Invoice notification and order confirmation will be emailed to you after the payment is completed.

The processing time of your order depends on the payment method you have chosen. Usually no more than 30 minutes for online payment during opening hours, maximum 24 hours (* Note: Our working hours: 8:00 – 23:00 GMT + 7) (except for special cases, we will send to your email).

The exchange of ideas will be carried out by buyer and seller via Email. After the idea has been established, we will specifically announce the completion time for the demo of the Website. During the demo for the website,
You can contact us if you want to add ideas to the project (Note: Changing your idea will affect the completion time of the project. Therefore, every time there is a change in the idea, we will resend a confirmation email on completion time.

Website will be handed over after the buyer checks and is satisfied with the demo (Note: After handing over the Website, all problems related to Website editing will be supported in the form of a fee.)

Paypal payment method: Very simple and safe for buyers. Moreover, the buyer’s payment will be protected if we do not deliver the goods as promised.
Manual Payment Method: User must fill out the “Order Note” field with the selected Payment Method information. For example: Bank Name, Account Holder, Transfer Time.

If you have any problems with us, please feel free to contact us!

Rules and forms of payment

For AudienceGain contracts we will take 50% of the contract value in advance to do the project implementation costs. After the end of the project, we will take 50% of the remaining amount of the customer as specified in the contract.

All revenues from AudienceGain have a complete receipt that creates trust with customers.

For additional services outside the contract we will discuss with you and will pay only 1 time after the project has been completed.

Warranty/maintenance policy
All products of AudienceGain company make are warranted for 12 months from the date of project handover. We only guarantee the cases of errors arising from our side such as code errors, unrelated errors we will give solutions to customers.

About web design services we provide customers 1 year of free hosting, so during the first year of use, if there is a problem related to the hosting service provided by us, we will fix it. for you. After the one year period expires, if you do not want to use our hosting service, we are not responsible for any errors related to external hosting services.

The warranty period is 24 hours at the latest since receiving information from you, excluding holidays. All information we contact via email, or online chat tools.