How Is Your YouTube Channel Eligible For Monetization?


How to be eligible for YouTube monetization? You don’t know how is your YouTube channel eligible for monetization? This article not only analyzes and shows tips to know how to turn on monetized!

Are you looking to build a YouTube channel eligible for monetization? But you encounter too many problems and do not know when your channel will turn on monetization.

You even want to give up because the current YouTube regulations only allow monetization when you reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers within 12 months. But think again.

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Currently, you have or path that you can choose to go. The first way is that you buy a monetized YouTube channel that both saves money and saves time. You are no longer tired of seeding or buying views, exchanging views is highly risky.

Buying a channel means you have a solid foundation because you have turned on monetization.

Another route is to naturally wait until you reach the standards of YouTube and learn how to optimize to improve YouTube’s search engine rankings.

Let’s discuss the first one. The first is quite simple. You just need to trade for the day already your YouTube channel is eligible for monetization without having to consider each step one needs to do.

Even all the questions you have can ask a team of experts or consultants of monetized YouTube channel services. One suggestion for you is AudienceGain.

Should you buy a YouTube channel that has enabled money?


Many benefits from buying a monetized YouTube channel

Many people are selling monetized YouTube channels that have turned to make money. Prices are also very variable, from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per channel.

If you are new and intend to buy a monetized YouTube channel, you should read this section. Otherwise, it will be easy to lose money injustice.

The monetization-enabled YouTube channel comes in three categories: organic, promotional, and pumped.

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Natural channel

Are channels that have a natural increase in views and sub numbers. The channel owner just makes videos and posts them on the channel. Viewers come to the video and watch it naturally.

With this type of channel, the price is usually quite high (more than ten million per channel). However, if you buy this channel, you will be much more secure.

Advertising channel

The channel that channel owners spend money to run ads to qualify watch hours and subscribers.

After that, send a review to YouTube and be approved. This type of channel is not as good as the natural one. When the ad is over, the audience will be less.

Pumping channel

Channels that are created and posted to videos. After that, the channel owner will spend money to buy the view or buying sub to qualify. Luckily, making money is turned on but likely to be turned off at any time.

The risk of buying a monetized YouTube channel is that you don’t know what type of channel this channel is, the risk of making money off is high. Also, there are cases where the channel owner uses some way to get the channel back.

Many people don’t like buying monetized YouTube channels. They prefer to do it myself because it’s safe and has its fans. Building a YouTube channel slowly will also help them gain more knowledge and lessons.

But this method of buying a monetized YouTube channel is not only legal but can also ensure you don’t have to face many YouTube problems. You are always supported even after completing the transaction.

However, if you are still considering this method then you can choose the second way to naturally grow into a monetized YouTube channel.

Although the success rate is not guaranteed and the risk of violating public policy or deleting the channel if YTB scans it wrongly is very high.

But it can be said that this approach helps you to know a lot of knowledge after a long period of building and developing a long-term channel.

Here are some notes for those who are new to YouTube and want the channel to be enabled for monetization.

Some notes for your eligible Youtube channel for monetization


An eligible Youtube channel for monetization

Do not take someone else’s

To get YouTube enabled to make money, the first and most important condition is to not put anything else in your video. Include:

  • Video
  • Sound
  • Picture

YouTube knows all about it. Even if you only insert a few seconds of other people’s videos, YouTube knows. Sound too.

Although not copyrighted, but YouTube knows what your video is like.

Images are a bit more difficult, usually being captured by hand or a third party reporting piracy.

It’s best to get it right from the start, don’t let any videos get pirated or pirated. If you have it, the percentage of earning power on your channel will be lower, because YouTube suspects it.

Now we continue to the second one.

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Do not violate the principle of community

There are many DIY channels out there but still can’t make money. Waiting forever and ever but YouTube still ignored.

Or it says email about ineligible. That’s because you violated the community guidelines. Actually, YouTube’s community principle is very broad, nowhere to be found.

But some things you need to remember, I see many channels are not enabled to make money.

  • Do not torture or kill animals. Scenes of animal killing are never included in the video. No matter what it is, anything is not included.
  • Do not physically assault others. The best fight scenes are not included.
  • Do not make content that is pornographic or explicit.
  • Do not bring in children. YouTube currently tightens the children’s channel.

Generally speaking, it’s okay to make videos that are by fine customs, polite speech, beautiful footage, and so on.

Of course, doing this will take longer than “sock videos”.

Bring your face out

YouTube now likes the channel that comes out, vlog style. It will look easier because it’s sure it’s your spin. Making a face is not pleasant for many people.

Previously working in the dark, now showing a face is a bit difficult. But still, the thing is more like sharing.

Review the full channel before submitting consideration to turn on monetization

This a lot you forgot to care about. In my opinion, it is very necessary because someone on YouTube will look through your channel before checking. Need to ensure:

  • Beautiful thumbnail image, not the same, not taking pictures of others, not deceiving viewers
  • Full channel avatars and backgrounds
  • The channel intro should also be updated
  • The comments are suspiciously deleted or hidden
  • Review each test video for any possible stickiness. If so, delete it immediately.

Up the video evenly when the channel is reviewing

This one sees a lot of right eye people. But this is important. You are waiting for review but no more video making, YouTube it will question immediately.

Processing time is getting longer, up to a month or more.

You just make the video evenly as you did not send it. Do not violate the above, then sooner or later will be allowed to make money.

After you have firmly grasped the “hard and soft” condition of YouTube, here are some answers to questions of many people who have not enabled monetization or can not turn on computer monetization…

Instructions on how to turn on monetization for a computer channel


Turn on monetization for computer channel

  • Step 1: To turn on making money on YouTube, you need to first click Sign in to log in on the YouTube page.
  • Step 2: Then enter your Gmail account.
  • Step 3: After the login is complete, click on your profile icon in the right corner> select Creator Studio.
  • Step 4: Then scroll down to select Status and features. Look to the right, click Enable on Monetization to turn on YouTube monetization.
  • Step 5: Here you click Start to start the setup process to turn on making money YouTube.
  • Step 6: Agree to the terms of YouTube.
  • Step 7: Next we have to link to Google Adsense, click Next to continue. Note that Google and Google Adsense accounts are different so you must register for Google Adsense before, refer to how to sign up for Adsense here, and follow the instructions.
  • Step 8: Select the account that was previously registered with Adsense.
  • Step 9: Accept YouTube and Adsense account link.
  • Step 10: Set up an ad with 4 basic steps right after that, it is available here and you just need to click Save.

Finally, step 4 appears, where you only need to reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers (followers), you will be approved by YouTube and then turn on making money on YouTube if you do not break anything.

Instructions to turn on monetization for channels by phone

Normally, many people will turn on monetization for channels through computers, but now turn on monetization to check on their phones, it will be easier and faster.

You only need to refer to the following instructions when the channel reaches 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers within 12 months and does not violate the community guidelines:

If turning on video monetization on your computer is too laborious, now everyone can do this right on their phones with just a few simple steps.

  • Step 1: Download YouTube Creator to your phone. Download link for the Android operating system and download link for the iOS operating system.
  • Step 2: Sign in to the YouTube channel with the video you want to enable monetization and select the Video section.
  • Step 3: Select the Video you want to enable monetization mode (Video has not enabled monetization when the video has no green currency icon). Then select the pen icon in the upper right corner to enter the edit.
  • Step 4: Here, everyone selects the box to enable monetization and enable all types of ads that can appear in their videos. Then click Save to save your settings.

Videos with a duration of more than 10 minutes will have Ad breaks so everyone can customize when ads may appear. However, this customization can only be installed directly on the computer.

When using the phone, people can only customize ads that can appear before or after the video.

Instructions for when monetized YouTube channel is disabled for monetization

When you build and develop a channel yourself, there are many possibilities. Specifically, your channel is off the monetization feature on a beautiful day.

No email or any link to notify or contact you before. Maybe your channel has encountered some undesirable reasons as follows:

  • Monetize how videos don’t own
  • You make money looking for videos that violate community principles such as violence, bloody, nudity for aphrodisiac, enmity, …
  • You are violating the spam policy or the Adsense program policy. Maybe you even violated YouTube’s terms of service.

Depending on the case, because if it’s light, you can appeal to let YouTube reopen the monetized YouTube channel for you. Usually, if your attitude is sincere, it will be reopened.

But if the first appeal is not successful, then you should consider the second time. Making a successful appeal to YouTube is not too difficult if you do not have a serious error.

If you make a serious mistake, monetization may be permanently disabled on all accounts.

To confirm if your channel is not monetizing properly click on the icon “creator studio” then click on the lower left of the menu “Channel” and go to “Status and Features”.

Then you check the channel status to see if the “Monetization” item is displayed in green or not.

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Instructions on how to get rid of the case of temporarily unable to join the YouTube partner program

The YouTube partner program allows your channel to earn money from YouTube, receive normal payments, have personal revenue from advertising as well as the outstanding feature “channel membership” to make money.

The importance of the YouTube partner program is huge.

Therefore, if you are temporarily unable to join the YouTube partner program, it means that you do not get any money from the above features, including payments from Super Chat.

Don’t worry, though, you can usually upload videos and nurture the audience for your channel even though no longer in the YouTube partner program.

t the same time, just after 30 days, you can register to rejoin and enable the monetization feature from YouTube.

But if you use tools, bots, proxies to illegally increase YouTube watch time, it is a serious error. You may be listed with invalid click activity under YouTube policies and suspended indefinitely.

In other words, a monetized YouTube channel will be permanently disabled. Even your shirt is ineffective.

In the case of too serious errors, you should not save anymore, but instead be shocked, learn from the failure and start with a new monetized YouTube channel from AudienceGain.Net.

AudienceGain – A friend who follows you through from construction to a monetized YouTube channel

AudienceGain will help you earn much money from YouTube
AudienceGain will help you earn much money from YouTube

AudienceGain not only provides real views and sub buying service but also provides a monetized YouTube channel within 24 hours after placing an order. The channels that AudienceGain provides are according to your requirements and absolutely quality.

The channel content is a vlog, so it doesn’t pump views or subs. Besides, AudienceGain.Net also guides to change the content of the channel for you without making any impact.

You can both own a professionally designed monetized YouTube channel and develop your channel according to your thinking.

AudienceGain’s professionalism is shown in arranging channel layout, channel description to standard SEO sized avatar.

Everything on AudienceGain’s channel is perfect without your participation to make the channel more vivid and vibrant. Currently, AudienceGain.Net provides two service packages:

  • YouTube channel has met the conditions for making money
  • YouTube channel has been accepted to make money

In the two service packages, the advice for busy people is to choose the second package because you do not have to wait 15 to 30 days to wait for YouTube to consider making money.

As such, a monetized YouTube channel from AudienceGain is completely eligible to place ads on videos and generate revenue for you as soon as you post a new video.

Besides, AudienceGain does one thing that 99% of services that provide YouTube channels usually do not do that is to support changing Google Adsense accounts securely even after completing the transaction.

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Do you have many options for owning a monetized YouTube channel? You want to choose a direction that is completely within your reach and thought. Hope this article can give you an overview of a monetized YouTube channel as well as help you learn how to your YouTube channel eligible for monetization.

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:

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