How to film YouTube Videos? (Part 1)


There are several great tips How to film YouTube video in 2021 to give your channel that extra touch of professionalism outlined here.

We have listed the six primary steps in filming YouTube videos as follows:

  1. Pre-Filming
  2. Setting Up and Testing Equipment
  3. Recording
  4. Lighting
  5. Audio and Soundproofing
  6. Post-Filming

This article highlights the first two steps in filming YouTube videos: pre-filming and setting up and testing equipment. Firstly, the article covers pre-filming, which includes the basics. The basics revolve around five pertinent factors: the setting, your wardrobe, your props, the background, and music if any.

Moreover, we also elucidate budgeting in this section. Then the article walks you through setting up and testing equipment. In this section, we highlight camera options, including a smartphone camera, a camcorder, and a DSLR camera. Followed by this, the article introduces five significant lighting options. These are natural light, fluorescent light, LED lights, ring lights, and


Furthermore, we also delineate microphone options, including a shotgun or boom mic, a lav mic, a camera mic, and an iPhone mic. Finally, the article deals with testing your equipment before recording. The second section of this article series highlights the remaining four steps in filming YouTube videos.

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Film YouTube Videos 1: Pre


To film YouTube videos, you should be aware of the following essential elements of your channel style that can impact your channel’s ability to attract viewers.


The setting is the most crucial element of your channel’s style that is imperative to always keep in mind when filming YouTube videos. It would help if you chose whether you want a natural setting such as a home office or kitchen or a virtual environment such as a background image. Your channel niche also dictates what sort of setting you could choose for your YouTube videos when filming.


Secondly, your wardrobe is also a crucial element of your YouTube channel’s style. So when filming YouTube videos, remember to follow a distinct style, whether it’s casual, formal, or in your night suit!

It is imperative to choose an appropriate wardrobe when you film YouTube videos for your channel.


Moreover, props are also a significant element of your channel’s style that impacts how you film your YouTube videos. Not all videos require props. However, not only humorous videos can have props. For instance, if your channel is about fixing cars, you will have your tools and vehicles as props.


In addition, the background is also crucial when it comes to filming YouTube videos for your channel. You can choose a natural environment or a virtual one. It all depends on your channel niche and how you want to style your YouTube videos.


Finally, when it comes to music for filming your YouTube videos, you should never forget to choose a piece that fits in with your niche and video topics. Remember that contemporary pop and alternative rock convey completely different vibes.

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Furthermore, it would help if you also considered budgeting when filming your YouTube videos. It is crucial to find an appropriate budget that can cover your:

  1. Lighting
  2. Editing Softwares
  3. Camera options
  4. Audio options
  5. Props
  6. Wardrobe
  7. Testing Equipment

Film YouTube Videos 2: Setting Up and Testing Equipment

Camera Options

Moreover, you should choose from three primary camera options available to you.


The smartphone is a very easy-to-use and portable option. With smartphones today, filming videos is straightforward. Moreover, you can even purchase a tripod for your smartphone if you want to film professionally. However, the drawback with using a. smartphone is that you might have to settle for the in-camera audio option, which is of poor quality.


Your second camera option to film YouTube videos is a camcorder which is the perfect blend of the smartphone and DSLR and combines the best features of both. Camcorders are also relatively cheap, and they can record in high definition. You can get ones that record in 720p or 1080p. Moreover, camcorders are also portable, like smartphones and easy-to-use.

#DSLR Camera

A DSLR is a great camera option because it can film in very high qualities.

Furthermore, Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras are another great camera option for filming YouTube videos. They are unequivocally the best for filming because you can record with precision, at high quality. However, DSLR cameras require patience and a certain amount of precision and practice to use. Additionally, remember to get a DSLR camera that has a video recording option.

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Lighting Options

Moreover, it would be best if you also considered the following lighting options.

#Natural Light

Natural lighting is very flattering for filming. This could be through shooting outdoors or indoors with outdoor light coming in through the windows, etc. However, this cannot be easy to navigate because there will not be perfect natural light every day!


Fluorescent lighting is the most common type of lighting used to film YouTube videos. However, fluorescent lighting can get harsh. That is why it is a good idea to use a soft box with fluorescent lighting.


LED lights are another lighting option. However, LED lights dissipate less light per bulb than fluorescent lights. Therefore, you would have to use many of them. However, they are portable and don’t get very hot. Moreover, you can also quickly dim LED lights.

#Ring Lights

Furthermore, ring lights are also a great lighting option. A significant advantage of using ring lights is that single ring lights can often provide all the lighting for a shot. However, the drawbacks with ring lights are that they neither work for wide-angle or medium shots.


Additionally, you can also use reflectors to soften lighting. You can use the following reflectors:

  1. Handheld reflectors
  2. White poster board
  3. Piece of Styrofoam
  4. Whiteboard

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Microphone Options

Moreover, one should also be aware of the four following microphone options.

#Shotgun/Boom Mic

Firstly, shotgun microphones are great for filming because they pick up audio from a specific area.

#Lav Mic

Moreover, lav mics are the ones you can pin to your shirt. They are a lightweight and portable microphone option for filming your YouTube videos. However, the audio quality is not as good as a shotgun or boom mic.

#Camera Mic

A camera microphone is not an excellent option for filming. This is because camera microphones have poor audio quality, and they are also difficult to position.

#Iphone Mic

Finally, you can also use your iPhone mic. This is a better option than a camera microphone because an iPhone is more accessible to position.

Testing for filming YouTube videos

Finally, it would help to consider testing your equipment, including your camera, microphone, and lights for filming YouTube videos.

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In A Nutshell

Conclusively, this article elucidates the basics of filming YouTube videos. These include the setting, wardrobe, props, background, and music options. Additionally, we also outline budgeting for filming your YouTube videos. This includes camera options such as smartphones, camcorders, or DSLR cameras.

Additionally, the article also highlights several lighting options for filming YouTube videos. These include natural lighting, fluorescent lights, LED lights, and ring lights. Moreover, you can also use reflectors to soften lighting.

Furthermore, we also cover microphone options, including the shotgun/boom mic, a lav mic, the camera microphone, and an iPhone microphone. Finally, the article explains the significance of testing your equipment before filming. However, to learn more about filming YouTube videos, stay tuned for the second part of this article series. Additionally, you can also sign up for our

YouTube services to get suggestions and tips for filming from our YouTube experts at AudienceGain.

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