Find & Use Sound Effects for Your YouTube Videos


If you have not before, you should consider using sound effects for your YouTube videos to make more impact and gain traction. Here we show you how.

Using sound effects for your YouTube videos can be an excellent way to stand out from the crowd of content creators on YouTube. However, remember that unique content is where it’s at on YouTube. Using sound effects does unequivocally have the potential to make your content go viral on YouTube. Here we cover the best software to use for sound effects for YouTube videos and where in your videos you should use sound effects. Moreover, we also give two pertinent tips for using sound effects for your videos. 

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Best Softwares to Use for Sound Effects for Your YouTube Videos

The first step in learning to use sound effects for your YouTube videos is finding the best software and online apps for adding fun and unique sound effects to your YouTube videos to gain more engagement. Many famous YouTubers recommend using one such excellent tool for sound effects for YouTube videos, Epidemic Sound. Epidemic Sound now has a free trial for 30 days! It has some awesome templates and a vast library of different types of sound effects that you can integrate into your videos. 

Image 1 Caption: You can browse through the vast libraries and templates for sound effects for YouTube videos on various software such as Epidemic Sound.

Sound Effects Library 

The sound effects library one can access via Epidemic Sound is an excellent resource for the most direct sound effects available for use in video content. In addition, one can find a range of different sound effects, copyrighted music, and short snippets from iconic songs to use in their YouTube videos. Of course, the best part is not worrying about getting banned for copyrights because all the sound effects and music available are copyrighted at Epidemic Sound. 

Where to Use Sound Effects in YouTube Videos 

Now that you’re aware of one great source for sound effects for videos, you must learn where to include sound effects in your videos for the most significant impact. We recommend using sound effects in your hook, your B-roll parts of the video, and any visuals in the video. 

Using Sound Effects in the hook 

Firstly, it is always a fantastic idea to use sound effects or music in your video’s hook. This is because your hook will get your viewers to continue watching the rest of your video. The hook is crucial in attracting audiences, and using a good sound effect or a musical snippet can go a very long way in terms of making an impact.

Adding Sound Effects to the B-Roll

Secondly, you should also consider using sound effects for the B-roll parts of your videos. B-roll clips refer to parts of the video when the main focus, such as you, is absent. Therefore, you may have some background video or animation playing instead in the B-roll parts. It is a great idea to use sound effects in the B-roll parts to make your video exciting and unique. For instance, you can add a good song as background music after you acquire the copyrights. In this way, your music taste can go a long way toward helping you go viral on YouTube. 

Tie Sound Effects to Visuals 

Image 2 Caption: Remember to use sound effects for speech bubbles for more impact. 

Moreover, one should also use sound effects for the visual parts of their videos. Visuals imply any shapes or appearances, such as speech bubbles or pop-ups during your videos. These can be during your hook, intros, outros, or even the body. Using sound effects with your visuals, such as swishing sounds for pop-ups, can be a perfect tactic for getting more engagement and exciting your viewers. Such tricks also enhance your content and channel’s professionalism. 

Tips for Using Sound Effects for Your YouTube Videos

Moreover, we also recommend the following two primary tips for using sound effects in your videos. 

Not Too Loud 

Firstly, remember not to have too loud sound effects or background music. It is a good idea to use sound effects for scenes such as wind or the sea, but having sound effects that are too loud can distract viewers from the true meaning or focus of your video. For example, if you have a scene with someone moving their hand across fields, you should add appropriate sound effects, including birds chirping, the fields and grass moving, and the wind. However, if your sounds are too loud, the viewers may get distracted from the person altogether!

Layer Your Sound Effects 

Additionally, it would be best to consider layering your sound effects when you use them in your YouTube videos. This implies using various sound effects and not merely one or two when you have a scene, etc. Moreover, you need to ensure that your sound effects do not overlap and sync with each other and the setting. 

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In Conclusion

To sum it up, you should consider using sound effects in your YouTube videos to stand out and generate more views and revenue on YouTube. Epidemic Sound is one great resource for sound effects and music to use for YouTube videos. It has a vast library of free sound effects to use when on trial. Moreover, you can also select from a variety of copyrighted songs. 

Additionally, it would help if you used sound effects in your hook to attract viewers. It would help if you also considered using sound effects in the B-roll parts of your YouTube videos. Moreover, tieing sound effects to your visuals, such as pop-ups, is also a fantastic idea. 

Finally, remember that your sound effects should not be too loud to distract viewers from the actual subject of the video. In addition, you must layer the different sound effects in your video to ensure they are in sync with each other. 

However, if you want to learn more about using sound effects for your YouTube videos, you can sign up for our services. AudienceGain’s experts on YouTube can help guide you using sound effects in your videos to get more traction. 

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