How to build a YouTube community?


Do you want to build a supportive YouTube community for yourself but don’t know how? Well, don’t worry; we’re here to teach you how to build a YouTube community.

This article highlights all the necessary steps for building a YouTube community. Firstly, we outline how you can find your specific audience. This entails using YouTube and Google ads to advertise your channel to the right people and at the correct times. These include affinity audiences, life events, in-market audiences, custom audiences, remarketing, and demographic targeting. Finally, we elucidate audience targeting on Google ads, including six different audience targeting options.

To build a strong YouTube community, you can always use Google Ads to promote your channel to relevant audiences.

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Building a YouTube Community 1: Finding your Audience

To build a YouTube community, one must first be aware of relevant audiences interested in viewing their videos or buying their products. Then, one can do essential audience targeting through your niche, video topics, hashtags, keywords, SEO, etc. However, to improve your community-building process, you could always advertise your channel via Google ads.

Building a YouTube community is not too difficult of a process. The first step in the process is to find your specific audience. This entails finding viewers who enjoy watching your videos because of their niche, content, subjects, and uniqueness.

How does audience Targeting work for Google Ads?

Google’s video ad campaigns are a fascinating tool to promote your channel and build your YouTube community. Audience targeting allows creators to build a community by targeting the right people at the correct times. There are many different marketing tools available on Google AdSense to do so. Audience targeting allows you to reach specific and niche viewers based on their hobbies, interests, biographic data, and viewing histories.

Audience Targeting Options

Firstly, there are several audience targeting options available to build a YouTube community through ads. We outline six of these here. In addition, you can find information on other audience targeting options here.

Affinity Audiences

Moreover, this marketing strategy allows creators to target individuals on YouTube and Google Video Partners who already have a strong interest in a topic. By using this option, creators can raise brand awareness for their channel and drive significant consideration.

Life Events

This exciting audience targeting option allows you to target people on YouTube and Gmail when brand behaviors and brand purchases change due to major life milestones. Such major life events could be moving away, getting married, or graduating.

This audience targeting option could target people going through a breakup if you market such products or content!

In-Market Audiences

Moreover, the in-market audiences targeting option enables creators to target individuals browsing products or product reviews. The catch is that you must be selling products and services similar to the ones these customers are researching.

Custom Audiences

Furthermore, you can target individuals later in the buying cycle when making a purchase decision based on their keyword searches on Google. This marketing tool is built with performance advertisers in mind.

Remarketing to build a YouTube Community

Additionally, this marketing tool enables creators to target audiences based on their past interactions with their content, Trueiew Ads, or YouTube channel. In addition, the same option is available for targeting individuals based on their past interactions with your website or mobile app.

Demographic Targeting for YouTube Community

Finally, the demographics audience targeting option enables you to target individuals based on a range of demographic factors such as:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Parental Status
  4. Household income
  5. educational status / students
  6. shared traits such as new parents or homeowners

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In a nutshell, building a YouTube community is easy if you use the right tools on YouTube, such as SEO, hashtags, and unique content. However, you can also advertise your channel to the right people at the correct times using audience targeting on Google ads.

Audience targeting on Google enables creators to choose from a wide range of audience targeting options. Here we have outline six of these, including affinity audiences, life events, in-market audiences, custom audiences, remarketing, and demographic targeting.

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