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What’s Changing

As new YouTube monetization rules that also regarding getting 4000 public watch hours, the channels with less than 4000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers are no longer be able to earn YouTube ad revenue and are not eligible for monetization.

The channels are automatically re-evaluated under strict criteria that they comply with the new policies on reaching 1,000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours time.

The applications of the new channels will be evaluated on hitting the announced milestones. The change has significantly improved the ability to identify creators who contribute positively to the community and help drive more YouTube ad revenue to them.

It will also assist in preventing potentially inappropriate videos from YouTube monetization which can affect the revenue for everyone.

Just think simply, that milestone 4000 Watch Hours 1000 Subscribers just a factor to make sure your channel is potential and useful.

Consider the new YouTube policy HERE.

What’s the tough problem of that?

In fact, getting 4000 public watch hours and 1000 new subscribers is an easy-peasy job for an old YouTube creator. But for a new channel, it’s a tough task to get the initial views even.

Well, it does not depend only on the hardworking or quality of your video but base on how smart and flexible you are.

There’re tons of videos, niches the same with what you are creating on YouTube even you think yours is unique or more quality it’s still similar to other channels.

Basing only on videos-creating can help you have a quality channel but it doesn’t mean you will have a lot of audiences if those will not be expanded.

As you see, many channels have video quality lower than yours are still earning a lot of views and revenue from YouTube cause their videos are already ranked high on search.

I don’t mean you shouldn’t make good videos but it’s not enough and you need to apply more ways to improve the rank of every video.

To reach YouTube’s milestone 4000 Watch Hours 1000 Subscribers, the main point you have to know how to boost your content and where can you do that to get more audiences to your channel.

Only after you get a hundred views, public watch hours, subscribers increase as well. I mean you can fully control time to reach that milestone in a year.

If you would like to get it in 1 month, you have to do a lot of promotion stuff to expand it like base on Social Media, Blog site, group.

If you would love to use your budget to outsource this ” PROMOTION ” and get it in under 1 month, this package for you to refer:  Get 4000 Public Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers in 2020

So, before we start learning how to promote your videos and get more views, we will start to optimize your channel first.

Optimize YouTube Channel

On-page metadata works the same on YouTube as it does on your site. Keywords that are placed strategically near the front of a title of course work wonders, but think about including a keyword in your channel name itself.

For instance, instead of “Company name,” try “Company name: Keyword” or only “Keywords Phrase” with your keyword being your industry, your service, your audiences that you want to aim or any term that helps define your channel and enable searchers to find you by various ways.

Best practice is to approach this not as additional characters to fill with jargon about you but as a mechanism for users to come across your channel organically – so put yourself in their shoes.

Here’s an example: “fightTips” is a keyword phrase and the named that for his channel. In this way, people also can find his channel even they just search for “some fight tips on the street “.


Using YouTube SEO Tips To Earn Initial Organic Views Watch Time and Subscribers

1. Rename your video file using a target keyword.
2. Do your keyword research to title your videos and define your niche.
3. Upload a custom thumbnail image for your video’s result link.
4. Tag your video with popular keywords that relate to your topic.
5. Add Cards and End Screens to increase your YouTube channel’s viewership.

1. Rename your video file using a target keyword.

Just like you would when optimizing the written content, you’ll use an SEO tool to first identify keywords you’d like your video to focus on (you can browse popular YouTube SEO tools below these tips, or just click that link earlier in this sentence).

With a keyword identified, the first place you should put it is your video file — before you even upload it to YouTube.

Why? YouTube can’t actually “watch” your video to see how relevant it is to your target keyword, and as you’ll learn in the tips below, there are only so many places you can safely insert this keyword on your video’s viewing page once it’s published.

But, YouTube can read your video’s file name and all the code that comes with it when it’s uploaded.

With that in mind, replace the “” file name (don’t be embarrassed … we’ve all been there during post-production) with your desired keyword. If your keyword is “house painting tips,” for example, your video’s file name should be “house-painting-tips” followed by your preferred video file type ( MP4, MOV and WMV are some of the most common that are compatible with YouTube).

2. Do your keyword research to title your videos and define your niche

This tip is very important for earning views, so it bears repeating.

Looking at the keywords related to your subject matter that people are already searching for or the keywords you think people would search for on YouTube will help you title your new video and choose your tags. It might also inspirit your next video topic.



For example, if you have a YouTube channel for kids, some preliminary keyword research might reveal a bunch of topics YouTube viewers are interested in on the same subject, like learn color for children, or How to Draw Cube. These topics could all be the subject of their own videos.

SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner can help you identify the words people are using to find the information you’re providing. Your goal is to find topics in a sweet spot: lower competition scores, but higher search volume.

This lets you avoid making videos that no one is searching for. Or you have quality videos with titles no one can find.

Also, it’ll help you avoid creating content on a topic that’s already highly competitive before you’re ready. Once you have an optimized, effective title,  views watch hours, subscribers as well would be increased smoothly and fast by audiences who interested in your niche.

3. Upload a custom thumbnail image for your video’s result link.

A thumbnail is a 1280 x 720px still image that acts as a cover for your video. They are also your first, best chance to persuade people to click on your video if you have an attraction thumbnail. (Aside from your video titles and hashtag that is, but more on that later.)

To convert a viewer into a subscriber, take a look at your videos page. What does a new viewer see and what will attract him? Sleek, professional and consistent videos that imply an ongoing commitment to quality? Or a random mish-mash competing for attention?

You want to aim for consistent branding in all your thumbnails. Use the same font, the same color palette, or even the same frame composition so people know (at least subconsciously) that they’re looking at a video from your channel.



They don’t need to loud, but they are consistent. And most importantly, they’re clickable. It’s enough.

4. Tag your video with popular keywords that relate to your topic. 

YouTube’s official Creator Academy suggests using tags to let viewers know what your video is about. But you’re not just informing your viewers — you’re also informing YouTube itself. Dean explains that the platform uses tags “to understand the content and context of your video.”



That way, YouTube figures out how to associate your video with similar videos, which can broaden your content’s reach. But choose your tags wisely.

Don’t use an irrelevant tag because you think it’ll get you more views — in fact, Google might penalize you for that. And similar to your description, lead with the most important keywords, including a good mix of those that are common and more long-tail.

Note: This is a vital thing that can help your videos have chances to go viral and get 4000 Watch Hours.

5. Categorize your video.

Once you upload a video, you can categorize it under “Advanced settings.” Choosing a category is another way to group your video with similar content on YouTube so it winds up in different playlists and gains exposure to more viewers who identify with your audience.

It might not be as simple as it looks. In fact, YouTube’s Creator Academy suggests marketers go through a comprehensive process to determine which category each video belongs to.

It’s helpful, the guide writes, “to think about what is working well for each category” you’re considering by answering questions like:

  • Who are the top creators within the category? What are they known for and what do they do well?
  • Are there any patterns between the audiences of similar channels within a given category?
  • Do the videos within a similar category have share qualities like production value, length, or format?

Create Exciting Content & Encourage Longer Views

Create Exciting Content

Inspiring content is the kind the viewers want, regardless of the niche because no matter how much support you are getting from a paid advertisement, your efforts are futile if viewers do not find it compelling.

In order to get the most out of your content, you have to determine your audience. Create the kind of quality that revolves around them. Know what they want, and you will know what you have to make.

Compelling content does not have to come from you all the time. There will come a time when ideas escape you. If you are having a hard time coming up with one, you can scroll through the comments section.

It is a pool of many ideas. If not, engage the viewers to leave ideas because that is one of the ways how to get the most views on YouTube – creating content that your viewers suggest, because that means, that is something you would be interested in.

Encourage Longer Views

Aside, Longer views are empirically better than shorter views, though complete views of a Vine-length video work just fine.

If you’re concerned about marketing and not just meme-producing, though, you’re going to want to produce longer videos.

I know a lot of common advice recommends the ideal length of a YouTube video somewhere around two or three minutes, but that’s an odd side effect of how YouTube is often used for music and memes as well as marketing.

I actually recommend videos closer to 10 minutes long. You just need to find a topic that’s engaging enough to get people to sit through it all. These videos need to be value-dense and should keep watching all the way through.

Building a Network

You cannot bring in viewers on your own. You need a community to back you up. Nurture a community. Engage with the audience. That is another way how to get more YouTube videos fast.

It does not matter whether it is by simply giving a reply to comments left in your video or referring to another content creator within the same niche.

Building a Network

Building a Network

You may even drop a comment if you think you should. Starting a conversation creates momentum, and that in turn brings out others who may have the same interests. As a result, the viewer counts rise.

Besides, Social media is the single most powerful tool in this day and age. Its use could make or break an internet personality’s presence online.

In effect, it is also one of the ways how to get 4000 watch hours views on YouTube.  What this does is give you access to audiences from across the world who you may not have from within your locality.

Also, it gives you a better chance of building an audience, especially with the varied niches that you might be into.

All you need to do is set-up a page for yourself, and just share constantly the videos that you upload. Once you are big enough, sometimes, they do it for you.

However, if they do not, you do not have to worry because websites or applications such as Hootsuite and Buffer can help upload them on platforms based on a set date.

Remember that the only way to maximize YouTube is to remember that it was never a standalone platform, and that is its networking power.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality should always be at the forefront of your channel. That is why it is a must to have exciting videos, otherwise, viewers leave just as soon as they see what you have to offer.

Why is this important?



In today’s YouTube algorithm, Watch Time is more important than views alone. This is the span of time that a person stays to watch your video, and the better the quality of your video is, the higher the chance of your viewers staying.

You may also want to refer to other videos or channels within your niche. The platform rewards this with ‘Watch Time Credits’, which is again, credited to your channel.

Get 4000 Watch Hours From Social Media or PROMOTION

Youtube is also encouraging people to use Social Media to promote channels so it’ll be easier to review for monetization.

It’s really a good chance for Youtubers but choose a good provider also an important thing to get more real views from Social Media as Youtube highly appreciate.

If you’re going to purchase watch time, make sure you’re actually getting watch time, and that the watch time actually lasts.

YouTube will filter out fraudulent views and drop them, decreasing your watch time by however long the view was, and can even penalize your channel if they think you’re buying bad views.

But with our company, we can confident to bring you the service that LEGAL 100% with YouTube policy because we based on Social Media to advertise your video.

We have professional users everywhere around the world who will promote your channel through the internal network and Social Media. It’s perfect for all Youtubers because this service will help you save time to focus on creating quality videos.

We wouldn’t compare the quality of our service with other ones but we are using a unique platform to get 100% approaches from real users and that’s why from our service, many channels can easy to get approved for monetizing monthly.

If you have good content, this is a chance for you now, don’t hesitate to catch it.

Get 4000 Watch Hours From Social Media or PROMOTION

Get 4000 Watch Hours From Social Media or PROMOTION


Get 4000 Watch Hours From Social Media or PROMOTION

Get 4000 Watch Hours From Social Media or PROMOTION

You can refer the package to get 4000 hours of watch time in 2020 here: 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers.

No worries if you have no budget for advertising, you can use these free tips, it’s a surefire ways that helps you get 4000 hours of watch time.

Hope this helps.

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