How to Make a YouTube Intro and Outro?


If you want to learn how to make a YouTube intro and outro, this page is for you. Here we cover all you need to know about YouTube intros and outros.

This article delineates how you can make unique YouTube intros and outros. Firstly, we also walk you through the best software and apps for making YouTube intros. One such free tool is Canva. Then, we cover the main steps to creating a YouTube intro and outro using Canva. Followed by this, the article delves into some tips by Canva for YouTube intros and outros. Here we answer questions about choosing the correct file type and how long your YouTube intros and outros should be. Additionally, we also cover tips for animations, eye-catching visuals, and building a brand.

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Best Softwares and Apps to Make YouTube Intros and Outros

An intriguing YouTube intro and informational and practical outro can go a long way toward enhancing your YouTube channel’s professionalism. Various apps and software are out there that enable content creators to choose from multiple templates, features, and designs to make customized intros and outros. For instance, Adobe Spark is an excellent software for creating aesthetically pleasing and practical intros and outros. Similarly, Canva is a modern online tool for creating professional YouTube intros and outros.


Canva is a sophisticated free online application for making YouTube intros and outros for your videos. The best thing about Canva is the diverse free templates that content creators can use to create customized intros and outros. It is available for Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows, so you can use it on your phone or laptop, depending on your convenience.

Moreover, Canva has various exciting features, including:

  1. Design Types
  2. Prints
  3. Videos
  4. Teams
  5. Apps
  6. Graphs and Charts
  7. The Photo Editor

Furthermore, the design tools include a plethora of great tools such as:

  1. The Video Editor
  2. Instagram marketing and designs
  3. YouTube marketing and designs
  4. Facebook marketing and designs
  5. Twitter marketing and designs

In addition, there are various other design tools such as marketing tools, office tools, custom prints, and cards and invitations.

Steps to Make YouTube Intros and Outros on Canva

To create a YouTube intro and outro for your videos, you need to choose a template for both and choose through various customization options, including designs, gifs, images, graphics, etc.

Making YouTube Intros and Outros

To create intros and outros for your videos, you must follow the following steps:

  1. First, you’ll have to sign up for Canva if you already don’t have a Canva account.
  2. Then, once you’ve created your account, search for the intro or outro template on Canva.
  3. The next step in creating a YouTube intro and outro involves finding a suitable template for your video. You can browse through Canva’s vast free library of templates for intros and outros. Additionally, you can use the search tool and filter by industry, color, and more. Once you like a template, drag it down to your blank page.
  4. Moreover, you can go through Canva’s stock of images, gifs, icons, music, illustrations, and other graphics. There are also various photo effect features available for free.
  5. You can also animate for your intros and outros on Canva.
  6. Furthermore, you can collaborate with other YouTubers or channels in your YouTube intros or outros on Canva as well.
  7. You can also mix and match from various templates and pick the best features that suit your intros and outros. You can also choose your color scheme, background, and font style.
  8. Moreover, you may also add your artwork, images, photos, logos, or branding elements to add a personal twist to your intros and outros.
  9. Finally, once you’re done with your intros and outros, you may share directly with your followers on social media or save it as an MP4 or GIF and upload it to your YouTube channel.

Your YouTube outro must include a relevant CTA to buy your product or service.

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Tips by Canva for YouTube intros and outros

Moreover, Canva recommends the four following excellent tips for creating memorable intros and outros for your videos.

Choosing the Correct File Type

Firstly, you must choose an appropriate file type for your intros and outros. YouTube supports common video file formats such as .MOV, .mP4, .AVI, and .WMV. Therefore you could use any of these file formats.

Choosing the Correct Dimensions

Moreover, if you want to learn how long your intros and outros should be, remember that the aspect video for a YouTube video should be 16:9. At the same time, the highest possible resolution available is 4K at 3840 x 2160 pixels. However, videos are also commonly uploaded in high definition at 1920 x 1080 pixels.

How long Should my YouTube intros and outros be?

Furthermore, when it comes to the length of your intros and outros, Canva recommends keeping them short. For example, 5-10 seconds is a good enough size for your YouTube intro, whereas your YouTube outro could be 3-7 seconds long.

Remember that you need just enough time to deliver your message and hook your audience with your intro. Similarly, you need even less time to display actionable content and links such as a subscribe button and link to another video of yours for your outro. Moreover, including a CTA in your outro is also crucial.

Use Animations for More Impact

Using animated characters in your intros or outros could attract viewers to your videos.

In addition, you can use animations in your intros and outros for more impact. Animations are trendy these days. For example, you might have seen many music videos for contemporary pop songs with completely animated storylines! Similarly, you can add an animated character or item in your intros or outros to engage your viewers and keep them hooked to your video.

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Include Eye-Catching Visuals

Moreover, Canva also recommends including eye-catching visuals in your YouTube intros and outros. Remember to include pops of color, bold animations, and video clips that pique your viewers’ interest and keep them glued to your video.

Establishing your Brand

Finally, it is crucial to establish your brand in your intros and outros. One great way to do this is by adding your logo or watermark in both your intro and outro. Otherwise, you may also add a customized subscribe button, etc., with your logo.

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In a nutshell, to create the perfect YouTube intro and outro, you can use various free online software and apps with exciting templates and modern designs. We have introduced one such free online tool Canva in this article. Moreover, we also outline the main steps and features available for creating intros and outros on Canva. Then we outline six primary tips by Canva for intros and outros. These include choosing the correct file type, dimensions, and length and using animations and eye-catching visuals.

The article concludes with a note on establishing your brand through your intros and outros. However, to learn more about creating intros and outros for your videos, you can get in touch with our YouTube experts at AudienceGain. We are committed to helping our customers enhance their channel’s professionalism and create aesthetic channel designs.

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