries, it doesn’t matter how many views you have. You are not earning a diddly squat!

How Much Money Could I Make From Ad Revenue On Shorts Monetization

For YouTube Shorts to be sustainable for creators, they have to start thinking about other income revenue streams or ad revenue that will supplement that fund. Because YouTube Shorts is still doing some ad trials, there is no evidence of how much a person can earn.

However, let’s take a look at the ad revenue on TikTok – the biggest competition of YouTube Shorts. Nate Black has spotted the TikTok calculator that converts views into revenue based on a 2 cents per one thousand view cost per mile. That means, 100,000 views will net $2.

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YouTube Shorts Monetization FAQs

How Will YouTube Shorts Determine Original Content?

YouTube already has sophisticated detection algorithms for this problem through the YouTube Partner Program. Therefore, you can expect none of the copyright or re-used content to get through.

Will Ads Appear After Every Short?

At the moment, YouTube is still testing ads in between Shorts. However, putting ads after every short is an excruciating experience for viewers and users. The ideal ads frequency is once every five shorts or ten shorts.

Can I Get Paid For Shorts When I Use YouTube Or Popular Music?

When you make a YouTube Short, using popular music would seem to suggest not. Though nothing has been strongly confirmed, the creator fund will likely be based on ad revenue.

It may be that you use popular music in your Shorts, and you get a non-advertisement connected revenue from those videos. But at the same time, the owner of the music is going to want a cut of that.

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Along with TikTok, YouTube Shorts is a great short-video platform with an astounding amount of content uploaded every day. According to Google, YouTube creators can apply to monetize their content. This means that if your video is eligible for monetization, you will be able to receive money from it.

We hope you enjoyed our article on: Does YouTube shorts make money? With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your video content and generate revenue with ease on projects when using video marketing software like YouTube Shorts. So what are you waiting for? Download YouTube Shorts today and make your video.

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