7 Simple Steps to Get More Followers on SoundCloud


You want to get more followers on SoundCloud, like everybody on the music sharing platform, but how do you do that? The times of having an excellent album and an entertaining live show as the sole needs of upcoming artists are over. You need a web-based technique, and SoundCloud could be a part of that.

As a way to get more followers on SoundCloud for all your songs, I’m going to provide you seven steps to follow. Each is an important side of the overall scheme, however you can decide and select which one you use.

Easy methods to get extra SoundCloud followers to your account

Put your cash where your music is – get a Pro account

Everyone seems to think that they will get nice services on-line for nothing. This isn’t the case on SoundCloud as these on paid plans get extra out of their accounts. In addition, with Forbes estimating that 95% of accounts are free, that is a simple strategy to standout from the crowd.

What? You need extra convincing? Keep in mind back in the day you paid to have CDs pressed? That is the online digital equivalent, besides you don’t need to go stand outdoors the lines of other people’s shows and hand them out. That is worldwide distribution, a bit of money can get your music heard all over the world. Spend money on your self and reap the benefits of this.

For a fast visible comparison, take a look at this table from the SoundCloud Pro account page:

get more followers on soundcloud

Just a little cash can go an extended option to push your career forward, similar to our SoundCloud follower plans.

Build a favorites list

The best strategy to get more followers on SoundCloud is to keep in mind that SoundCloud is as much a social media platform as it’s a music sharing source. This isn’t Napster, that is you actually interacting with followers of your style of music.

Doing a little basic interaction through a favorites list is simple:

  1. Go to dashboard and find what other people you are following are listening to.
  2. Save the tracks that you really prefer to your favorites list.
  3. Contact these musicians and allow them to know you loved their music enough to add it to your list.

Followers of the bands you have favorited also can see your activity and check you out. That is the place you begin building connections all across SoundCloud, and the important thing for your band to get more followers on SoundCloud is all about connections.

Leave real feedback on other tracks

First things first: In case you’re considering of going onto other people’s tracks and saying something along the lines of:

“Hey, good song!! Go to my SoundCloud for more like this.”

That is completely pointless as no one, ever within the history of the world, needs to be told what music to listen to.

You have to make actual feedback that really matter and that show you as an professional in the music, or at least as somebody who is aware of what they’re talking about. You need to keep in mind that that is another link building opportunity. You need your links to have benefit, weight, and significance to them. Otherwise you’ll be ignored.

Have an awesome picture

No, no, no. I don’t mean a picture as in how your band portrays itself. I mean the picture that you simply use as your avatar! That is used in your homepage, and is the part of the popup whenever one hover over one among your tracks. So many musicians think that these particulars don’t matter, and that their music should do all of the ‘talking.’

Here’s a wonderful example of an avatar from Kid Ink. It has his face, an fascinating pose, these tattoos all his followers know, and most significantly his name and newest album:

how to get soundcloud followers

Here’s an example of a horrible avatar from Big K.R.I.T. the place you don’t have any thought who the person in the image is, even when you’re a fan and particularly at tiny thumbnail size, and it says nothing about a title or album:

soundcloud followers

It’s an excellent image, but it’s a horrible avatar. All that empty area may have been taken up by his name, his newest album, and something interesting:

how to get more followers on soundcloud

See how that could assist you to get more followers on SoundCloud? It took me less than 5 minutes to do this as soon as I had his logo, and now you realize for sure who it is.

Join a couple of SoundCloud groups

Each type of music out there has a couple of groups where followers get together and discuss about music. You can be a part of as many groups as you want totally free, so why not join up? You are free to send your music there for inclusion within the group, a simple technique to get more followers on SoundCloud in a natural method!

You can also start up your own groups to really get more followers on SoundCloud of your own as you control the stream of music. Don’t begin a group named “Dope Hip-Hop.” Start a group named “Hip-Hop artists from New York” to see how faster it grow.

Not only build connections on SoundCloud, you may also meet up with extra of those people in actual life. Never
underestimate the ability of linking from the internet to an actual handshake.


Sure, tagging your musical style is the simple move right here. The following step is tagging:

  • Record labels with related bands
  • Bands who sound much like you
  • For DJs, you can tag the artists and producers you sample

It is a case of extra tags being better, but only if they’re related. Don’t tag yourself as “Drake” when you sound like Justin Bieber. We have already got one and that’s lots, thanks!

Widgets when you want to get more followers on SoundCloud

The internet is built on connections throughout multiple platforms, and SoundCloud widgets is how you will do that. You will get more followers on SoundCloud by including your widgets on your:

  • Web site
  • WordPress weblog
  • Facebook

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