How To Get More Views On YouTube Shorts: 2 Questions and 4 Solutions


How to get more views on YouTube Shorts is one of the most difficult problems that individuals confront while utilizing this new feature of YouTube. Many new users wonder about what they should do and how they can create a video that is between 15 and 60 seconds long, but still captivating enough to entice the audience to watch it.

So, today’s article will go over some best practices then offer a few worthy recommendations for increasing views on your YouTube Shorts videos.

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How to get more views on YouTube Shorts?

2 common questions when making YouTube Shorts

Is your channel growth affected by audience behavior?

The algorithm, according to YouTube, follows the audience. As a result, if no one responds to the Short video you’re posting, YouTube will cease attempting to test it. So how much your current audiences interact with your Shorts will determine your channel’s development.

How to get more views on YouTube shorts

Audience reactions can affect your channel growth

If they react positively, rewatch your Shorts often, or search your Shorts names, your video can get on the Shorts shelf faster because YouTube will quickly pick up the most liked and searched video.

Moreover, if your current viewers like your Shorts, a sudden increase in views followed by a sudden decrease will not happen. That is why many YouTubers use Shorts like the opening brief introduction to lead viewers to the full-length video with detailed content. The audience always welcomes videos with such good quality content.

How often should you upload Shorts?

How to get views on YouTube Shorts

Some advice to find out the most appropriate time to upload YouTube Shorts

According to Channel Makers, several YouTubers choose to publish YouTube Shorts daily or even 100 Shorts within 30 days, as a solution for how to get views on YouTube Shorts. They expect a higher rate to reach more viewers. However, you should consider 2 key questions: When and How often.

Initially, time of day is not a big deal since Shorts is not limited by the publish time. And there is no connection between how many Shorts you publish with the results that you will get from them. As mentioned above, the audience would decide whether your video is interesting or not. So if your content doesn’t bring any benefit or value to the audience, then a hundred videos won’t do anything.

So don’t overweight the time but forget about your loyal audience. You should often create the most relevant content for them.

How To Get More Views On YouTube Shorts?

Make Appealing Thumbnails

Attract viewers with the thumbnails

The thumbnails are the front faces of the videos you post online. As a result, it’s critical to remove the default image that YouTube automatically adds because it can be the main reason why your YouTube shorts not getting views.

You should replace it with your own, custom image. It is possible to choose any frame from inside the video to use as your thumbnail, or you can upload a new photo from your computer to replace the existing one.

But there are a few things to bear in mind when utilizing your custom image as a thumbnail for your YouTube Shots videos:

  • Relevance

Make sure the new photo you’re going to use as a thumbnail is appropriate for the short film. Any image taken out of context may cause visitors to become confused, and you may lose your audience and subscribers for good.

  • Clarity

Always use a huge text graphic with a clear message (if any). This allows viewers to quickly decide whether or not the video is of interest to them.

  • Correctness

As for thumbnails, you should avoid utilizing photos that are misleading. While such photographs may initially attract more views, people may lose faith in your channel if they do not find what they are looking for after a quick glance at the thumbnail.

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Add Shorts Into The Featured section

One example of the Feature video

In contrast to other videos, the videos posted to the Featured area are recommended to the audience across the YouTube platform. It is based on algorithms that automatically evaluate which clips should be liked by each particular viewer.

To explain, YouTube recommends a video based on your viewing history, browsing statistics, and other data collected over time by the streaming media giant. The Featured videos, on the other hand, are suggested based on what YouTube ‘thinks’ that the viewers might be interested in or find beneficial.

As a result, when a video is added as a Featured video, YouTube recommends it to a larger number of people than when it is published under the Recommended category.

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Optimize YouTube Shorts

The truth is that YouTube Shorts videos aren’t completely different from any other video you upload to the platform. Then, the method of optimizing short and long videos is the same.

youtube shorts not getting views

Pay attention to the title, description, hashtag, etc. of your YouTube Shorts

The following are some of the most significant factors to get more views on YouTube Shorts videos:

  • Title

The title is self-explanatory. If you have an impulsive and intriguing title that can give viewers a description of what they can expect from the clip, your short films will have a decent chance of getting noticed and hits.

  • Description in detail

The description of your short movies should be detailed and include information on the clip’s theme, genre, and nature. Viewers will be able to determine whether or not the video will be useful to them based on the full description.

  • Tags

Make sure your videos have appropriate tags. For example, including the hashtag #Shorts in the title or description of a video tells YouTube that it was made for YouTube Shorts. Similarly, tags linked to the genre and/or theme of the short films help YouTube recommend your content to the appropriate people throughout the site.

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Analyze Shorts Performance

Evaluate your video

YouTube Shorts are videos with a duration of fewer than 60 seconds. When you upload a video to the ‘Featured’ category, you’ll notice a huge increase in hits, which will directly affect your YouTube channel’s view count and playback length.

However, because these brief videos cannot be monetized, you may notice that, despite your YouTube channel’s high overall playback duration and view counts, your revenues aren’t as large as they would be if those clips were uploaded as regular videos.

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In conclusion

After reading through the specific details above, “How to get more views on YouTube Shorts” is no longer a problem for every YouTuber. However, if you want to know more tips and tricks to quickly gain success on this platform, direct AudienceGain’s support team to get the best advice!

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