How To Expand Your Audience With Social Networking Sites?


As social networking services are becoming increasingly popular in recent years among most people from around the world. Therefore, AudienceGain has decided to do some research on how you can expand your audience from using social networking sites. What are these sites? Why can these sites help you to grow your audience? And How can you use it to promote your channels or brands?

What social networking sites help you to expand your audience?

There are 3 popular social networking platforms that more and more people are using widely:

Expand your audience with Facebook?

This is the most popular social networking site for all ages and types of audiences, from animal lovers to gamers, for instance. However,  to promote your channel effectively on the platform is not that simple. Here are something that you need to be aware of when using Facebook to promote your channel.


Expand your audience with Facebook

Linking your YouTube videos’ links to your Facebook page is not going to help you to gain more audience

First off, just like YouTube, Facebook has its own algorithm. One of the most harmful actions to the algorithm that would hurt the page itself is linking to other sites. Many content creators say that Facebook posts that they have links to other websites decrease the reach of their posts on users’ news feed.

Thus, you should have a different approach to this to convince the viewers to go to your channel. Some influencers tend to notify their fan on Facebook with a short video every time they upload a new video, and personally, I think that you should give it a try or you try to let your followers with the idea that you have.

For example, posting a story of an exciting part of your video could be a compelling way to attract the audience.

Consider the Facebook page as important as your YouTube channel

With over 2.7 million active users on the platform, Facebook is known as the most prominent social networking site in the world, and it is monetizable. So it’s a win-win choice to invest your time on Facebook and YouTube. Here are some approaches that you can develop your own page so that you can have more followers on the platform:

First of all, you need to have good customization for your page. The reason is that no one likes page with a poor-customized page, so your page impressively illustrates what that you have to offer them. For instance, with your cover photo, you add a large text of your channel link in it so that they will know that you have a YouTube channel. Besides, you can also link your channel in the about page link.

Now when you have a good foundation on your page, you should focus on the following things to improve the page engagement:

  • Consistent: by posting regularly, you can keep your audience engaged with the page, and they will also know when you upload a video. Additionally, you can use insight to look at when would be the best time to post a status. From the Insight tab of your page, you can see when would be the best time that most of your followers are online to make the post.
  • Strategic: When you are on the insight, you can also see your post engagement, then you will need to analyze it to see how a post can have a better performance. With that in mind, you can gain more attention by posting strategically.

Getting more engagement from your audience

Here are several ways that you can get more engagement from the audience:

  • Have some requests to your own audience: The reason why you should do this is that this would be the easiest way to get the audience to engage with your page, do make sure to ask something as engaging as possible for it. For instance, you can post it on the timeline. Before posting, you should ask yourself these questions, is this post likable? How can I get people to comment on the post? Is this post, sharable? Asking these questions may help you to have some ideas on the posts.
  • Upload videos YouTube: You can upload some teaser videos, the purpose is to attract viewers to go to your YouTube channel to watch your full video, make sure to keep them updated by posting a notification post.
  • Upload posts, videos, and stories: Add value to your upload, here are some common values that would be found on every social networking platforms: Inspirational, Educational, Motivational, Informational Entertaining, and Insight. Another essential factor that can improve the page’s engagement is to use emoji, study shows that post on Facebook with emoji have a significant impact on the shares and interaction of a post.

Using Instagram to grow your viewership

One interesting fact is that Instagram is owned by Facebook, so from time to time, you can find some features that are quite similar between the two sites. Nonetheless, Instagram is one of the biggest social networking platforms on the Internet, so it the right choice for you to get started expanding your audience.


Expand your audience with Instagram

Upload your content on Instagram TV and Story

Firstly, you don’t want to miss any features in the Instagram story such as Hashtags, Mentions, and even tagged Location, these features not only can inform the viewers bout the image but can also improve the story’s visibility. So try to use as many relevant features as possible, and don’t forget to use emoji.

Above all, there is a feature that can help you to link away from Instagram Story by swiping up, however, in order to get this feature, your account must be a business account and have gained 10,000 followers.

On the other hand, you can use IG TV as a vlog channel for mobile-phone users, as it is super easy for users to watch and engage with your content. So remember to post 5-10 stories and at least 1 IG TV video once a week so that you can keep engaging with the audience continuously.

Engage with your fan

The reason why you should connect to your viewers is that it can increase your reach. First, let me ask you this question: Have you ever look into the Instagram search and wonder why there are so many pictures of other Instagram accounts that were shown on search.

One of the reasons is that the Instagram accounts that you are following have been clicked or commented on those posts. Therefore, engaging with your audience would be a great chance to expand your audience and reaching range.

Additionally, liking and commenting on your viewers’ posts could motivate them, and it is an excellent chance for you to nurture your fan-base community.

Creating a teaser or an introduction to your YouTube video

Well, as people are more drawn into video stories and video posts on Instagram. So how do you create a good intro or a teaser for this kind of video?

On the one hand, a short or compelling story could attract the attention of the audience, so the best length of your story should be 2-4 videos of 5-15 seconds on the story to gain their attention.

Remember that too many videos on the story can decline the initial interest of your audience to your content. On the other hand, you can upload longer videos with a length of 60 seconds on your profile.

With this video, you can give them more information about the YouTube videos that you would want to promote. However, you need to keep the most interesting part of your YouTube videos so that you can redirect them to your YouTube channel.

Expand your audience with TikTok

TikTok is considered as one of the fastest-growing social media networking apps in recent years. The app has some interesting features for its users to create short videos with filters, music, original sound, and some other feature that can help followers and video makers to engage with each other.

So it could be a significant disadvantage if you don’t use TikTok to expand your audience with a really compelling statistics.


Expand your audience with TikTok

Grow your TikTok followers

This is the most crucial part because you need to have a stable number of people following if you want to gain more audience from the platform. This is not as hard as it seems, so make sure to keep this in mind.

  • Post entertaining and engaging content
  • Create stand-out videos, remember that the more unique your videos are, the more significant your account can grow on the platform
  • Post video daily and consistently
  • Build a community by asking and engaging with the audience as much as you can.

Do Cross Promotion to get your followers from TikTok to YouTube and vice versa.

This is an important part, that will have a big impact on whether the followers will click on your YouTube channels to watch your videos, and this is a challenging task that you need to really focus on.

While you need to keep your YouTube content compelling, you also need to create highly-attractive videos for TikTok so that the strategy can perform at its best.

In other words, you need to double your effort on making and editing the videos for both platforms in order to expand your audience on your YouTube channel and TikTok profile. Moreover, TikTok also has a feature to add your channel link on the profile.

Now the crucial part is how you could get the viewers on TikTok to your YouTube channel?

One of the most common and effective ways is by editing compelling teasers for your videos, and this does not take a lot of time to create. Firstly, you need to have something interesting in a video.

On a teaser, you not only should show the background part of it but also has a short scene of the interesting part that can really redirect the viewers to your video on the YouTube channel. Or you can tell the audience to check out the full video on your channel.

Above are all the tips that AudienceGain has been researching on How to Expand your Audience with Social Media Marketing Sites.
Hope that it would help you to grow your channel.

Thank you so much for your attention!

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