The basic setup of vlogging equipment for beginners


Hello the fellow vloggers! In this post, we would like to present you some vlogging equipment for beginners so you can make a captivating vlog channel, even though you’re already a professional Youtuber or newly-exposed creators.

So, vlogging, one of the easiest types of content to deploy, but also the one that can be the hardest to monetize, unless you have a huge number of followers to ensure consistent views and watch time.

Vlogging is extremely varied. A game streamer can also vlog about how they comment on the games, a Youtube chef can also vlog about their daily recipes. Basically, doing vlogs is just writing in your journal the things you do every day, but only in the form of footage and you have to save them on technology devices.

Now let’s explore what to prepare to become a vlogger as a Youtube creator.


The basic setup of vlogging equipment for beginners

Thoughtful preparation of vlogging equipment for beginners

Which means the fundamental kit of vlogging, including camera, lighting, microphone, stabilizer and so forth. You can get started with whatever device you currently have.

Camera – indispensable equipment for beginners

First off, yes, you can start vlogging with whatever you have right now, such as your smartphone or a webcam because they’re all small-sized, portable, and the most importantly, budget-friendly.

However, we highly recommend that you should use a digital camera because high definition videos usually attract more views and subscribers.

With the camera, you can record high quality video with good sound quality. In particular, most cameras today have built-in image stabilization, so the vlog will look more outstanding and engaging to the audiences.

In case you’re a solo vlogger, still, a smartphone can work well if you’re just shooting your daily life simply. However, for more complicated shots, how you want to combine multiple angles as well as how you do the post-productions, there are a wide variety of cameras to serve your purpose well.

Not long ago, cameras with flip screens were tilted forward “selfie” cameras, but as vlogs and blogs gradually evolved, video recording gained more attention and cameras with flip-back screens have received the attention of many users.

To be more specific, mirrorless cameras can express all of its beneficial effects in terms of compact size, ease of movement with fast focusing speed that is no less than DSLR cameras.

Mirrorless cameras for vlogging are highly sought-after such as: Sony A6400, Panasonic Lumix G100, Fujifilm X-T200, Canon EOS M6 Mark II,….

As for DSLR, these models are more suitable for “action” vlogs, such as sports, biking, adventure games,… You can consider these cameras such as Canon EOS 750, Canon EOS 6D, Nikon D3200, Sony A77 II,…

Tips to choose cameras for beginners


Tips to choose cameras for beginners

  • Still image quality: Most vloggers will want to capture all moments, not just video recording, but the still photographs. Therefore, finding a camera that integrates both of these capabilities is something that many vloggers are very fascinated about
  • Rotating screen: you can keep track of your images while recording movies, ensuring the frame is in focus on the right subject and you can control your videos in optimal control.
  • External microphone port: The camera has an external microphone port that greatly improves the quality of your video audio.
  • 4K video recording capabilities: you can cut and adjust videos easily and still produce high quality video. For vlog cameras, 4K video recording is a relatively important feature that ensures image sharpness.
  • Fast focusing system: This is a huge advantage if you are capturing movement. Features such as face and eye focus will help to accurately zoom in the subject even the tiniest details.

Tripod (or stabilizer)

The second device, just as important, is a quality tripod. Your viewers will expect a literally “stable” interaction, which a tripod will help reduce vibrations of filming angles significantly.

In addition, the tripod also supports the self-recording of the camera so that you do not need assistance from others in the condition that you need to move the camera angle. Depending on the position you shoot and the size of the camera, you can choose a large or small tripod to best pair with your gear.

If you use an extra phone for video recording, you can use a selfie-stick, which is even cheaper.



Microphone – vlogging equipment for beginners

An indispensable service to complete the set of basic equipment for vlogging, besides a modern camera and a sturdy tripod, you will need microphones to ensure sound quality.

In fact, the unclear sound of your vlog can be boring for your audience. Everyone watching needs to hear you clearly. While you can try to get rid of poor sound during post-production, it’s best to get good sound right at the source.

A good and valuable microphone has to block out background noise, in addition to recording your voice clearly. Micro USB can capture very good sound quality and has a wide range of models at reasonable prices to choose from.

If you do vlog and need to move a lot of places, the lavalier microphones will be highly recommended.


A good lighting source will be extremely optimal for your camera. In fact, no matter how expensive and high-quality a camera is, it will be at a disadvantage in low-light environments.

In other words, you will have to deal with more difficult post-production to reduce the “noise” of the footage. As a result, good lighting will enhance your camera, and also this method is very affordable.

So, use available natural light during the daylight. If you are shooting outdoors, choose a place where there is no overly strong direct light, or shoot in the shade.

For indoors, take advantage of the light from the window, but do not place the camera facing the light source (i.e. you’re turning your back to the light source). This will cause the video to be backlit.

On top of that, if you’re shooting at night, a ring light can support you to look well lit, but your background will be completely dark. In that case, invest in other background light for the most professional look.

Editing software for post-production

Editing-software-for post-production

Editing software for post-production

To begin with, Shotcut is designed for amateur video editors (and the new vloggers) or those who need to edit short clips to create a final product.

This doesn’t require a professional video editor, but instead you want to pair short clips with transition effects, this software is exactly what you need. Moreover, the software is very light, so it is not “picky” for the computer, therefore you do not need computers with high specifications to use it.

And last but not least, this software is free.

In fact, there is lots of software that you can download for free. However, you should invest in a paid editing software if you want more quality shots.

Adobe Premiere Pro is an extremely familiar software for those who have been learning about e video editing. Premiere Pro supports high resolution video editing up to 32-bits per color point, in both RGB and YUV.

Along with that, Premiere also helps with audio editing, supports VST audio and available on both Mac OS and Windows.

On the other hand, iMovie 11 is for vloggers who prefer simplicity and convenience. The easy drag-and-drop makes it easy to crop and add music easily, in addition to previewing the generated videos.

Thus, while it may not have the latest and greatest features, iMovie packs all the basics in an overall easy interface for a relatively cheap price tag.

Some tips for the newbies in the genre of vlogging

It’s time to post the vlog on our Youtube channel. Don’t forget to put an attractive title related to your content, a brief description, hashtags in order to let more people find your vlog and as a result the quicker you can get more Youtube watch time.

But before doing any of these, please consider the following considerations during the recording process.

Focus on yourself


Focus on yourself – vlogging equipment for beginners

The main character of a vlog is the vlogger. As a consequence, consistency in presence and how you present content in your video should be your priority.

Now here’s the thing you need to keep an eye on. Lots of people overreact to a certain problem that they may feel offended towards. So you need to be aware of the different responses of people to your opinion and about how you present it, especially when you are dealing with sensitive topics.

There is always an appropriate way of giving an opinion, just be careful when using your language. Double-check the vlog script you’ve prepared to make sure there isn’t a single statement that is likely to cause a long argument.

Nevertheless, if you want to argue that causing a controversy will make your video go viral and for a high chance of video being recommended, well, it’s up to you. But remember that Youtube will also pay attention to your “abnormal point of views” if they do not comply with the platform’s terms of service.

And be yourself

Your subscribers would love to see your real reaction and personalization to the content you do. If you appear uncomfortable in the video, you may not be comfortable in your shoes.

So chillax, since you are just talking to yourself, even though you are face-to-face with a camera and it is recording each of your movements. Besides, the more you do vlogs, the more you enhance your confidence. Several first videos may take longer to shoot because you have not got used to the camera yet, do not know how to set the right angle, or your stuttering, but everything will be fine.

Tell stories


Tell stories vlogging equipment for beginners

Vlogging has a huge focus on personalization, so turning your everyday experiences into a story would be an one-of-a-kind idea for vlogging.

There are so many moments of the day that you can turn into a mini story for your vlog, like how you make breakfast, when you’re goofing around with your pets, hang out with friends, or even a skincare routine,… Then check the audience’s reaction in the comments to increase the engagement.

Are you a new creator who wants to make vlogging and to share your daily experience?

Your vlogs will become a lot more attractive and compelling if you take the time to prepare the right gear for your vlogging career and practice your video editing skills as fluently as possible.

And if you think the Vlog is not suitable, then watch other “Youtube niches” right away

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Sign up for us right now to know more methodical strategies to make money on Youtube and leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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