Purchasing Youtube Views – unfold the secrets to make money on Youtube


We have talked a lot about the one major advantage of purchasing Youtube views – the social credit. In other words, many creators have looked for this service to increase their video’s views, as a result broaden their channel’s reputation.

Nevertheless, that’s not the only factor that creators care about. While the Youtube algorithm takes views into consideration when ranking videos on the search engine (also based on certain keywords), buying views can help with the video recommendations.

On top of that, while a video’s title and thumbnail only provides a preliminary glimpse of a video’s content, its high number of views will increase the likelihood of users clicking on it.

And it’s extremely important for new creators – high number of views also partly mean increasing the watch hours needed for them to take part in Youtube Partner Program.

Thus, due to all the promising elements to monetize this platform, no wonder why the market of exchanging views is so active and vibrant.

The main purposes of purchasing Youtube views


The little-known truth about purchasing Youtube views

First of all, you need to dig deep into how purchasing Youtube views works. Basically, you already know some fundamental and basic tips to increase views and subscribers:

  • Invest effectively in the quality of content (both of its core and by finance)
  • Design eye-catching thumbnails
  • Content-and-key-word-related title and description
  • SEO
  • Embedded your Youtube videos to your website (if available)
  • Video advertising on other social platforms.

So to a certain extent, your major responsibilities are around the very first 4 or 5 bullet points above. As a result, in order to increase the views and subscribers you want, you can for the final one by yourself. But if it’s not effective, “view providers” will tackle this issue for you.

A smooth head start

In fact, you don’t need to start with zero views and subscribers. Strategic Youtubers will always be aware of the disadvantages of having no audience interested in what they do.
On the other hand, a channel which already has a certain number of subscribers, and the views are spread out evenly on its videos will draw more attention from the targeted audiences.

A promising outcome


The optimal following results

Well, buying Youtube views can be seen as a worth-trying investment that can enhance the public visibility of your Youtube channel. Your videos become viral and trustworthy, thus more people will watch them, and even click like and leave comments. When people do not have trust issues, they will take your effort very seriously.

Plus with other services

“Views providers” do not just sell views service for the customers. There are also other packages that can well-serve the audiences: A full package of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, buy monetized Youtube channel and so on.

Furthermore, when you look for trustful companies, they will also provide you with best techniques on how to elaborate your contents, as well as SEO your videos for a higher chance of being recommended.

The merits of purchasing Youtube views

All in all, here are the main purposes of buying views for Youtube channel:

  • Immediately draw a huge amount of traffic to your channel.
  • The quicker Youtube will rank your videos on top of the search engine.
  • Can be seen as a reasonable method to earn social proof.
  • The number of views can increase very sharply at the very beginning.
  • Enhance your channel’s success and further growth.
  • Last but not least, purchasing views is already a trend.

Understand “purchasing Youtube views” function

In fact, the views you get based hugely on the provider and the company you select on the market. To be more detailed, common methods can be mentioned are:


Youtube automatic tools for increasing views

  • Share on social media and websites
  • VPS – Virtual Private Servers – just like a normal computer which is installed on the Windows operating system. It can operate 24/24 to watch your videos, and be controlled remotely for many purposes different.
  • Click Farms: thousands of low-paid employees view your videos.
  • Mytube Bot: MyTube Bot is a type of tool created to increase YouTube views quickly. It is coded to bypass Youtube’s view censorship system easily.
  • Video advertising right on the Youtube platform.

Now comes the important part that you should pay attention to. Of all the above forms, only the safest and the most legal is doing Youtube video advertising.


Youtube Video Advertising

Let’s say you own a brand. If you consider the content you create as tangible product samples, so in order to bring it to potential customers, you will obviously have to pay a certain cost to an agency (the marketers) and they will launch an advertising campaign to  promote goods to the customers.

On the same token, to advertise by running ads on Facebook or Instagram, you also have to spend a certain amount of money as well

In this situation, the creator will have to pay the view distributors. Consequently, they will do their tasks –  and promote the creator’s video on Youtube. It’s just (somehow) simply as that.

To be more detailed, these days, when people increasingly love using images and videos for entertainment, Youtube video advertising has become an effective means of promoting.


Types of advertising format on Youtube

Youtube ads currently include pre-roll ads, in-stream video ads, and ads at the top of search results. Each way of advertising will have its own characteristics and will bring certain benefits to the project you are working on.

There are a number of Youtube ads that customers can ignore without tracking. In addition, there is a type of advertisement that requires customers to watch it all to continue tracking their clip, called a bumper ad.

When using this way to promote your video, make sure that the video you make is attractive enough, otherwise the customer will be upset and report to Youtube, affecting the cost of advertising.

As a consequence, by this way, you will increase views for your video quickly and save much time. In return, you will lose fees to pay for running these ads. Therefore, there are many packages with different prices to choose from the view providers, find the one that works best for you.

To know more about how video advertising works, head over this. 

Deeper insights on purchasing views on Youtube

The price range

As purchasing Youtube views varies widely based on the techniques or methods used to get those views – prices can vary widely as well. Normally, the view providers will sell a service with at least 1000 views.

So to say, we would like to present you with the price range of view service from AudienceGain right here:

  • +1000 High-retention views: $29
  • +2000 High-retention views: $58
  • +3000 High-retention views: $89
  • +5000 High-retention views: $129
  • +10000 High-retention views: $199
  • +25000 High-retention views: $299

Make sure you consider the effectiveness. It’s better if you buy views at the beginning of the channel development, later on the channel has a certain number of subscribers, they will automatically watch your content, then no need to buy.

The possibility of channel being reported or suspended

Channel’s report and suspension

There is no problem if you’re affordable to what you wish for. Also, some creators suspect that purchasing Youtube views can leave a negative effect on their channel, but that’s not going to happen in any possible occurrences.

However, in case you accidentally encounter some fraudsters on the selling-purchasing-views market, be careful. They may use some automatic tools to increase views, and Youtube’s algorithm is very good at its job, which detects these fake and illegal views. As a result, your channel can not be monetized and removed from this video website.

For further details, the platform once claimed that: “purchasing views is prohibited on their policy center page. If YouTube finds fraudulent use on its website it has the authority to remove videos.”

Let’s talk about the “crazily boosting views” culture in the K-pop fan community. To put it simply, it is the act of a fan base watching their idol’s music videos over and over to increase views. Certainly, in this technology age, no one has enough time to watch a music video by that outdated method.


10 millions views decreased of BTS – Boy with luv

Instead, the fans have countless tricks to increase the view quickly, and somehow still not break the laws. On social networks, it is not difficult to find instructions on how to accelerate video views for idols, like using tools, deleting browser cookies after watching, as well as paying for the VPS service.

And those actions have led to unexpected consequences, that YouTube just removed the views they deemed invalid from the system.

Moreover, the fraudulent views not only affect your Youtube career, but also the mutual relationship between Youtube and advertising companies.

Indeed, YouTube’s popularity has continued to rise over the past five years, providing an ideal environment for YouTube and recognized advertising businesses.

Brands pay a huge amount of money for them to promote their products on YouTube platforms. If these ads are served on instant-sensation videos increase in views, their ads will lose value.

So, the statement again emphasizes that the only illegal way to increase the views is through Youtube videos advertising.

A note on video recommendations


Youtube video recommendation

Well, making money on this so promising video platform is indeed not a piece of cake. When you’re done purchasing any view service, remember that the views you bought do not directly generate money.

Youtube and Google are very quick-witted in the money deal with you – the creators. As a result, the increase in views (which are from the buying service) only enhance the chance of video recommendations, therefore the audience can click on them to watch. Consequently, you only monetize from those organic views.

And nothing is absolutely “direct” when it comes to making money on Youtube.

Are you considering purchasing videos for your Youtube channel?

To conclude, take a look at our service to find out the best and optimal strategy for the growth of your channel.

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