Reveal Secrets To Reaching 4000 Watch Hours And 1000 Subscribers On YouTube


4000 Watch Hours And 1000 Subscribers nowadays are impossible? No, it’s an unbelievable fact that you should trust after reading this article.

According to the study, there are more than 1.3 billion active people on YouTube. This proves the enormous power of YouTube and the profitability of YouTubers. You can attract viewers if your video goes viral.

To achieve 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers nowadays, you need to understand the tricks to quickly promote your video.

Buying YouTube views will shorten the time, but videos are only known many times and only if they are invested effectively in both listening and viewing. Here are some tips and tricks you should know to help achieve 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours nowadays!

Tips to reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers nowadays

Through Avatar photos and covers unique, strange, and quality


Reach 4000 watch hours through changing thumbnail avatars

The process of increasing 1,000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours nowadays will not be too difficult if you know how to stimulate the curiosity of YouTube viewers.

The fastest way to stimulate YouTube viewers is through Avatar and covers. You can use Canvas or Photoshop software to edit the image so that the image is of high HD quality and ensures a visual stimulus in it.

Usually, the basic size used as an avatar for a YouTube channel is 2560×1440 pixels. An avatar or cover photo faithfully reflects your perspective and describes a certain part of the content that the video wants to target.

Most viewers look at the image first and then at the title to click on it. Therefore, will the god of luck be on your side or not depends on whether you dare to molt and wear a new shirt as a unique avatar for your channel?

Post new content on a regular schedule can speed up the 4000 watch hours

Posting new videos regularly will confirm your seriousness when it comes to channel creation and development.

Seeing that video quality is getting better, viewers will have a certain amount of follow-up and interaction with the channel. From there, you not only retain long-term viewers but also reach other potential customers.

Posting new content regularly is one of the fundamental steps in helping your channel reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

The reputation of YouTube is not small. Because YouTube is currently the second most ranked search platform in the world.

This means that as long as you are persistent and smart enough to create innovative products, the customers coming to your channel will never be lacking.

Besides, you can share new videos through social networks so that your channel is not only known domestically but also popular abroad.

Through social networks like Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, you can find potential customers. Regular and regular video posting strategy helps you to be motivated to produce quality video while effectively controlling the promotion quality.

YouTube viewers will be curious if your next video has something to be interesting instead of waiting in exhaustion. You should never have the illusion of posting a video and waiting to increase your YouTube views.

Instead, you can create a lot of videos and accept the fact that people often turn to quality stuff a second time after experiencing the thrill of the first time!

Increase the 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers from the website or blog

Pulling views for your YouTube channel from other websites or blogs is often quite effective, especially in case the video solves many problems that customers are facing.

You can both increase engagement on your website or blog while ensuring 100% engagement on YouTube.

But the important condition is that you have to increase the sub from a website or blog that has quality content and is attractive enough to the audience. It is very normal to get thousands of views from Google.

Once your website content is good and engaging enough, ranking high on the search engine bar is easy.

Optimize the description of the YouTube channel


Optimize the description of the YouTube channel

One of the ways to help your YouTube channel quickly reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers nowadays is to become professional and genuine in the eyes of viewers.

To increase search visibility for your video, you need to provide information about individuals, teams, or businesses. It is a way of connecting and indirectly communicating with viewers.

Once viewers trust your YouTube channel, they will subconsciously click on your video to support it. The skilled YouTubers often cleverly combine the description of the YouTube channel with SEO keywords.

For example, you can see professional YouTube channels with monetization turned on, often incorporating self-introductions in the description like “Email address/phone number to contact cooperation… “, specify website address, fan page, group, …

Basic information does not seem to do anything to your audience to visualize your goals and the content you want to reflect.

In addition to optimizing the description, you can share your video on foreign social networking sites like Reddit, Tumblr, Linkedln, Facebook, Twitter, … instead of sharing in a private group with only a few thousand members.

Besides, you can call users to subscribe and like the video as delicately as integrating it into the video or video description.

This approach brings maximum value and the best effect. At the same time, you can add links to other videos to spread views for all videos posted on the channel.

Hide channel subscribers

If you are a newcomer to a YouTuber then one of the most sincere advice for you is to hide channel subscribers.

Because their viewers often have a very strange mentality that only press the subscribe button when many people have registered before. So if you only have a few subscriptions then it’s best to hide it.

Temporarily hiding channel subscribers not only creates a mystery for the channel but also makes viewers unable to guess whether your channel is bland or good in terms of quality.

From there, it’s not too difficult to get viewers to engage to reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours nowadays.

There are a lot of websites that exchange views today such as Vagex, View2be, YTMonster, GrowView, Viewstubers, and Utubehits. But the above sites have many unknown risks if discovered by YouTube’s algorithm.

So there is another option for you. You can choose service packages from AudienceGain to increase your real view and high quality. YouTube views from AudienceGain are rated better than regular views.

AudienceGain’s review for 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers for monetization


AudienceGain rating

AudienceGain has two services that help increase YouTube watch time:

  • High-Retention Views
  • Fast-Views

Service “High-Retention” gives you an average viewing time of 20 to 25 minutes/view so it would be good at working on the videos’ duration over 5-30 minutes in length. And the service “Fast Views” provides your videos with an average viewing duration of 30 to 180 seconds/view so it should be suitable with videos < 3 minutes in length.

The “Package Targeted Country Views” service provided by AudienceGain allows buyers to see which country views come from.

Also, the customer care support service from AudienceGain is extremely professional and enthusiastic.

You just need to ask questions or adjust your own needs to easily get answers or editing advice from YouTube SEO experts. AudienceGain’s service packages are 100% compliant with the YouTube policy.

Reasons you should consider buying “High Retention View” to gain 4000 watch hours

The good and sustainable value that “High Retention View” offers to buyers is undeniable.

When you use AudienceGain’s “High Retention View” package, you can improve SEO based on Social Media platforms such as Google, YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, …

The “High Retention View” package helps you to quickly and sustainably improve your reputation and personal branding.

Besides, this service pack is aimed at specific audiences, not advertising to different audiences purposefully.

Also, AudienceGain can give your channel many opportunities to gain popularity thanks to the increased average viewing time.

Buying views is a strategy that brings practical and specific results if you know how to choose the right service package for your needs.

It can be said that “High Retention View” is a service package for business people who want to impress their business partners and new YouTubers to promote quality instead of time to increase YouTube watch time.

You require high-quality views and high retention rates to affect your YouTube rankings well.

Reasons you should consider buying the “Fast-Views” package

The “Fast-Views” package of AudienceGain is exactly what its name implies. You have high and fast views in a short time but it’s only suitable for short videos < 3 minutes.

This allows you to quickly reach the YouTube monetization enabled standard that includes 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers within 12 months. If you are in a rush to increase real sub and views, you should choose the “Fast-Views” package.

You can check the quality of your view through YouTube Analytics. First, go to “YouTube Studio”, then click on “Analytic” and select “Audience Retention”.

You can see, through the dashboard, view metrics including the geography of the audience and the video average view time.

Through the above digital villages, you decide to adjust your advertising strategy and discuss it with AudienceGain for the best results.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is using AudienceGain potentially risky to lock out your channel?

Answer: The answer is no. AudienceGain does not create fake views like using bots or proxies. Therefore, AudienceGain completely complies with YouTube’s rules 100%.

AudienceGain’s services ensure strict safety when testing and adjusting to the needs of customers before the Promotion Campaign is conducted.

Q2: Does AudienceGain have a refund policy?

Answer: One of the factors that make many YouTubers trust AudienceGain is its reputable refund policy.

You will be refunded if the order cannot be completed or the product delivered to you is not the same as the product description previously.

You can make recommendations and raise questions through the customer care support side. From there, wait for AudienceGain to discuss and review.

Once you determine that the wrong is with the supplier, you will get a 100% refund.

Q3: Is the “Fast-Views” package better than the “High-Retention Views” package?

Answer: The “Fast-Views” package gives you an average viewing time of 30 to 180 seconds/view. Meanwhile, the package “High-Retention” provides an average viewing time from 20 to 25 minutes/view.

In terms of quality, the view of the “High-Retention View” package is of higher quality and more standard.

It’s great for businesses that want to impress their partners. In terms of speed, the “Fast-Views” package has a higher speed than the “High-Retention View” package.

The “Fast-View” package is suitable for YouTubers who are rushing to reach the standard of turning on YouTube’s monetization mode in a short time.

Final thoughts

Currently, there are many ways to 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, directly or indirectly. Regardless of the method, however, you need to be clear about the potential risk they pose.

Also, keep in mind that if you keep your views low, your video will be flagged as a violation. Your video will even decrease your toolbar’s exposure even if it contains trending and relevant keywords.

Because of these difficulties, it is not too difficult to understand that many YouTubers all choose AudienceGain as the final stop for the destination to increase 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours nowadays.

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:
Hotline/WhatsApp: (+84)70 444 6666

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