Youtube Shorts Ideas To Boost Your Channel In 2022



Besides TikTok and Instagram Reel, Youtube now comes into the game by allowing short videos. Without a doubt, Youtube Shorts is the new playground for content creators to show off their talents. On the downside, it creates a new challenge for content diversification where only one individual is responsible for the production. Sit back; a long list of ideas for YouTube shorts below may help. Check it out!

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Top 10 Youtube Shorts Ideas To Attract More Subscribers

  • Quick Hacks

It is somewhat weird that we still stay busy even though technology development has brought many convenient solutions to our daily lives. Hence, the necessity and practicality of this topic lead to its long-term popularity in the digital age. Without a doubt, it is a true savior for eager beavers.

Instead of sharing knowledge, this aspect focuses on tips to save time. It is best to show the tutorial directly to the viewer rather than speaking from the camera. Feel free to start with any topic as long as it solves the time problem for life.

  • Storytelling

This is an artistic tool that has appeared for a long time in poetry, painting, film, etc. Due to the Internet’s growth, now everyone can become a storyteller. Hence, this topic is a never-ending material for social videos.

Whether your content is emotional, funny, or controversial, this solution is always a good idea to show off your personal touch to the community. Avoid beating around the bush as you only have 60 seconds on Youtube.

Another suggestion is to summarize your favorite movie or book instead of a true story. This method helps content creators keep their personal lives safe.

  • Aesthetic Mini Vlog

It is a cool idea to share your life with your followers through a recording. Document any aspect of your life, such as a day at work, a sunny trip, or a wardrobe discovery.

Content creators often let the flow happen in the most natural way. This is the biggest advantage of this topic. Then you synthesize, add music and voice, and a little effect if you are experienced. The best part is that some tools support finishing most of these operations with just a few clicks.

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  • Recycled Content

In the worst scenario – your idea runs out completely, some previous material from your amazing creativity is a great solution. Those already available on TikTok or Reel may succeed in capturing the hearts of Youtube users.

Instead of wasting on a reluctant output, spend your precious time selecting and picking out the most interesting or popular content. We recommend re-editing rather than updating immediately. At least, it partly shows your efforts in creating different and unique Shorts.

If you already have a Youtube channel, things get even better. There are two ways you can exploit your long-form resources. Focus on the key part of the lengthy piece or condense detailed shares into a 60-second overview.

  • Customer Reviews

Feel free to share your feelings or experience about a product or service and turn it into Youtube Shorts on the individual work. Customers with an immediate demand find your content more useful than ever. Again, go straight to the differences or best features as your video judges on the micro-scale in a short period.

Moving to the business aspect, this topic is a helpful measure to promote your brand. Reviews from customers promote community trust stronger than in-house ads. Besides asking customers to participate in shooting, the Marketing department can collect positive written feedback and turn it into interesting videos.

  • Unboxing Video

On TikTok, this topic has never waned in popularity. As long as the products ensure freshness, uniqueness, and quality, viewers, especially girls, cannot scroll down in the first seconds. If you are an independent channel, try this concept with random orders purchased during daily life.

For business scale, it gives an overview and impression to introduce the product to the audience. Unexpectedly, it connects to the above theme to strengthen reputation. Recording customer reactions when they unbox is also a way to review products.

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  • Amazing Facts

Talking about things you are an expert on makes you an inspirational influencer. For example, if your channel specializes in fitness, it is best to reveal this issue’s facts. It makes a direct impact on your subscribers who share the same passion.

Besides, you can refer to the knowledge from newspapers, the Internet, or books. This makes your spread of information more believable.

  • Latest Updates & Trends

This topic is always a hot topic that attracts a lot of attention from the audience. However, it requires thorough industry research if you plan to adopt it. This theme is especially suitable for fashion channel owners. You can express it by adding your own mix and match.

  • Motivational Contents

This topic always stays on the top list for businesses’ social promotion. The marketing department should integrate it with products and services naturally to get the best result. For example, success is a great concept to mention if you work for an educational institution.

Besides, it does not create any barrier for an individual channel. The biggest advantage of this option is that it goes along with many ages as the messages of encouragement are always geared towards the positive.

Do not try to complicate video production if your experience fails to handle the whole process like a professional editor. Even a simple build with the right images, motivational quotes, and music can form a perfect output.

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  • Experiments

What happens if you put salt in the baking powder? – If you often ask yourself the same and yearn to find the answer, this concept is your destination. Just believe that countless people feel as curious as you do. So why not apply it to your channel now?

Believe it or not, unique and quirky experiments attract many viewers. You can start from any issue by thinking about some phenomena in your life and turning it into an idea. For example, try incorporating some ingredients for a pastry if your channel specializes in cooking.

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The best part of these Youtube shorts ideas is the ease of application. In other words, creativity dominates the game instead of expensive tech gadgets. AudienceGain hope that the suggestions above can help you attract more subscribers and enjoy your time as a content creator in your way.

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