The Pros and Cons of buying Youtube watch time


There are millions of creators out there making money on Youtube from their videos. Among them are many who have become famous and make thousands of dollars every month, others are still struggling to join the Youtube Partner Program (YPP) to monetize. It is also due to this factor that the services of buying Youtube watch time started to appear with a large frequency.

Looking to get started and you don’t fully understand watch time yet? Take a look at this post.


Pros and Cons of buying Youtube watch time

In fact, there are many ways for creators to increase watch hours by themselves and increase channel visibility on Youtube’s search bar. In order for the promotion strategy to be more effective, finding suppliers for advice on channel development strategy is a smart step. But nothing is completely black and white and the fact that the creator doesn’t get the necessary views on his/her own will certainly have flaws. 

So is buying watch hours a good idea and should creators continue to use these services?

The pressure of being a Youtuber

It’s approachable to be a Youtuber, while anyone can upload videos actively on Youtube for free. If you love to cook, you can create a culinary Youtube channel. If you have a gaming enthusiast, you can post some battle moments on your channel. If you like to travel, you can produce travel videos all over the country and abroad.

However, when it comes to a solid, steady creator, building a creative career on a social platform, market his/herself to target a number of potential audiences by sophisticated videos with a concrete message portrayed through superb and meticulous footage, that’s another story. 

The-pressure-4000-watch hours

4000 watch hours is a big obstacle for creators to get through

Only by producing high-standard videos do creators have a higher chance of “surviving” on this battlefield. Besides, quality videos are also an important factor for them to achieve 4000 watch hours and participate in YPP (the better the video, the retention rate increases).

And again, 4,000 hours of watch time in a year is hard to achieve while Youtube has been so much saturated in recent years.

And that’s why you may need these tips to increase watch time.

Another difficulty that needs to be addressed is Youtube’s bias toward video volume. The platform needs more data to be able to distribute advertisements, which are its bread and butter.


Quality or Quantity? Which one is more important?

As a result, YouTube’s algorithm generally prefers channels with steady uploads regardless of quality. This encourages an explosion of videos with poor content, the more popular and profitable they are to be posted.

Creators become confused between two choices: making videos with quality content will take a lot of time to prepare for scripts, props, edit movies… or publish large numbers of uninvested videos. If you don’t guarantee the number of videos, it is very likely that Youtube will turn off the channel’s monetization. 

The pros of buying Youtube watch time

Many creators turn to suppliers for Youtube watch time not only for the purpose of buying and selling but also because they need YouTube channel development tactics.

No more pressure of valid time to join YPP


Participate in YPP to make money

Instead of continuously producing content with no revenue for a year, owning the necessary watch time you want in just a few days is the biggest and most attractive advantage of this service.

Content or ideas that you have in the early stages of your channel can now be used directly for monetized videos after being approved by YPP. The amount you earn is even very small, but at least you have reaped the results and are motivated by them to keep going.

Leverage for recognition on Youtube

We are so judgmental, just admit it! Even you can hardly click to watch a video with only a few dozen views on a Youtube channel that has less than 100 subscribers.

Regardless of the quality of the video’s content, viewers will have a completely different view of a channel of at least a few thousand subscribers, with a steady video-uploading frequency and a stable increase in views.

Furthermore, there is one important thing that we cannot fail to mention. The number of watch hours and views you buy from suppliers actually does not directly generate revenue and gain visibility from the community. However, they trigger the Youtube algorithm to notice your channel. 

Based on those available views, this platform will recommend your video to audiences interested in your topic. Now that continuous recognition begins, video ranking on search engines increases,  engagement increases as watch hours and views increase, and this cycle repeats itself.

Moreover, finding a reputable provider will help your channel development much more optimally. They will find ways to run ads to boost your video’s views to the right audience to increase retention rate.

The ranking improvement will also help the video increase its reach to many communities on Youtube. The fact that more people watch your videos can make a huge impression, that you have proved that you’re certified in a certain field and you want to bring great value to users. 

More advice for further development

There is no universal formula for long-term growth, but if you learn from pioneering creators or seek help from experts, creating video promotion campaigns and content development will be less complicated and faster. 


Optimal advice for further growth

Views and watch time providers not only simply give you the numbers and receive money from you, they will also give you wholeheartedly support for channel development after you have joined YPP, such as how to design an attractive thumbnail, Youtube SEO or any other technical glitch.

The cons of buying Youtube watch time

All the bad consequences of buying Youtube watch time come from dealing with untrustworthy suppliers.

“Speed-of-light” increase in views and watch time

There is no faster and more effective method of increasing engagement metrics than running ads. Besides, this method will take a few days to complete, so don’t count on any offers to get you the necessary views and watch hours in less than 24 hours.

Based on your information, requirements and quantity, reputable providers will set up ads plans in the most optimal time period, giving you results that are worth your wait.

Getting flagged or suspended


Getting flagged from inactive users

Youtube’s terms of service do not allow any view-increasing tactics using automated software, such as the Youtube bot and proxies.

The most obvious sign of buying views that Youtube will quickly detect is the number of interactions from likes and comments is very little compared to the number of views and subscribers. This proves that what your purchase comes from non-existent viewers of inactive accounts. 

Your video is more likely to be flagged, warned, or even worse, the channel will be permanently removed from YouTube if the platform detects the fraud.


To put it simply, spam is a form of annoyance to others, constantly repeating a certain action, but it is worthless and not helpful. Therefore, if an individual or organization is continuously spamming on any video, Youtube will remove it. 


Get rid of spam on Youtube

Here are 3 main forms of spam, listed on the top of Youtube. It’s video spam, comment spam, or fake traffic spam. In the form of video spam, users have violated posting a large number of worthless videos, boring content on Youtube.

Meanwhile, as for comment spam, it is the user who violates the principle of posting repeated comments, or a user whose purpose is to entice viewers to leave the Youtube page and join another site, that content will be listed as spam error.

Likewise, traffic spam is the use of tricks by individual users/organizations to increase views, likes, and comments. Or use some automated systems to circumvent the rules. In general, all such actions will be removed by Youtube.

Our verdict: Should you buy Youtube watch time?

Before making any purchasing decisions with any supplier, consider the information we have covered above so that you can make a reasonable choice.

There is another issue we would like to talk about, which is the cost. In general, the cost of running ads for a promotional campaign will be relatively expensive, but not unaffordable.

Depending on the quantity, the price will be different, moreover in one case, you will need a number of watch hours for a certain period of time to get the best results. 

On top of that, try to get help from reputable suppliers. Sign up for AudienceGain to let us know if you have any question of buying watch hours by leaving a comment right below. 

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