How to Optimize your YouTube Channel? (Part 1)


Are you looking to optimize your YouTube channel and want to learn how? Well, don’t worry! We’re here to give you some top tips and tricks to optimize your YouTube channel in 2021. 

This article elucidates how you can optimize your YouTube channel to increase your online visibility and channel credibility. Firstly, we walk you through optimizing your channel for YouTube SEO. This includes a brief introduction to keywords. 

Then the article highlights the following aspects of optimizing your channel: adding a channel name and profile picture, YouTube banners, and finally, adding the subscribe button and branding tools.

Optimizing your YouTube Channel 1: What is YouTube SEO?

So, the first step in the journey to optimize your YouTube channel is learning YouTube SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This entails using specific relevant keywords that accurately represent the content of your video. Moreover, you must also condense your information wisely to organize your videos based on topic and keywords.

YouTube SEO is perhaps the first step in optimizing your YouTube channel.


Keywords are integral in optimizing your YouTube channel for greater visibility. Every video or part of a video may have different keywords. The keywords must, as accurately as possible, represent the topic and contents of the video. Keywords help your videos discover audiences on YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Therefore, optimizing your YouTube channel for SEO using keywords is crucial for the excellent visibility of your channel.  

Optimizing your YouTube Channel 2

The second step concerns all the essential elements of YouTube videos that you should have ample knowledge of. These include:

  1. Channel Name
  2. Channel Profile Picture
  3. Youtube Banner for Channel Page
  4. Subscribe Button/Video Watermark
  5. Video Tags
  6. Video Descriptions
  7. Embedding Socials
  8. YouTube Hashtags
  9. Video Chapters
  10. YouTube End Cards

We outline all the elements of YouTube videos mentioned above, in this section of the article.

Adding the Channel Name and Profile Picture 

The first step in creating and optimizing your YouTube channel is choosing a suitable name for your channel. For this, you can go to the YouTube Creator Studio and go to the Customization bar to edit your channel name. Alternatively, you could also open the YouTube App on your smartphone and go to Your Channel. Then you can click on Edit Channel to edit your channel name. However, remember that you can only change your channel name thrice every 90 days. Therefore, be careful with your choices!

Remember to choose a channel name that accurately depicts your content niche to optimize your YouTube channel for greater clarity.

Furthermore, adding a profile picture is another essential step in optimizing your YouTube channel. Before you create an exciting profile picture with your logo, etc., using graphic designing, you could also add a picture of yourself as the profile picture temporarily to give your channel some shape. Later, you could get in touch with graphic designers to create a custom logo and profile picture for your channel. However, remember that your profile picture should be in the JPEG image format, and it should be around 4 MB or less in size.

Setting up a YouTube Banner

Moreover, another significant element to consider is the YouTube banner. The YouTube banner is the top image on your channel page. You can create an excellent banner image on, which is free software for graphic designing. Here you will find many free banner and banner templates for YouTube channels based on different niches. 

To set up a YouTube banner, you must go to the YouTube Creator Studio and the Customization tab. From the Customization tab, select Branding and then Banner Image. However, ensure that your banner image is 6 MB or less in size. In addition, when you are uploading the banner image to your channel page, you can also customize its size for various devices, i.e., for desktop, TV, and smartphones. Finally, remember to hit Publish in the top right corner of the page to save your changes. 

YouTube banners show up on your channel page and the top.

Adding the Subscribe Button and Branding Tools

Additionally, the video watermark is another excellent way to increase brand awareness for your channel. The video watermark is essentially the subscribe button that shows up in YouTube videos. Viewers need to click on the button to subscribe to the channel, even while watching the video in question. 

To set up the subscribe button or video watermark for the sake of branding and optimizing your YouTube channel, you must go to the YouTube Creator Studio and then go to Customization > Branding > Video Watermark. 

The subscribe button is one of the best tools to optimize one’s YouTube channel for ease of use and greater audience interactivity.

Moreover, when you are uploading a video watermark, you will see a command that says Display Time, with three options

  1. End of video
  2. Custom start time
  3. Entire video

These three options display where you want to add your video watermark in the video. Many YouTubers prefer adding the subscribe button throughout their entire video when optimizing their YouTube channels. Finally, do not forget to click Publish to save your changes. 

In Conclusion 

To sum it up, in this article, we highlighted how you could optimize your YouTube channel using various features on YouTube and the YouTube Creator Studio. Firstly, we elucidated YouTube SEO and the importance of keywords in optimizing your YouTube channel. Followed by this, the article outlined adding your channel name and profile picture. Then we covered YouTube banners and video watermarks and how you can set them up, respectively. 

The second part of this article series covers additional elements of YouTube channel optimization, including video tags, video descriptions, embedding your socials, hashtags, video chapters, end cards, and playlists. However, to learn more about how you could optimize your YouTube channel for greater visibility and channel growth, you can always get in touch with our YouTube experts at AudienceGain. 

For more information, please contact us via:

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