Tips for making money on YouTube ideas


How to make money on YouTube? In this post, we’re going to introduce to you some whenever you feel like nothing is left in your head to continue uploading more videos!

In fact, for those who do jobs related to creative ideas have experienced this kind of feeling: Deadlines are coming very close and your head is still empty, no idea at all. Yet, under the pressure of constantly posting videos on Youtube, your inspiration is completely gone.

Especially when you’re not allowed to make money from your videos yet, so you’re always in the urge to get 4000 watch hours. Besides, the weight of having to calculate for each video all the time drives you crazy.

So, what should you do to get rid of those troublesome feelings. Let’s dive into this article!

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Take a break, but not really!

First off, if you’re in this situation, the advice you get will usually be,”take a break from your mind for a while and come back to work later”. However, in reality, taking a break from the Youtube platform doesn’t help much.


Relax, but don’t rest completely

Stop working on your video-creating doesn’t mean that the ideas will immediately come out, besides, really resting only makes you more time consuming. When you return to your laptop, your mind is still like a blank sheet of paper.

As a result, our advice is: “Don’t rest, just relax. Take a deep breath first, leave your sit for a while, do some stretching or drink something then back to work right away. On the contrary, the more you should push your mind to work at full capacity. Creative ideas will be generated in the process you do.

Read and watch more – the best making money on Youtube idea

Creative ideas sometimes come from old things we don’t notice every day. So the best way to find inspiration is to read a good book. There are tons of books about making money on Youtube out there from successful experts that you many never know, so some simple research on Google then you will find the best book for your niche.


Reading and watching for more innovative ideas

Furthermore, you should keep yourself posted with the whole world to see what’s trendy online. Scroll through Facebook, Instagram or Youtube Shorts to find out the most interesting topics that’s gone viral.

On top of that, since your main money-making platform is Youtube, taking a look at other opponent’s channels also helps you with generating more fascinating ideas which you’ve never thought of.

But bear in mind that you have to turn what you’ve learned (from other channels) into your own unique and original artwork. You already acknowledged that how fast Youtube algorithm can detect content reuse, so don’t let your channel be suspended before you can make money from Youtube.

On the other hand, this method helps you to relieve stress, as well as improve your use of words or style to be more attractive. Who knows, you also come up with creative ideas for your projects.

The comment section is an “idea mine”

While you’re stuck with your train of thoughts, you should read the comments and reviews on the Youtube comment section about the issue you are interested in. Each of the subscriber’s statements, questions and feedback can help turn out creative ideas for your further videos.

Making Money on Youtube ideas

Comment section of subscribers

Furthermore, you can spot new things from the public’s perspective. Finding out the common problems in the public eyes and making a video about solving will hand you the key to your channel’s success.

For example, during this current situation of COVID-19 all over the world and you’re an certified nurse, create videos on categorizing medical masks to help people prevent this disease effectively.

Besides, you should communicate directly with people. Each individual in each position will have multi-dimensional opinions. This will help you discover areas that you have not thought of before.

Write down everything popping up

Taking notes is a common habit among the world’s most successful people. It can help you organize your thoughts and jot down important information in all areas of business and life.

Writing down unless you want to run out of ideas all the time

In terms of being a Youtube creator, jotting down is deadly essential since this is a creator full-time job.

Indeed, the creative stage of Youtube-creating-content process is not programmed repetitively like the way a factory manufactures products in chain. Ideas can’t be forced, they come naturally and suddenly, and in fact, the creators have no control over how ideas will generate from their head.

As a result, taking notes will make everything in your mind stop being hazy, as well as inspire you to act on the things you have written down. Also, you don’t need to carry a pen and a notebook all the time to do it, since the advanced technology has invented smartphones to serve many personal purposes.

Making money on Youtube ideas – How to successfully build a monetized channel?

Everyone creator around the world has a different type of channel and is using their skills and abilities to showcase to the Youtube ecosystem. If you are confused while choosing your channel niches from which you can make money on Youtube then we are here to help.

Vlogs – the old-but-gold making money on Youtube ideas

Well, vlogs can be too old-fashioned from time to time, but this type of content will never disappear. In fact, this kind-of-personal content is mostly focused by sub-channels of many huge Youtubers on the platform, as a way for them to widen their profits.

Vlogging can be easy, but it also can be very competitive

A high-quality intro will draw the viewer’s attention and this also affects how YouTube counts views. If you get viewers to watch the first 30 seconds, a view is counted. As a result, vlogging is the easiest to approach.

Vloggers can create content, show everything they want within the video form as long as the videos are engaging and compelling to the audiences.

Normally, it takes lots of money and effort to make vlogger videos that are attractive, unless you are already well-known and have a certain fan base.

On the other hand, after turning on the monetization mode on Youtube, you will receive a remuneration corresponding to the number of views and subscribers. In addition, famous vloggers are also invited to advertise and attend the events, as well as get paid for affiliate marketing that carries personal branding.

Reaction videos

Video reaction means a video recording someone’s reaction to someone else or anything else, such as a movie trailer, music video or any phenomenon in life. This type has a western origin, but initially Kpop lovers in these countries also created the first Reaction Videos and posted them on Youtube to “react: to their idol’s music videos.

Making Money on Youtube ideas

Kpop MV reaction videos

Through reaction videos, fans can freely express their personal feelings and opinions about the idol’s latest music products. And gradually they become a trend not only in the West but also spread to many other countries around the world.

Like video unboxing, reaction video is a more broad, popular choice and is very simple to produce. As long as you are somehow able to combine what you are watching with your response, the results will be great.

You can react to TV series, movies, TV shows, games, products like toys and so much more like this. Kids have toy review channels, and you may not believe it but those little kids 5-6 year olds make millions of dollars online through these YouTube channels.

Making Money on Youtube ideas

Brad Mondo – famous for his hairstyling fails reactions

So Brad Mondo is a celebrity hair stylist who goes viral on TikTok, however he usually creates videos on delivering hair education to the customer on Youtube. His breakthrough came from a reaction video where he reacts to at-home hairstyling fails. Currently, his main channel Brad Mondo has over 6,67 million subscribers.

Oddly satisfying slime videos

In the niche of non-existence content on Youtube before, videos, images with the hashtag “oddly satisfying slime” just suddenly popped up, bringing the users with the most weirdly overwhelmed feeling.

Making Money on Youtube ideas

“This image can radiate sounds”

To put it in short, slime is a toy that many people love, not only children but also adults. As a result, ASMR videos playing slime have also received a lot of attention on Youtube and creators can make lots of money from this, by just filming them kneading and stretching the slime, in order to generate the soothing and tingling sounds.

An essential aspect of satisfying video is the self-sensory meridian response (ASMR), often used to describe Youtube videos with extremely high sound quality. For example, a person whispers softly, knocks his/her fingernails on the mic or fiddling with the slime to make the generated-sounds so realistic that users feel like those sounds can touch their brains.

ASMR is a typical phenomenon that involves a tingling sensation that acts like an electrical charge to stimulate certain senses. This explains why the oddly satisfying slime video is so appealing, relaxing and pleasant to the audiences.

Making Money on Youtube ideas

Karina Garcia – the queen of oddly satisfying slime

Karina Garcia is known as a “SLIME queen” on Youtube. Her Youtube channel has more than 9,34 million subscribers and her videos have more than 900 million views. She mostly shows from SLIME, from edible snowflakes to floating balloons, and even bubbles.

The possibility of demonetization – possible risks while making money on Youtube

First off, which is also very familiar to every creator, is the Youtube Partner Program (YPP) and the mandatory requirements that come with it to make money on Youtube.

To earn Youtube advertising and sponsorship money, the first condition is that creators must have at least 1,000 subscribers on their personal Youtube channel. However, milestones like the 10,000 or 100,000 followers that Youtube set is considered very difficult to achieve.


Youtube Partner Program

Secondly, Youtube requires that a creator’s videos must be viewed by the audience for at least 4000 watch hours within 12 months.

Next, the content must be created originally by YouTubers themselves. If violated, Youtube will not allow creators to apply for advertisements.

Finally, Youtube’s profit sharing policy is considered quite “harsh” when creators have to return 45% of revenue to this video sharing platform (in general).

That being said, in the case where you have achieved all those thresholds above on your own, well, you just did a great job and congratulations on that! Now you must give Youtube 30 days (after submitting the application) to let its content-review team evaluate your channel.

On the flip side, after 30 days and you receive this: “Unfortunately, your channel wasn’t approved for monetization.” That means, there’s something wrong with your channel that Youtube found out, and as a consequence may lead to some drawbacks if the platform lets you make money on Youtube.

So to say, we have talked a lot about this, that maybe your content violates the terms of service, copyright infringement, inappropriate content for certain age groups, but actually there’s actually another party that Youtube indeed protects from the creator’s violations – the advertisers.


How to Create a YouTube Channel?

Bear in mind that Youtube makes the most of its revenue through the companies and brands it partners with. Since advertisers have chosen this playground as a place for them to promote products, brand stories or messages, Youtube will definitely make sure it is a rewarding virtual place, as well as “secure” for the brands.

To be more specific, the video is considered inappropriate for most brands, as well as the one which doesn’t meet the criteria for advertiser-friendly content, so the video is not eligible to participate in the advertising program. So it varies and mostly depends on your content.

For example, let’s choose “curse words” as an easy example. In Youtube’s advertiser-friendly guidelines, there is a section dedicated to vulgarity & vulgar behavior including 3 categories:

Lightweight profanity

(still qualifies for normal display ads)

Examples: shit, hell, damn, etc. or occasional use of vulgarity even when replaced with “beep”.


YouTube channel decreasing in views – possible risks while making money on Youtube

Serious profanity

(there are still display ads, but brands can choose not to advertise on those videos)

The vulgarity is used in the video’s introduction; or be used multiple times throughout the video even for comedy, documentary, news or educational purposes.

Profanity in metadata or severe repetitive behavior

(no display ads)

The vulgarity in the title or thumbnail can cause your video to be turned off for monetization right after, or if you seriously repeat profanity in a hateful, offensive, or even racist way.

You should also know that Youtube may review and not recommend videos that contain profanity, which will decrease your potential views and subscribers.

How does Youtube count views? Well, when a user clicks on a video to watch, one view is counted if he/she watches the video for at least 30 seconds. If he/she watches under this threshold, the click will only be counted as “viewed”, not as a view.

Copyright infringement – the most risky to make money on Youtube

We’ve also discussed this, and this is the “deadly” mistake if you make money on Youtube by re-uploading, for example film reviews, vocal cover and dance choreography, music video reaction and so on.

Basically there are two types of copyright infringements that you need to take a note:

Sound copyright

In terms of audio piracy, if the video contains a registered music track, the video will not be posted immediately.

Image copyright

If videos of a Youtube account uses an unauthorized protected image, the videos and channel can be removed by Youtube. It should be noted that Youtube has a system of image analysis which is detailed to each frame, so it is difficult to surpass.

In order for the Youtube channel to not be locked, the re-uploading channel’s owner has only one way to join a Network to ensure the content using music or copyrighted images (i.e. they may have permission from the copyright owner). Revenue earned from views and subscribers will still be divided by% depending on the channel and video.

In case you’re not in any Network, which means you’re still trying to get 4000 watch hours to take part in YPP, you should also remember that when you are using third-party content in your video, obtain written permission or license from the copyright holder before using (this is quite difficult to do).


How to get 4000 watch hours?

Furthermore, if your channel is removed from the (YPP) due to content reuse, you can re-apply after 30 days. Make sure to remove all duplicates from your channel before submitting the application, which will increase your chances of being accepted again.

How to generate money via your YouTube channel?

Using Google AdSense to promote your YouTube Channel

You can promote your channel through video ads on Google AdSense.

Well, the first thing you could do to generate money via your YouTube channel is to build your channel. You can do this very quickly through audience targeting on Google AdSense. Google AdSense enables creators to market their channels to viewers using various marketing strategies, tools, ad formats, and various ad placements.

Affiliate Marketing

Moreover, one can also generate money on their YouTube channel by becoming a market affiliate. Affiliate marketing entails product or services reviews. This means creating videos that convince users to buy recommended products through affiliate links. Creators can place the affiliate links in the videos themselves via annotations or in the video descriptions.

In addition, we have outlined the primary steps to becoming a market affiliate as follows:

  1. Select a niche and audience.
  2. Choose an affiliate program.
  3. Set up your YouTube channel.
  4. Add your affiliate links to your videos.
  5. Get feedback from affiliates on performance.
  6. Collect your commission.

Using the Merch Shelf to generate money through your YouTube Channel

Furthermore, another great way to generate money via your YouTube channel is to sell your products or services via YouTube’s merch shelf. However, to use the merch shelf, you should be eligible for monetization on YouTube. The shelf appears on the video page of eligible channels that have turned the option on. However, the merch shelf is only available in the following countries:

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The merch shelf is a great tool to earn money via your YouTube channel by selling your branded merchandise.

You can read more about getting started with the merch shelf to generate money through your YouTube channel here. We also recommend that you organize your merch shelf, which you can read about here.

Channel Memberships and Subscriptions

Moreover, one can also generate money on their YouTube channel by promoting channel subscriptions and memberships. One can create various membership programs with up to five different membership levels. These programs will then be priced differently based on the features available to subscribers. However, your membership programs must follow specific guidelines that you can find details on here. Additionally, remember that the highest membership can cost no more than $9.99.

Super Chat and Super Stickers

These two options enable creators to generate money via their YouTube channel by monetizing the chats on their videos. Super chat allows viewers to purchase chat messages that stand out in a live chat. Moreover, Super Stickers enable your top fans to cheer you on and show you their support. This is very similar to Cheers on Twitch.

Super Stickers come in different formats and fabulous designs!

Using YouTube Premium to generate money via your YouTube Channel

Additionally, one can generate money through their YouTube channel by revenue from YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium is an elite YouTube membership that costs $11.99. It comes with various features such as ad-free videos, downloading videos, and watching them without the internet.

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