Can We Earn Money From YouTube Shorts?


Now, you don’t need to go anywhere, and you still can get an income with your phone. Keeping up with user trends and its inherent development, YouTube launched a short video feature with a maximum length of 60 seconds. So, can we earn money from Youtube shorts?

With just your phone, record your daily life, or whatever you like, you can earn up to $1000 from YouTube shorts.

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How Does YouTube Pay For Short Videos

YouTube Pays For Short Videos

People are used to making money from YouTube. Many people have given up office jobs and decided to become YouTubers with income dozens of times higher than the old salary. However, the development of YouTube changes constantly, and most recently, the introduction of YouTube shorts.

The duration of YouTube shorts is only about 60 seconds, even less, so many people worry that we can earn money from it. As a new branch, YouTube has created YouTube Shorts Fund with a budget of 100 million dollars to give to the best creators for the year 2021-2022.

Conditions to participate in this fund are also straightforward, and YouTube also expands opportunities for many countries worldwide. The amount you can get will be equivalent to the user’s likes and interactions.

You need to invest in video quality and unique creative content to do that. YouTube will evaluate and select each month, so please do not stop promoting your creativity.

In addition, you can also monetize this platform through several other features in the Partner Program, such as:

  • Revenue from advertising of the business
  • Convert from channel subscribers
  • Revenue from sales and brands associated with your channel
  • Cost of producing exclusive content from YouTube Premium

How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts?

This new feature allows users to create from anywhere and without specialized equipment. This becomes an excellent opportunity for you to make money.

However, not everyone can meet YouTube’s conditions to participate in the YouTube Shorts Fund. So today, we will show you the 2 best ways to monetize this feature.

Making money with YouTube Short Fund

Ads on YouTube shorts

To monetize ads on YouTube, you need to enable monetization and make sure you’re in the partner program. But you will not be able to make a lot of money from this short video source if you are not too famous for having high-view videos.

Let’s see how your account reach is!

  • Go to short term data
  • Find and tap the reach tab

In this section, you can see all the information about the traffic source and see the analysis and stats of the shorts. If you see that this row does not show the amount of money earned, don’t worry, and the actual amount will show up in the browse features and suggested videos row.

In fact, these short videos will not bring too much benefit to the account holder. These videos are just a stepping stone to get viewers to pay more attention to your channel. Most of the money you receive comes from traditional videos.

To upload short videos, select the correct video upload section and select upload short videos. The length of this video is only 60 seconds maximum, and you can ultimately add simple effects or text in the editing section of YouTube.

Making Money As An Influencer

Can we earn money from TikTok shorts

Influencers on YouTube Shorts

Maybe you have been doing YouTube for a long time, but you may not know that the watch time on YouTube shorts will not be counted in the overall watch time of the channel.

While watch time won’t count towards your overall watch time, it can measure your channel’s monetization. Specifically, many people have made money from affiliate links, and it works. However, this way of making money has a problem: you will not attach the monetization link in the description or comments.

You can apply another method to make money with this marketing method without worrying too much about broken links or low conversion rates. Specifically, you should deal with the brand at the price of 1 post and receive additional commissions if the post has good interaction.

This method is quite similar to how influencers make money on Tik Tok because affiliate marketing on this platform is viral. Even content contains sponsored products or advertising, but you can still attract more viewers’ attention and random ads if it is a good investment in content.

YouTube Short Fund

Everythings to know about YouTube Shorts Fund

Participation policy

The YouTube short video creator fund is open to everyone, but not everyone can participate. You need to show creativity and meet the following requirements to participate in the YouTube Shorts Fund community.

  • At least 1 relevant Short video required within 180 days of the review date
  • The videos, comments, descriptions of the channel need to comply with the community standards and YouTube policies.
  • Qualified videos must be official videos, without logos or watermarks of other social networking platforms such as Tik Tok, Facebook, or television stations,…
  • Channel owners need to be in the countries and regions where YouTube grants permission to join
  • Channel owners need to be 13 years old and need guardians’ approval to receive bonuses from YouTube.


  • If you have a successful short video and get a lot of views, that is the first success in making YouTube. This success will make YouTube recommend your other content to people who have seen your videos before. The videos that the YouTube algorithm suggests can be videos with ads, and it will help you earn more money.
  • So we’ll show you a few tips below to make it easier for you to monetize content creation.
  • Although this YouTube shorts fund is open to many countries, users cannot register there. So many creators with quality video content can also not participate and monetize this fund. However, there is a way for you to experience it even if your country is not in the range.
  • You need to buy a sim card from one of the countries/regions in the fund’s system and insert it into your phone. Even if the sim cannot work or make calls but contains the area code, you can still register to participate in YSF.
  • YouTube’s monetization system does not depend too much or has any specific requirements for new subscribers on the channel. So you need to focus on investing in videos that bring quality content to viewers. Usually, when your video content is good, it will also lead to many new subscribers.
  • Fund rewards are calculated and awarded monthly based on the channel’s performance in the previous month. So if you’re off to a bad start, don’t worry; keep trying and invest in the following videos. If you’re doing well and performing well, chances are you’ll see an email next month about a bonus for a short video.
  • To make the video more interesting, you can directly use the features of YouTube Shorts to edit the video. Although this feature is quite simple, it will be an effective and practical tool if you only have basic editing needs. You can automatically add captions, add videos right from your phone gallery, and even edit colors with basic filters that make your videos memorable.

A few other small notes

  • You can earn more or less from YouTube’s rewards for short video creators. It encourages you to make more exciting videos and develop the creative community.
  • However, YouTube transferring the bonus to you will not include tax liability. You will have to pay personal income tax to your local tax authority yourself. Many cases of not paying attention to this issue have been punished many times.

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YouTube Short is a newly developed feature of this social network, and it can be that it is still in the testing phase and attracts users. That’s why the creative fund was born, and this is an excellent opportunity for you to make money from YouTube.

Although currently, the countries that can apply for this fund are limited, it will soon grow and expand globally. Even now, you still have a way to make money from it without being in the available area. So get ready for unique content and great seeding campaigns to get more rewards from YouTube.

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