How to Schedule a YouTube Video?


To schedule a YouTube video, you can now use the YouTube Premiere option. We elucidate how you can use this option in this article.

This article outlines how you can schedule a YouTube video using YouTube’s new premiere feature. Firstly, we walk you through the basic tenets of the YouTube Premiere feature. Then the article highlights who usually schedules YouTube videos. This includes musicians and artists, dancers and theatre actors, faith communities, television and film personnel, museums, zoos, other attractions, and finally, podcasters.

Moreover, we also cover the advantages of scheduling a YouTube video which includes targeting viewers, using YouTube premiere to bypass embargoes, and uploading multiple batch videos. Finally, the article concludes with a step-by-step tutorial on how you can schedule a YouTube video in 2021.

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What is a YouTube Premiere?

One can now very easily schedule a YouTube video using the YouTube premiere feature. A premiere feature is an exciting tool for creators to upload prerecorded videos and prepare them to be released at any specific date and time. Like a music video, TV, or film premiere, this feature allows creators to promote their video content before it airs.

YouTube premieres enable you to schedule your video release beforehand.

Additionally, creators can interact in real-time with their viewers and subscribers while the premiere airs. Furthermore, the premiere option is superior to live to stream because it allows creators to retain the live viewing experience while also having the freedom to record their videos at any time. Finally, after your video premieres, it is available on YouTube as a regular video upload.

Who Schedules YouTube Videos?

Now, you might be wondering who benefits from scheduling YouTube videos. You might be surprised at the advantages of the YouTube premiere feature when it comes to specific fields.


Firstly, musicians usually use YouTube to premiere a new music video, a prerecorded concert, or any musical event. Remember ‘Thank U Next’ by Ariana Grande? She premiered the music video for that song on YouTube and broke so many musical records. This proved to schedule your YouTube videos to be a very advantageous feature for musicians such as her.

Ariana Grande premiered ‘Thank U Next on YouTube which broke many records.

Dance and Theatre

Secondly, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many dance studios and theatres worldwide have shut down. However, the YouTube premiere option enables creators to premiere their plays, musicals, recitals, or dance videos on YouTube, just like opening night. With many viewers springing to YouTube for their dose of theatre and dance in the pandemic, scheduling YouTube videos has aided many theatrical and performance-based industries.

Faith Communities

Additionally, another great benefit of scheduling YouTube videos is that faith communities can premiere worship sermons at a specific date and time so that their community or congregation can watch the videos together. This is a great alternative to live to stream as it allows the premieres of prerecorded videos that you may have edited. For instance, you can combine worship music and a religious sermon from two different videos and premiere one video for your community to watch together.

Television and Film

Moreover, YouTube itself has compared its premiere feature to TV or film premieres. This makes scheduling YouTube videos easy and cost-effective for many producers and directors. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the YouTube premiere option has greatly aided small TV and film productions in premiering their content on YouTube.

Museums, Zoos, and Other Attractions

Furthermore, launching new exhibits in a museum or zoo has been made easy with the YouTube premiere feature. For example, want to launch a new production, but people can not see it in person because of COVID-19 restrictions? Well, you could alternatively give your viewers a virtual tour of the exhibit or event using prerecorded videos that can premiere on YouTube.


Finally, podcasters can also schedule YouTube videos to ensure that their audio and video podcast components are released simultaneously.

Advantages of Scheduling a YouTube Video

Additionally, we have outlined three primary advantages of scheduling YouTube videos, in general, in this section of the article. These include targeting viewers at the correct times, bypassing any embargoes, and publishing multiple videos at different times with the same click.

Targeting Viewers

Firstly, the YouTube premiere option is a fantastic feature for targeting your viewers online and actively. You can schedule your YouTube videos based on when your audiences are the most active for maximum engagement on your videos. This means you can target your audience at the perfect time by scheduling a video beforehand.

Perfect for Embargoes

Moreover, perhaps the most significant advantage of scheduling YouTube videos is for affiliate marketing personnel. They can record a product review before its release and schedule the video for the release date and time. This way, they won’t have to be online at the exact time that the product is released to publish their review. YouTube will do this for them!

Batch Multiple Videos

Finally, the YouTube premiere feature enables users to publish multiple videos simultaneously by scheduling them for different times with one click. Therefore, you can schedule all your videos once, and they will be posted at the fixed times that you set. This will enable your videos to get individual traction and engagement before the next one is published.

How to Schedule a YouTube Video?

Finally, now that you are fully aware of all the advantages of the YouTube premiere, you might be wondering how you can schedule a video. Well, it’s pretty simple. We have outlined the main steps as follows. However, you can find additional details here.

  1. Go to the YouTube Creator Studio.
  2. Click Create and Upload Videos.
  3. Upload your video and enter its details.
  4. To premiere your video immediately, click Save or publish > Public > Set as Instant Premiere.
  5. However, click Schedule > Enter a date and time > Set as Premiere to premiere a video later.
  6. Alternatively, to premiere a video on the YouTube app, go to the Set Visibility page and choose Set as Premiere.

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Conclusively, this article outlines how you can schedule a YouTube video using YouTube’s premiere feature. Firstly, we introduce the YouTube premiere feature. Then we elucidate who can benefit from the feature. This includes various niches such as music, dance and theatre, faith communities, television and film, museums, zoos, and other attractions, and podcasts.

Then the article highlights three primary benefits of scheduling videos: targeting viewers at the correct times, bypassing embargoes, and uploading multiple videos simultaneously. Finally, we also walk you through how you can schedule a video on YouTube. However, to learn more about using the YouTube premiere option, you can contact our YouTube experts here at AudienceGain.

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