How To Get 1K Subscribers On YouTube (Free, Faster)


Content creators often aim for the milestone of reaching 1k subscribers on YouTube, unlocking monetization and increased visibility. In this article, Mid-Man explores proven strategies to achieve this goal without resorting to buy YouTube watch time hours or breaking the bank.

how to get 1k subscribers on youtube

1. Stick to the guiding theme

Concentrate on the topic that makes your channel unique. If you maintain a channel with a single type of content, YouTube will know precisely whom to suggest your videos to. Viewers will clearly understand your channel’s focus if they know you will post specific material. Additionally, if people enjoy your content and are certain that you won’t post a controversial video every other week, they’ll be more likely to subscribe. 

There’s nothing wrong with creating videos showing off your fire breathing skills simultaneously as how-tos on tying knots. However, to keep people interested and develop a loyal following, you’ll want to keep them on separate channels.

2. Choose smart video content

YouTube is all about content, and creating amazing videos is the key to increasing get 1k subscribers on YouTube. YouTube will reward you by spreading the word about your videos to more people if they manage to keep viewers interested. It’s the easiest way to draw in more viewers and get them to sign up as subscribers.

For example, plan out how you’re going to make amazing films and concentrate on drawing people in and holding their attention throughout. Also, have a look at the list of simple YouTube video ideas if you’re having trouble coming up with something to film. 

3. Engage viewers with recommendations

Don’t pass up the chance to direct a new viewer to more of your films once you’ve gained them, especially the ones that they are probably going to find interesting. Try putting together a playlist of related videos on how to get 1k subs on YouTube so that people can quickly locate your other films and keep viewing.

Additionally, take advantage of YouTube’s end card function to have thumbnails for related videos of yours appear as soon as the one they are now viewing ends. This will direct viewers to your next viral video and keep them engaged with your work.

4. Promote your videos

Make the most of the various ways that viewers might discover your videos on YouTube and other websites. You may get people to subscribe to your channel so they don’t miss out by posting a brief notice about an upcoming video on Facebook or Twitter to your followers. Additionally, you can reach pre-existing, interested audiences on Reddit or YouTube’s Community tab if you already have 500 subscribers.

5. Duplicate active content on YouTube

You might already have selected a niche for your videos, such as sports, gaming, politics, wrestling, beauty, etc., but you should be able to choose a sub-niche within that specific topic based on the content you now have. These days, it might be reaction films, instructions, predictions, or sharing personal anecdotes in front of the camera. 

It’s okay to experiment with content on your YouTube channel during the first 80% of its duration. However, as your channel becomes popular, you’ll reach a point where you are providing your audience with content they want to see for 80% of its duration, allowing you to experiment with the last 20% of your content. 

To delve a bit deeper into the idea, you could look at the videos on your channel that attract the most subscribers and create additional content based on those videos if you want to increase YouTube watch time

This can be accomplished by using the vidIQ Channel Audit tool, as it includes a column that reveals which of your channel’s videos on how to get 1k subscribers on YouTube

6. Attractive YouTube channel trailer

As you develop your YouTube channel, this next item may be further down your list of priorities, but you could want to start considering making a channel trailer on how to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube

In a video that lasts no longer than thirty to forty-five seconds, a channel trailer should effectively summarize the value proposition. By all means, have a look at how accomplished artists have previously introduced themselves to audiences through channel trailers.

This Apartment Therapy channel example is really good. Along with a strong call to action like Subscribe to,… and their value proposition (own your home), it is jam-packed with clips that offer viewers a preview of what to expect:

  • With channel trailers, even though you have a thousand great ideas, you can only include one of them in the clip before it becomes too long. Having said that, there is an option to create a specific channel trailer. You may use the video on your channel that generates how to get 1k subscribers on YouTube as your channel trailer because it has already been shown to be effective with your audience.

7. Identify your weaknesses

No matter where they are in their YouTube journey, every single video maker can relate to the next point and they all have pain points that are impeding their growth. It might be something as simple as clickbait thumbnails, poorly researched keywords that don’t relate to people’s searches, or just plain bad camera technique that requires you to redo every single image ten times.

In the early phases of how hard is it to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube, now is a good time to start recognizing these pain points and addressing them. Your YouTube channel’s foundation will become more fragile and ultimately crippled the longer you choose to overlook that pain point. Determine the main thing preventing your channel from progressing. Usually, it’s thumbnails in this stage of the creative process. 

Invest an additional 30 minutes or an hour on each movie attempting to reduce that pain point by 1%, whatever it may be. If you start working on something now, you’ll look back at where those videos were in two or three months. Whether it’s making better videos or presenting in front of the camera, pick a task and get started on it right away.

8. Always interact with people interested in the channel

Let’s thank all of you who have watched the above video for the past minutes, even if not everyone is still viewing and called audience retention. Since you’re viewing the entire video, hope you’re getting the most out of the content that you can utilize to grow your channel on how to get 1k subscribers on YouTube.

Engaging with your community in your videos is important because there are people who already care a great deal about you as a video maker and not just about your material and they want to see you succeed.

9. Experiment with different types of videos

What happens when you get 1k subscribers on YouTube and discover your following yet? It doesn’t necessarily follow that the kind of video you began making would be the kind that will make you successful. You’ll need to experiment with various content as you develop your YouTube channel to find what works.

10. Add YouTube shorts

Despite being relatively young, YouTube Shorts are a huge success on the platform because of the short-form video style. Shorts should be a component of your content strategy for a few good reasons, even if your specialty is long-form video.

Their strongest point is that the Shorts stream is made in a way that makes it easy for users to find unexpected content, which entices them to scroll down and watch the next video. Posting Shorts can undoubtedly help if you want to improve the number of people and how to get 1k subscribers on YouTube.

11. Optimize your videos for search

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the term used to describe some techniques used by marketers to raise the position of their content in search results. Usually, this entails optimizing webpages and blog entries for Google Search. 

Because YouTube has a search engine, you may utilize a few easy tips to increase the visibility of your videos and potentially attract new subscribers. What you can do is as follows:

  • Look for keywords that correspond with the information you write. You can accomplish this by looking into the terms that writers in your field frequently use.
  • Make sure your video descriptions and titles contain those keywords.
  • Include tags that explain the subject matter of your videos.
  • Give your films thorough descriptions that accurately convey their topic.

How to get 1k subscribers on YouTube requires a strategic and patient approach. Remember, success on YouTube is not just about the numbers but about building a community that values the content and the creator behind it. Hopefully, through the above article from AudienceGain, you will understand more about how to attract subscribers on YouTube to apply to your channel. Good luck!

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