Top 10 YouTube views bot 2021


YouTube video bots has long been a useful solution and widely popular in the content creator community. Its intended purpose is to resolve the common problem: how to earn YouTube watch time hours.


There are some youtube views bot software that help YouTubers a lot

As a Youtuber, have you ever struggled to think of great content or have difficulty promoting your videos on social media? There are some small tips that can help you increase your viewpoints, such as keeping interactions with your fans, planning outstanding intro and outro, designing some competition and gifts, etc.

However, the devotion to editing a video, making it as perfect as possible in terms of quality, is not enough and takes much time. That is the reason for the advent of the YouTube views bot.

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What is a YouTube view bot?

Bots or network robots are software applications that run automated tasks on the network. Typically, bots perform simple and repetitive structured functions with a much higher frequency than humans can afford. The bot’s vast application is in web crawling, in which a program automatically finds, analyzes, and sorts information from web servers.

YouTube Views Bot is a tool created to quickly and automatically increase YouTube views and is encrypted to bypass Youtube’s View censorship system easily. Just like other software, this type of bots can be set up and running quickly.

Top 10 YouTube view bots 2021

1. UseViral

Being best of the best, UseViral One always stands at the top of the list mentioning the most popular Youtube view bots free. 


UseViral can make your content go viral.

Its excellent functions are the extensive database of professionals that help your video easily getting bot view for Youtube, and the sincere supports to their clients. Their supporters are always willing to answer any questions, so you do not have to spend a lot of time installing and using this bot. It provides the opportunity for the speedy growth of your channel. Instead of focusing on promoting existing videos, you have more time to develop ideas and start producing other videos.

Moreover, this company offers other options for TikTok and Twitter development and expert advice about social media information across the board. This feature receives many good customer responses, sharing their satisfaction after using the UseViral Youtube bot for views.

2. SidesMedia

SlideMedia is another well-known YouTube views bot application famous for its product quality engagement for clients and their security.


How to bot youtube views

With the impressive turnaround time in three days, you can have this tool delivered that quickly. Besides helping your channel grow by offering an effective solution, SlideMedia also protects your YouTube somehow. It can reduce the risk of being shut down. 

Moreover, the ability to expand the brand’s reach is remarkable. The number of audiences who know your website will increase significantly. Best choice when you have a limited budget for marketing!

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3. StormViews

Always promising to offer the instant delivery of their nice features, StormViews is considered one of the most high-quality YouTube bots for views.


Get youtube views bot

You can get from this software is 100% real subscribers, views, and likes for your YouTube channel because Stormviews boosts your general presence on search engines. With their first-rate customer service, you can look for help at any time. 

The acceptable one-time payment, starting at $5.99 for 1,000 YouTube views, offers you the results together with a fully guaranteed solution within just 48 hours. A good value for money choice.

4. Tube Buddy

Known as the favorite “best friend on the road to YouTube success,” Tube Buddy is a mobile app with free browser extensions that help you save much time. 


Tube Buddy – the YouTube views bot linked with high-quality keyword research.

This application gives you chances to integrate your channel through other devices. Its advanced keyword research function inspires you for the next piece of content. Tube Buddy provides time-saving templates and tools to fasten the publish times. 

Getting more YouTube views and subscribers is no longer difficult when your video ranks higher in search results. It is a free tool that helps you significantly on your way to building quality products.

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5. FollowingLike

FollowingLike is an innovative tool that almost every YouTuber knows quite well. The great plus point of this app is its high applicability for networking and automation.


FollowingLike easy to function

More than just a YouTube channel, FollowingLike gives you choices for other platforms. You can integrate your social networks and create a strategy to build them all at the same time. This application provides an unlimited account package to meet your demand.

Its unique feature is the exclusive and organic tool that manages every account strictly and legally. Postin, sharing, giving comments, uploading videos, sending messages, asking and answering questions, etc. All these operations are carried out quite smoothly.

6. Media Mister

Media Mister is another YouTube views bot application that has the same functionality as FollowingLike: it supports many platforms, not only YouTube but Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc., are included as well.


Media Mister – a well-managed YouTube views bot.

Maybe simplicity is an advantage that many people mention a lot about Media Mister. Based on each type of social media’s various characteristics, this YouTube bot for increasing views offers a wide range of suitable prices for the engagement of each content creator.

That means you are free to choose the right service to develop the channel as you expect, with your ability to pay.

7. Subpals

Subpals is the efficient YouTube view bot free online that receives millions of concerns from users worldwide. 


Subpals is a fast and effective YouTube bot to increase views free.

The first benefit is it is almost free to use. Gaining 10 new subscribers within 12 hours is possible. If you want to achieve more followers in a shorter time, Subpals provides affordable paid options to help you reach the goal.

The second outstanding feature is safety and security because the subscribers you earn are 100% real. Your channel is truly well-known to the audience community. Moreover, you will have the chance to expand your popularity in the YouTuber community. 

This free YouTube marketing platform collects thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot as a trusting YouTube bot that can clear out any risk to your channel.

8. Tube Assist Pro

Tube Assist Pro is actually a helpful assistant that takes advantage of your content to boost your videos’ reach to many subscribers and viewers as much as possible.

Tube-Assist -Pro

Tube Assist Pro – Pro at assisting YouTube views.

At a reasonable cost, this YouTube marketing tool provides many features that help you manage the channel, get instant attention from the targeted audience, control your video content with relevant users, and much more. Overloading is no longer a stress to Youtubers.

The ability to find the right customers is the best function of Tube Assist Pro. The targeted visitors will soon be your sincere subscribers. Tube Assist Pro guarantees safety.

9. Jarvee

The company of this Windows-based social media automation software insists that your social media can grow 10 times faster than before if you are using it.


Jarvee – Speed based on the Knowledge.

Jarvee has an informative step-by-step tutorial, so you will quickly learn about it. This YouTube views bot “works” as your own secretary 24/7. It knows exactly how to get more traffic to your website, together with more subscribers and likes; how to keep controlling all of your social media accounts automatically.

This bot has been in the market for a long time but still has a particular foothold in the YouTuber community. It must be great when you do not have to schedule the upcoming post, Jarvee would do that, and you have more time to create more content.

10. YT Monster

With a friendly interface and easy-to-use features, YT Monster is the YouTube views bot having 2.2 million users over the world, 10.9 million campaigns, and 8 years being on the market.


YT Monster – YouTube view bot free

Many customers will find it entirely satisfactory with YT Monster’s free package. You can increase the YouTube views, add up your subscribers and likes. The premium package is even more exciting and full of other special functions, this will make you quite surprised.

This leading YouTube exchange platform offers you the opportunity to earn credits, and once you have enough, you can start your own campaigns right away. Sure it will take time, but YT Monster will be your companion in almost every action: liking, commenting, viewing, etc.

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Is YouTube views bot safe and effective?

Advantages of using YouTube bot to increase views 

  • A quick start method if you want to have a few thousand views in a short time.
  • The Social Credibility of your channel will be rewarded. Once you have a reputation, customers will put more trust in your channel, their tendency to visit your site will increase dramatically. If you are working on something to sell, they watch your video and even purchase your company and your service.
  • You have access to many Internet Marketing Campaigns that bring more effective results for your channel.
  • ECommerce and Leads are the fields that can grow significantly through YouTube channel if you know how to manage well with YouTube bot. Therefore, Online Sales and Conversions will have important rises.
  • Moreover, the high number of views is the most apparent thing to attract more viewers.

Disadvantages of using YouTube bot to increase views 

  • To some extent, YouTube views are not the targeted aim that all YouTubers are heading to. Your content still matters, and it keeps viewers to stay longer.
  • You still have to make marketing plans, including looking for customer insights, to attract and engage the target audience. The YouTube bot, basically, just gives you the “boost” function.
  • Some people said buying YouTube Views is not authentic. It is not the public practice that is accepted generally.
  • And every content creator needs to be careful because there are scams on the Internet. It is easy for you to find out any bot, which states cheap views for your channel but the low quality you may receive. As a result, loose safety and security easily cause your YouTube to crash down.

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In a nutshell

After skimming over 10 YouTube bots for views above, you may already have the answers for yourself about what you need. They are all helpful, time-saving, and almost are YouTube views bot online free. 

However, as you can see, YouTube view bots are against YouTube’s rules, which can create substantial dangerous effects for your channel. And the risk of being taken down is possible to happen to any content creator. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of when getting a YouTube view bot.

That is when you should visit AudienceGain to find out the better and safer options. At AudienceGain, you can build your total views organically, which is legal and ethically. You can buy 4,000 watch hours for a YouTube channel at a suitable price and with the finest supports, together with other distinctive features that any YouTube view bot can not provide. 

You probably miss some fantastic opportunities if you are still wondering by yourself. So check it out now!

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:
Hotline/WhatsApp: (+84)70 444 6666

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