Should you buy YouTube watch time in 2021? 


Are you wondering whether you should buy YouTube watch time and subscribers? Or do you want to know how buying YouTube watch time affects your channel? If so, we’re here to answer all your questions about buying watch time and subscribers for your channel. 

This article outlines all that you need to know to buy YouTube watch time and subscribers. It also highlights how you can buy watch time or subscribers. The article also compares whether buying watch time or subscribers would be better to monetize your YouTube channel.


Buying watch time on YouTube can get you easily eligible for monetization in no time!

How would buying YouTube watch time and subscribers affect my channel’s credibility?

One concern that most people have is about the effects of buying YouTube watch time on channel credibility. Buying watch time and subscribers on YouTube increases the credibility and visibility of your YouTube channel. This allows you to effectively and quickly monetize your channel. Five advantages of buying YouTube watch time or subscribers are given below. 

Monetization eligibility

The first advantage of buying watch time or subscribers is that your channel could become eligible for monetization. You require at least 4000 hours of watch time on your videos in the last year and 1000 subscribers to become eligible for monetization on YouTube in 2021



Buying YouTube watch time or subscribers greatly increases your monetization eligibility which entails having at least 1000 subscribers or 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

Monetization on YouTube includes in-stream ads, sponsored content, branded merchandise, crowdfunding, and much more! Therefore, becoming eligible for monetization opens up many avenues for earning through your YouTube channel. 

Increase in views on later videos 

Another key advantage of buying YouTube watch time is that it increases your channel’s overall user engagement. This leads to more views, comments, likes, and thumbs-ups on your videos.

With more excellent YouTube watch time and subscribers, your channel is more credible and more visible to users on the search engine. Credible channels bag a high following growth. 

Top YouTube search results 

Buying watch time and subscribers increase your channel’s overall credibility. Therefore, your videos would be more visible on YouTube’s search results. This means that your content would show up amongst the top searches when people search for relevant keywords on the search engine. 

This is the secret behind almost every famous YouTuber’s success story because the top results receive the most views, likes, comments, thumbs-ups, and shares on other social media platforms and third-party sites.

SEO optimization 

Furthermore, another benefit of buying YouTube subscribers or watch time is that in addition to showing up in the top search results on YouTube, your content would also show up in other search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 


SEO optimization can help you go a long way with respect to greater visibility on not just YouTube but also Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

However, your content must also be optimized for SEO with relevant keywords for this to happen. 

Increased credibility for in-stream ads, sponsors, merchandise, and crowdfunding

Buying watch time or subscribers on YouTube also increases your channel’s credibility for potential advertisement companies, sponsors, your specific audience, and third-party entities. 

#In-stream ads

With greater credibility and visibility resulting from increased watch hours, advertisers would be more likely to contact you.


Moreover, sponsors usually trust credible YouTube channels with many subscribers and watch hours to market their products or services. YouTube does not take a cut from the money you may make from sponsored content compared to in-stream ads. Therefore, this is the best way to monetize your YouTube channel. However, it requires credibility with a large following and thousands of watch hours. 

#Branded Merchandise

With a credible channel, you may also be able to sell your own branded merchandise. This is also a great way to monetize your YouTube channel because YouTube also does not take a cut for merchandise you may sell via your YouTube channel!


Finally, with a credible channel, your audience is more likely to trust you and not only buy from you, but they may also be willing to invest in your projects! Crowdfunding from YouTube subscribers and fans is one of the newest and most popular ways to monetize on YouTube these days. 

Is it better to buy YouTube watch time or subscribers?

Most YouTubers would argue that buying watch time is a better idea. You may have seen many channels with way more watch hours than subscribers for that amount of watch time. Many channels go viral which increases their overall watch time, but their following growth does not change significantly. 

However, this may not work too well for you if your watch hours are relatively high compared to the number of subscribers. The number of subscribers is equally significant for sponsors, partners, and audiences buying your merchandise in terms of your channel’s credibility. Therefore, we would advise buying subscribers if you are already eligible for monetization on YouTube. 

However, buying subscribers without watch hours rarely ever makes sense. This is because watch hours are still challenging to get if you do not have many videos going viral frequently. That is why here at AudienceGain, you can buy 1000 subscribers along with 4000 watch hours for a very reasonable price of only $289! On the other hand, subscribers could follow once you are credible enough with many watch hours like the channels that have viral videos.

In Conclusion 

Conclusively, you should buy YouTube watch time or subscribers if you wish to become eligible for monetization. Greater credibility also leads to greater visibility on YouTube, which increases your views, likes, comments, and thumbs up/thumbs down ratio on content posted later. 

However, if you may have any other questions on buying watch time or subscribers on YouTube, you can sign up for our expert opinions at AudienceGain. 

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