The Reasons Why YouTube Removed Dislikes Button



Youtube is one of the oldest and most popular social media platforms.

It is a famous form of social network because it allows users to view, create, and post content in the form of videos. They can choose any topic they like and share them on the platform.

When accessing Youtube, you will not be able to help but come across the like button and the dislike button.

This feature helps content creators see how many people like their product and how many people don’t. This is also a way for viewers to express their views, evaluate the content, and interact with creators.

However, dislike counts are disappearing from the platform. Many people must have noticed this difference and would like to know its reason. Therefore, the article provides information about why Youtube removed dislikes. Read on!

Why Youtube Remove Dislikes?

You will not be able to see dislikes on Youtube videos, any device. You won’t know how many people don’t like the video, even though it’s still watched on the backend. It is explained that Youtube finds many creators being unfairly targeted.

It means a flood of dislikes hits some Youtubers. Based on their post content, they do not deem it worthy, but the dislike counts still target them.

What’s worse is that Youtube finds that this phenomenon is getting worse and worse as more and more people fall victim to this.

According to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, the fact that many users actively work only to increase the number of dislikes on creators’ content harms parts of the platform’s ecosystem. These attacks are often aimed at small or beginner creators.

She also thinks it’s important for creators to be able to express themselves freely without being harassed. However, reacting by removing dislikes caused controversy. Since the tool doesn’t help to decide what to watch, it has been hidden from the main interface of the platform.

Common Causes Of Dislikes

Youtube allows users to choose whether or not they express their feelings about a video. So if they choose to dislike a video, they mean it. It is not a random or accidental action.

It is easy to guess that the dislike button was originally meant to consult viewers about content. If a video or a piece of content is of poor quality, users will express their opinion by pressing dislike. This is a tool that contributes to checking the quality of the posted content.

As you can see, if your video’s dislikes start to outnumber and possibly outnumber the likes, you should review your content. Your video may negatively affect many people, or you are touching on sensitive issues like politics or the like.

However, in addition to the reason stemming from the content itself, some dislikes appear for some other variable reason. It is known that some people admit that they dislike all the videos that they come across on the platform.

The most recent is the phenomenon mentioned above. A creator can be unfairly attacked with dislikes.

The reason is that this person may be caught up in a real-life scandal, or maybe for some insignificant reason. Once viewers have a grudge against them, they will try to dislike their entire video without caring if the quality of the content is good or not.

Do Dislikes Matter On Youtube?

Yes, this one is important. Many YouTubes always beg viewers to give them a like on every video they post.

This is a tool for users to rate a video before watching it if they don’t have time to rate it themselves. Moreover, Youtube will not recommend the content they dislike. They also won’t recommend them to a group of viewers with similar interests.

Dislikes also have an impact on creators. Youtube will be able to somewhat judge the quality of its content. Thanks to that, Youtube’s algorithm will decide whether their videos can reach more people or not.

In general, this tool will indirectly inhibit the development of many content creators if they do not ensure the quality of the content.

Will Youtube Dislike Count Come Back?

So far, YouTube has made no move to indicate that it will reverse this action. Therefore, it is not clear whether the dislikes will return during this period.

If any user wants to keep the tool alive for a bit longer, a browser extension can restore the dislikes count on Youtube. It is possible to search on web browsers for this browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Know How Many Dislikes A YouTube Video Has?

With that said, Youtube has hidden this feature, which means you will no longer see legitimate dislikes on the platform. In case you need this tool to determine if a video is worth watching, a browser extension can help.

However, you will have to read and research some warnings before using these browsers. Moreover, it will not show the exact number of dislikes, only approximately.

Can You Remove Dislikes On Youtube Videos?

This is not necessary because Youtube has hidden the number of dislikes for you. So you won’t need to worry about viewers seeing the dislike counts of your video.

However, that count is still visible to the channel’s owner. Even if viewers can’t see it, you will still be able to see the specific number of dislikes on a particular video.

For users, simply click the thumb down icon again if they accidentally dislike a certain video. In case you like the video, just switch to the thumb up button without having to un-dislike before.


In general, this is the policy to protect Youtube creators in response to “Why Youtube removed dislikes“.

Also, users will have more responsibility in viewing the content; they will judge for themselves without needing to depend on the number of dislikes of a video before viewing.

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