10 tips to increase Youtube subscribers – legal, safe and stable for a long run!


How to get more YouTube subscribers fast? Well, one way to make your videos in particular, and your channel to increase Youtube subscribers is to buy them. Indeed, this method can help your Youtube channel reach more viewers and may even become the pioneer in the niche you’re creating.

Furthermore, if you want to make lots of money on YouTube, then subscribers play an essential role. Creators need subscribers for a constant number of views and watch hours.

Besides, as for non-monetized channels, small creators also need 1000 subscribers to join Youtube Partner Program (YPP) as well.

So to say, by a smart strategy and perseverance, you can become YouTube’s next big star with tons of subscribers.

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Why Do Youtube Subscribers Matter?

The more subscribers, youtube will offer more benefits for you (Source: tubefluence)

Subscribers play an important role in the growth of your YouTube channel. They are people who care and feel your content is relevant to them. As a result, they choose to subscribe to stay engaged by getting the earliest content notifications.

In addition, when you have many subscribers, Youtube will also start opening more benefits. Some of them include:

  • 100 subscribers: custom URL
  • 1000 Subscribers: Youtube Partner Program and Channel Membership Offer
  • 1000 subscribers and 4 hours of cumulative viewing: ad revenue from image ads, overlay ads, and video ads
  • 10000 subscribers: the right to provide branded goods to viewers on the channel
  • Etc.

You may also achieve the silver, gold, or diamond button as certifications for your effort. But actually, the more fans follow you, the more you get.

The merits of increasing Youtube subscribers by purchasing them

Is it safe to buy subscribers?


How to get subscribers on youtube? It’s safe and leal to buy subscribers.

The answer is yes!

First of all, this service of buying Youtube subscribers is completely legal and in accordance with Youtube policy. It basically does not violate “Fake engagement policy” of this platform in any way, since it will only block channels that contain illegal content, plagiarism, piracy and so on.

Therefore, if you decide to buy YouTube subscribers, please look for reliable providers to avoid getting virtual views or subscribers.

Increase ranking for Youtube channel


Video rankings on Youtube

Secondly, having more subscribers will help improve the SEO ranking of your channel. Videos in your Youtube channel will also appear higher in YouTube’s search rankings (the Youtube algorithm tends to prioritize videos and channels with high number of views and subscribers).

Thus, this means that once a user searches for a keyword related to the content, your video will be shown first to exert a pull on potential audiences.

The social credibility


Earn the social credibility as fast as possible

This is the biggest perk you are going to get when having a large number of subscribers. When people notice that your channel has a lot of subscribers, one single thought will come to their mind that this channel is professionally produced, has trustworthy content, as a result attractive enough to interest them.

From there, all you need to do is simply deliver high-quality content that everyone can approach and learn from it. In other words, you can deliver positive value to your viewers while monetizing the content you create at the same time.

On top of that, people upload 500 hours of video every minute. Apart from having great content, you also need to maximize the visibility of your channel in order not to be buried under thousands of videos.

This video-sharing website is a relentless war. Thus, once you have achieved the top position in the field you pursue, keep in mind to continue to apply different strategies to increase the channel’s popularity.

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10 tips to increase Youtube subscribers safely and stably

The above are just the “flowery” or “cotton-candy” sides about buying subscribers for your Youtube channel. In fact, nothing is really back and while!

The likelihood that you will encounter shady view and subscriber providers in the market is still quite high. Indeed, there are many ways to increase subscribers, but effective and safe ways (like directly promoting your videos on Youtube) are very few.

Don’t believe in: How to get subscribers on youtube for free, because there’s no such thing as a free lunch. When buying subscribers from low-quality or fraudulent providers, you not only waste money, but also damage your reputation. Virtual or fake users will disappear immediately after signing up, negatively impacting your Youtube career.

Or even worse, you might even lose your loyal subscribers, or be reported and even removed from this platform.

Last but not least, you cannot see the service of buying subscribers as a method in the long term. Supposing that you only need to buy 1000 subscribers to take part in YPP, you still need other effective methods to continue promoting development of the channel.

Define the targeted audiences clearly – initial step to increase Youtube subscribers


Target the right audiences who have interest in your niche

There are billions of videos uploaded on Youtube every day, in addition to millions of Youtube channels. So how will the viewers look for and select your channel to click on the subscribe button?

The only answer is that the content of your channel meets their needs. To do that, you must know who your audience is, how old they are, what their genders are, are they students or employees, are they interested in any issues. You must research and acknowledge all the data clearly.

Next, identify the topic on which your channel targets these audiences. And as for the quality, the subject you choose must be related to your interests or passions such as travel, games, social life skills, etc.

Add playlist on Youtube


Add more playlists on Youtube

Featured video playlists are crucial on YouTube and if viewers are watching your video. Your next video will then show to them right away. As a result, they will possibly watch your next video. If your video is good and compelling enough, they won’t regret giving you some subscriptions.

That’s why an outstanding video playlist is so important. To increase subscribers fast and free and if you’re looking to organically increase your YouTube subscribers, this is the best tip.

Pay attention to SEO – an indispensable stage to increase Youtube subscribers


SEO tips to increase Youtube subscribers

Having quirky titles will draw more attention. Yet, to get the maximum number of subscribers, you’ll also need to dive into the SEO part of YouTube-video promotion.

Here are some worth-to-note tips to optimize your YouTube titles for more searchings

  • Make a descriptive title: Give your audiences an overview of what the video will tell.
  • Title includes content-related keywords: Putting keywords in the headlines tells Youtube’s algorithm what your video is, and it has a big impact on SEO and rank your video on the search result.
  • Your ideal video title should be no more than 50 characters long.
  • Catchy description and clickable thumbnail: make them attractive, but not salesy or incorrect. You need to gain significant trust from audiences to increase subscribers.
  • Don’t use the word “video” in the title: This will only take up space and will not help you rank higher on the YouTube search engine.

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Channel introduction


Channel’s trailer to pull in more subscribers

Let’s say a certain viewer watched your video and found it very valuable to him/her. As a consequence, he/she visits your channel’s home page to look for more exciting contents.

YouTube offers a great feature called a channel trailer that allows you to automatically play a video when someone gets access to your channel.

You really should carefully work on and constantly improve the video to engage visitors. The perfect channel trailer ranges from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. In the video, you need to give your potential subscribers a reason for why they should stay on your channel and what you have to serve their demand.

If you’re good at being in front of the camera, make a quick, informative, and engaging introduction (with a well-structured scenario). Make sure to emphasize on some “killing part” that you ensure that viewers will surely click on the subscribe button.

The support from Adobe Premiere


Adobe Premiere Pro -video-editing software

By Adobe Premiere, you can add visual effects, sound, text.. to make your video really vivid, professional and engaging.

If you want to follow the professional Youtuber path, learning video editing skills will both save you production costs as well as be able to freely create videos as you wish.

Use Google Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner (short for GKP) is one of the free tools provided by Google. Based on the data from this tool, you can determine the appropriate cost for each advertising campaign or select a set of good keywords for the video content.

To be more detailed, Keyword Planner combines small, optimal keywords together to create new keywords. This is a very useful skill for your keyword research to be effectively brainstorming ideas on your content

Furthermore, this application can provide creators with more predictive information about the performance of the keyword. Therefore, proficient use of the Keyword Planner tool will bring a positive change to your video-creation process, as well as increase Youtube subscribers.

Branding Watermark

A watermark for subscribers appears in the lower right corner of the screen, when your video viewer hovers over it, a subscription button will appear.


Branded watermark for subscribers

For example, when you watch the videos on, say “The Ellen show” Youtube channel, you will see a small fuzzy Subscribe text in the lower right corner, just click on the image and a Subscribe button will show up.

To create a channel subscription watermark is also very simple:

  • First you need a beautiful and professional subscription button image (you can create it on your own, or look for images on Google images or Shutlestock)
  • Then go to your Youtube Studio
  • Select Settings at the bottom
  • Choose Channels on the left side, then Branding on the right and hoose Image.

The next step is to choose the image of the registration button that you have prepared, then there will be 3 choices:

  • Full video: A subscribe button watermark will appear in the whole duration of the video slideshow.
  • Custom Start Time: You choose the number of seconds and minutes that the subscribe button appears on the video.
  • End of the video: your subscribe button watermark will appear in the last 15 seconds at the end of the video.

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The support from other Youtubers

Human beings are social creatures and this obvious fact also works on the Youtube ecosystem. To safely increase Youtube views, find other channel’s owners with the same topic as yours and ask for a partnership.

For instance, you can suggest inviting them to act out a scene from your video, do livestream together or do unboxing reviews This is a quick solution to increase the number of subscribers initially when your channel has no followers.

Fan reward

Treat your loyal fans as a privilege and be considerate of them whenever you can.

There are many different forms of interaction, the simplest one is to reply to their comments. You can get suggestions on the next video topic that you should be working on from them, since they are all worthwhile.

If possible, it is best to create live chat sessions, organize a mini game along with doing give-aways to the participants.

Re-check your channel icon


It’s time to change to a creative channel icon

Well how long have you not updated a new channel icon? Since last month or since “forever”?

The channel icon is partly the face of your homepage and decides whether people will see your videos or not.

All elements of the icon must convey a coherent story. To achieve this, choose a font that matches it, or your niches. Nevertheless, exotic, outrageous fonts can affect how audiences feel about the channel’s context. Simplicity and tidiness will have a long-lasting effect in creating a visually appealing design.

Moreover, the icon doesn’t have to be monochrome. On the contrary, you also should not stuff too much color into it. The best solution is to use one to three tones. Avoid contrasting colors if you don’t want your design to look superficial and confusing.

How To Increase Youtube Subscribers

It Is Not All About The Money – Always Put Your Followers First.

The audience file is always an essential component you must strive to please.

I’m not sure how familiar you are with YouTube, so let me say this: creating a business based on any material is always a risk. However, when such a video deals with uplifting and motivating someone’s life in a good way (as we often see huge YouTubers do), that danger becomes more than it is worth.

Youtube is a potential platform

Social Proof on a YouTube channel is the ultimate proof to show people that we are worth paying attention to. Many people will not subscribe to a channel just because it does not have good social proof.

YouTube “stars” should stop worrying about how their content will make them popular and instead focus on how they can give their audience what they want to watch. Think about your audience’s benefits from watching your YouTube channel, not the benefits you receive.

Define You Channel Clearly

What is the topic of your channel? This is the crucial question! And that’s the first question you should answer, and you should answer it strongly. What do you want people to say about your channel when they talk about it?

Your channel represents who you are

Defining your value proposition is an excellent method to consider what it means for you as an individual or organization.

For example, suppose our term is ‘Becoming a Youtuber’. We could go ahead and use the tagline “Guide on your YouTube trip” to convey our definition in a catchy and memorable way. This will allow us to communicate our brand to customers more effectively and help them remember what we stand for.

By explicitly identifying the objective of your channel, you establish greater concentration, and people know what to anticipate from it every time they watch it since their expectations are now set correctly – which is fantastic for any business!

Statistics Of Effective Content And Increasing Frequency Of Doing It

To create a YouTube channel, you must be patient and prepared to work hard. Building a focused following on the platform and being successful, influential, or even just a source of information worth going out of your way requires time and work.

Build a Youtube channel is not easy

Often, it takes years of hard, deliberate labor to rival even the most rigorous fitness program before any large Internet personality becomes “massive.”

You should have some videos up on the site that are performing decently, which means you’ll want to know what’s working, who is watching your new video content, how they found it, etc.

From here, you can know What content is performing best at the moment? Please take advantage of its trendy and make more relevant content that can capitalize on the interest of your fans.

Put More Effort On The Short And Catchy Trailers.

There is something you should be aware of right now. Establishing your presence on YouTube may be challenging, but perhaps you’re up for the task. We’ve already looked at how successful producers have approached this, and we know that they make these short videos called trailers!

This video should essentially present yourself or your concept in 30 to 45 seconds. They often include visuals (slideshows, graphics, or quick cuts), captions with links or calls-to-action, and relevant background music (intro/outro songs)!

Examine how many successful YouTubers promote themselves in their trailers and ensure that their video engages their audience with unique images and a tone that connects with them.

Be A Unique Content Creator.

YouTube is a fantastic platform for creatives. It has a lot of promise and can be utilized in various ways. The goal is to remain unusual and inventive. That is the only way to distinguish and succeed with your channel.

Creating quality content is a great way to increase your subscribers

The first step is to develop a distinctive idea or specialty for your channel. Because of the truth, with an environment too open like Youtube, there will be a lot of similar content. Being unique will help you stand out from the crowd. If you don’t have an original concept, look for anything strange and uncommon that will attract viewers with similar interests and entice them to subscribe to your channel.

The second thing that you should do is create quality content regularly if you want people to continue watching.

Increase Engagement With Followers

YouTube is a social media platform that has the potential to reach a large audience. You can use it to share your thoughts, opinions, and information with your audience in an engaging way. It provides the opportunity for people worldwide to create content that can be easily shared and watched by their audience.

It is important for marketers to be friendly and engaging with their YouTube fan base. Pay more attention to this aspect by referring to YouTube’s viewer retention rate statistics in Insights. Building the image of a person who cares about the fan community and is friendly will help more people love you; thereby, subscribers will also increase.

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How to increase Youtube subscribers? This is not an easy question because there are many things you need to do. Every step you take in your YouTube journey will be a new adventure, and with every new adventure, there is the risk of a bigger reward.

If you have been feeling on your YouTube journey, it’s time to change that by considering some of our suggestions.

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