How To Increase YouTube Watch Time With Just One Phone


Are you shocked to know to increase YouTube watch time with just one phone and not need cumbersome components like before? Don’t worry, you will be even more surprised after reading this article. The MVs or videos of famous singers all have a huge view in a fast time. To “plough” such huge views, the fans of the singers all hold in themselves the secrets that no one knows.

These secrets should be grasped if you are just a beginner in the YouTuber profession. Usually, the new channel will have less audience to interact and contribute to your video in the top trending. Therefore, this article will help you learn how to increase YouTube watch time with just one phone without violating strict regulations from YouTube.

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How to increase YouTube watch time with just one phone? But why not use it?


How to increase YouTube watch time with just one phone

How to increase YouTube watch time with just one phone?

Smartphones have long been no stranger to young people. However, you will certainly not know how to hold your phone while making money like the horny YouTubers.

You must grasp the steps and tricks to increase views without the risks of being cancelled by video or locked channels that many people often encounter.

You need to pay attention to the following steps to increase YouTube watch time with just a small phone in the palm of your hand:

  • Step 1: Select the video you want to increase the YouTube watch time. Then you add to create a new playlist.
  • Step 2: You have the freedom to create a new playlist with a layer of security (public or private depending on your needs)
  • Step 3: Once you have created the playlist, click to view the list and press the “Play” button to run the list.
  • Step 4: You have to click on the arrow icon and the icon “Loop”. Then the video will just repeat until your phone runs out of battery.

However, this approach should not be overused because YouTube’s algorithm is becoming more sophisticated every second. YouTube can detect and distinguish whether you are “ploughing” the view or not.

If you determine that you are cheating and increase your views to make money, YouTube can block your account.

In addition to the above method, many YouTube nowadays use Usub software to only have one phone, but they easily get 1000 “real” sub-people. The function of Usub software is similar to that of Uview software.

The only difference is that if Usub is used to increase subscribers, then Uview is used to increase views and YouTube watch time. You just download the Unsub app and sign in with Google or Gmail.

Then, you watch the video for others to receive a COIN. From the “Coin” earned, you can create a subscriber increase campaign for your channel.

It can be said that apps like Uview or Usub are YouTube cross-view apps or cross-sub apps. This approach often expands the reach of the video. In essence, if it does not bring you a loyal guest at all.

Even if you do not comply with the Spam policy from YouTube, when you stop using this software, your YouTube channel is still likely to die. The above software can run on phone platforms such as Android and iOS.

But why not use it?


The importance of watching time

When using, users enter the YouTube video link to increase and choose the time to play the video between times. The tool will automatically change the IP and proxy continuously to fool the YouTube counter.

This method also only works if you turn on the software for a long time, or run simultaneously on multiple devices.

However, according to experts, this method was only used a few years ago. When YouTube applies the “301+” calculation method to rate a video that has just come out.

If the video receives an unusually large view in a short time, the view counter will display at 301+ and stop, silently reviewing the views to check if it’s the real viewer or not.

If it detects cheating, YouTube will “freeze” the views of the questionable video. This smart filter blocked many tools to increase views at that time, making content creators more serious, and ensuring the rights of true channel owners.

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Harms of using tools, proxies, or bots to increase YouTube watch time

To have more YouTube watch times is not easy.

Therefore, in addition to looking for free YouTube watch time sites, YouTubers also look to software to increase views to ensure their popularity and personal brand.

You can refer to some famous YouTube watch time-increasing software such as:

  • iView
  • YT Views Bot
  • Tube Traffic
  • VideoBot
  • YouBot
  • YouTube Views Increaser
  • YouBoosterPro
  • YouTube Bot
  • YouTubeByClick

The truth is, although the above sites can increase YouTube watch time for your channel for free, you should not use them.

Because it’s free also means that no one is responsible for your channel if it’s locked or deleted forever.

If you want to speed up the increase process and increase YouTube watch time then you need more than one phone.

The software to increase YouTube watch time is suitable for iOS and Android. Also, you can invest from 5 to 10 Gmail to run the software without duplication.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is that you have to log in to your YouTube account with the same account you log in on the cross sub-app because if you spend network money and electricity money running the app without recognizing the nick, the app will not pay “coin” for you.

But now, those ways to increase YouTube watch time are all illegal and 100% contrary to the regulations of YouTube.

The above software includes options such as: choosing other sub-videos, watching other videos, and other videos to earn coins.

You should choose a sub and like because these two options are rewarded with more and faster “coins”.

Many old YouTubers used the app to increase YouTube watch time and chose to buy 20 likes + sub + views with a 180-second view time. But it is not the perfect and most reasonable choice up to now.

In addition to the technical measures, many channel owners also “pull view” by plagiarizing, copying hot videos, eating by the name of a celebrity, or being willing to “snatch the title”, causing curiosity but the content inside nothing.

This is effective and doesn’t violate YouTube policies, but often has a bad reaction from viewers.

The closest example is a series of videos of “parody” Disney cartoons with offensive content caused by people around the world.

Taking advantage of the watchful habits of YouTube channel owners, many hackers and fake news sites have posted instructions on “increasing YouTube watch time very quickly”.

But tricked users into inserting code to run ads or install more malicious apps, stealing information, and spreading spam.

As recommended by Google itself, YouTube content creators have many genuine ways to increase views. The most important “pull view” factor is still the content.

A video with good content (deep, humorous, beautiful images, a unique story, exclusive material) is often widely shared.

Next, channel owners need to seriously invest in the title (short, meaningful, curious), and fill in the description and tags so that Google and YouTube search engines can detect, suggestions for viewers.

The thumbnail (the picture for the video) should be the most attractive, visual moment of the video.

After that, YouTube channel owners can take advantage of social networks, Adword advertising systems, and Facebook Ads, or exchange views with other sources.

Long ago, using an app suitable for Android and iOS to increase YouTube watch time was a discreet and difficult method to “circumvent the law” that is difficult for YouTube to detect. But now it is not efficient.

The “click farm” model makes no difference to the major Internet industry. The objects that the other “click farm” model wants to target are new-enter YouTubers, and start-ups who want to impress the community and investors.

But this type of business is illegal in China as well as in many other countries. Currently, there are not many beginners to choose this street.

But the advice for you is that instead of spending time ploughing the view, it is best to invest in well-tuned videos and choose quality view by buying reputable services like AudienceGain.

Top 7 popular video content types to have free YouTube watch hours

You may have acknowledged this info before, but there is so much more to profoundly dig into.


Ranging a lot! We’re serious. Anything on this platform can be seen as a way for amusement. This is based on the user’s perspective and preferences. For example, videos about unboxing the latest iPhone can make all tech-savvies find a simple joy.

In addition, there are types of entertainment content we think are rather weird that some people can earn a great fortune overnight – which as Mukbang. Indeed, it’s just so strange that audiences have a favour for watching a big eater consume a huge amount of food while still interacting with them.

Anyways, these Mukbang-ers still gain huge income by accepting donations or becoming paying partners with food & drinking sponsors.

On the other hand, with the video category of entertaining content, there are many valuable that increase views and subscribers very effectively, you can follow the following types of content:

free youtube watch hours

Among us – Entertainment from comedy kit and gaming channel

Gaming videos: While this niche doesn’t apply to all targeted audiences, gaming is one of the most popular video formats on YouTube. So if you love video games, a gaming channel can be a great idea!

Comedy / Skit: People love to laugh out loud. According to some research, comedy video is the video format most likely to get ‘viral’. Many comedian experts have incorporated the skit script in their videos as a fun, highly-produced introduction.

How-tos, DIY, tutorials

If you are confident about a certain skill, expertise or technique and want to share it, making instructional videos is an interesting idea that cannot be ignored to allow interact with the world.

Many YouTubers said they only started their career by posting a few instructional videos and then built a professional personal channel with many videos posted regularly.

As we mentioned above, these days, users rarely go to read manuals on a tool they want to use. With just a simple click on Google’s search engine or YouTube video, everything will be much faster and more convenient.

Simply installing Win 10 for your PC, learning guitar chords, or even origami tutorials can be great sources of ideas for you to create a monetized YouTube channel.

Making these types of content can easily and stably increase views, watch hours and subscribers, since they are evergreen content – knowledge brings lasting value.

Nevertheless, there’s one thing you should keep in mind. They can be “expired”, even if they’re not time-sensitive. We mean, very few people search for how to fix broken cassette tapes or something like that, because they are so outdated.

Trick shots – a particular niche for quick, organic and free YouTube watch hours

We will cover some of the content that became such a trendy term three or four years ago, which is “trick shots” videos.

To be more detailed, in the game of billiards, there’s a concept of “trick shots”, referring to “impossible” hits. And these hits must require top skills to get done.

Outside of billiards, “trick shot” also refers to a new trend emerging among Western youth around 2016-2017, in which players perform moves with extremely low success rates, seemingly impossible.

For example, lighting a grill with a single match, throwing keychains to a small hook, or flipping a water bottle…… have turned randomness into art. As a result, these types of videos attract a large number of viewers and everyone is making random videos along with this trend. On top of that, lots of unknown YouTubers are famous for their trick shots and have successfully monetized from it.

Nowadays, trick-shot videos are probably not as viral as they used to be. Anyway, this is still a viral content type and eventually loses value.

But if you know how to innovate the idea a little bit, and improve video production specifically, then trick-shots can last forever, like this guy does.

Zack King’s magical tricks

Zach King is an American social media personality and filmmaker who has a net worth of $3 million. He is mostly famous for his “magic tricks” videos, which are six-second videos digitally edited to look as if he is doing magic.

In 2011, he posted a video titled Jedi Kittens on YouTube, about two cats fighting with lightsabers. The video possessed over a million views in three days and grew to 18 million views.

Now he’s mostly active on Instagram and TikTok, but his YouTube channel is a place for him to share behind-the-scenes videos and his personal life.


A blog (short for website blog) is a kind of personal article on the Internet. The blog contents are very diverse.

Vlogs – video blogging for solo creators

Simple examples might be sharing articles about your daily meals (like what I eat in a week as a college student), or just personal achievements of the day that you want to share.

A vlog (short for video blog) is functionally like a blog but presented as a video.

Of course, the YouTube vlog is somewhat more lively and interesting. It’s almost like a reality TV show – a vlogger’s true experience. Therefore, this type of video can increase a large number of watch hours and subscribers.

Product review

As human shopping demand is unlimited, product-review videos are the premise for videos comparing, evaluating, and offering advantages of products. These videos are quite easy to do, but you need to prepare in advance the steps to mention to avoid missing the necessary features of the product.

free Youtube watch hours

Product Review from experts

Nevertheless, product reviews are quite easy to confuse with unboxing. Reviewing will have more profound information, and depth, with a sophisticated-detail evaluation from many angles coming from the subjective opinions of the channel’s owners.

With that being said, videos of this niche require in-depth knowledge from you on a certain subject. The more professional you are, the more your video will be appreciated by YouTube for the value you bring to your audiences. Free YouTube watch hours now just within your hand reach.


With the age-old but never-out-of-date evergreen content, it’s no surprise that educational video is a prevailing format. For instance, if you’re a stylist with many years of experience, you can create instructional videos on make-up, hair styling, and outfitting as your powerful weapon to make money from your monetized YouTube channel.

free Youtube watch hours

Tedtalk – famous educational YouTube channel

TED and National Geographics can be considered two of the most common educational video channels. Thanks to a team of experts, people from various age groups can get access to the channel to expand their knowledge.

On top of that, many other SMEs share videos on their websites about marketing strategies and SEO also.

Consequently, this type of video is often thought-provoking and captivating, leading to benefiting both parties – creators and audiences in terms of profits and values, respectively (or even mutually).

Behind the scene

With all the ideal content we mentioned above, you can gain extra free YouTube watch hours and share with the audiences the process of taking the effort and responsibility of brainstorming and editing parts.

free youtube watch hours


Moreover, many creators that have a monetized YouTube channel have at least one sub-channel just for behind-the-scenes videos to interact more with their fanbase, and even widen their revenue.

Behind-the-scenes videos are also what the audiences normally ask for. As a consequence, while you can’t think clearly about what to make next, rummage your old footage and craft them into complete behind-the-scenes videos.

AudienceGain – The best choice for new YouTubers

The fastest way to get thousands of views, as well as thousands of subscribers, is to buy a large number of views in a given period.

Unlike buying views on QQTUBE or SEOClerk, if you buy views at AudienceGain, you can enjoy a package service from A to Z to increase YouTube watch time quickly.

You only need a phone to check and review quality through indicators from the YouTube Analytic statistics table.

AudienceGain has a service that includes running ads to increase views for videos. Depending on the audience that the channel you target, AudienceGain will determine the exact age, region, gender, interests, …

From there, AudienceGain will run Facebook ads to share articles or run Google Adwords.

Also, AudienceGain is in charge of sharing on social networks and advising you to create playlists to spread views for all videos on the same channel.

Normally, if you post on a page or personal, it will be able to attract 20 to 50% of traffic from friends to the video.

If you post on a topic group with a few thousand members, an instructional video in a certain field will hit viewers’ psychology. From there, you can easily reach a diverse audience from different countries.


AudiencrGain company rating

AudienceGain will help you get all of the above done without you having to do it yourself. AudienceGain helps you pull real views and subscribers from social networking sites such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr …

After you have a fixed number of followers, increasing views is only a matter of time.

To get more views on YouTube, persistence and patience are extremely important.

You cannot be successful without investment and patience. Impatience will only make you make poor decisions and illegally increase YouTube’s watch hours.

In addition to applying the AudienceGain service, you need to pay attention to the quality factor of each video before reaching the audience.

Make sure the auditory and visual elements are in your hands. Quality is the decisive factor in determining the popularity and progress of your YouTube channel.

If the video quality is not satisfactory, the low YouTube watch time is also a problem in the data.

What are the criteria that you need to meet before buying 4000 watch hours?

You can achieve many goals by choosing AudienceGain’s 4,000 watch hours package.

However, what do you need to buy 4000 watch hours package and achieve maximum efficiency? The answer is that you need to meet one of the criteria below:

Firstly, your channel contains at least 3 videos with a duration of 10 minutes or you have 2 videos with a duration of 20 minutes.

Only when your channel has many videos will the increase of YouTube watch time achieve its effectiveness.

Second, your channel has at least one 30-minute video. The longer the video length and the better the quality, the easier it is for AudienceGain to share your video with the public and ensure audience retention.

Third, make sure that the total length of videos posted on your channel is greater than 30 minutes.

After all, the criteria you need to achieve are mainly the length of the video.

So, as long as your video is not too short, it will surely achieve the effect you want.

If your specific channel does not meet one of the above criteria, you can choose a customized package and contact AudienceGain’s customer service department immediately to find a quick solution.

Some advice and reviews

Currently, YouTube’s algorithm is out of date complex and constantly changing. Therefore, it is no longer feasible to use bots or tools to increase YouTube watch time.

Living in the age of rapidly developing technology, you need to know that the setback is imminent death.

Therefore, instead of searching for fake views to lose time and money, many YouTubers as singers, celebrities, or politicians have hired promotion campaigns.

AudienceGain to promote interaction between the channel and viewers. AudienceGain’s views and subscriptions are organic and 100% real. They come from social media campaigns.

AudienceGain is a reputable service, not a scam like the services you often encounter. You can find out through AudienceGain’s professional customer care service and money-back guarantee.

The views will spread the videos evenly to help you quickly turn on YouTube monetization.

AudienceGain’s 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscriber service is a service that many people are interested in because the views provided are natural and at a selective time.

With diversified online payment gateways such as Crypto Currency, PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, WebMoney, Western Union Online, Perfect Money, …

You can sign up for any service from AudienceGain to increase YouTube watch time right in the day.

In a nutshell

There are thousands of reasons for you to refuse the adoption of free sites that increase YouTube watch time. Maybe there are unforeseen risks to the channel because of using “fake view”.

Or it could be that YouTube refused your Adsense account, making you disable the ability to make money on YouTube. Another seemingly safer route for you is AudienceGain.

What is better than making money from videos that are invested by yourself and by all the rules set by YouTube?

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