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What will content creators think about when mentioning the phrase AudienceGain? Is it the name of a company that only specializes in attracting audiences to its customers? Or is this just a slogan for a campaign from a marketing agency?

Today, we, will explain this phrase in detail, as well as about the issues related to the company – a company with the same name but operations completely different from us. Our Mission and Goal, founded in 2016, has since grown into a marketing company for small partners. During the past 5 years, we have constantly tried to develop our expertise and affirm our position in the hearts of customers.


Our mission is to provide the top solutions on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok for content creators. As the need for monetization on these platforms is constantly increasing, we offer practical services related to YouTube Watch Hours, TikTok Followers, Facebook Page, etc. With a passion for learning about social platforms and a desire to help content creators, our goal is to become one of the most credible companies in today’s market.

And obviously, each company has different goals and missions, which customers can clearly realize after cooperating for a period of time. But the situation will be different when customers get confused between two companies with the same name. vs. Deeper Explanation

It is an ironic fact that when looking for a site providing services for their social channel, customers often consider and as one. The fact is is an independent company, which is completely unrelated to

Let’s clarify the controversies below to understand this difference.

The peculiar names

“Audience Gain” is a fairly common phrase in the content creator community. Content creators always expect to be able to gain the attention of many audiences, turning them into genuine long-term followers. We decided to name the company based on this phrase because we wanted to emphasize our mission: to help content creators create their own position.

However, after doing some research, we discovered that there is already a company named AudienceGain, which is’s old website

Meanwhile, we still want to show the audience our target aim and a clear goal. Finally, we decided to use .net instead of .com to distinguish the names of the two companies.

In April 2021, suddenly disappeared, then that company created another website: And now, you will no longer be able to find that company on Google search results, but only appears.

Unfortunately, most customers ignore this difference.

The contrast services

One thing the buyers must understand is that the service of and is completely different. is known mainly for its Instagram-related service. More specifically, they sell a certain number of followers and likes, but do not come with a monetization guarantee.’s current website services

While focuses on 3 platforms: YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and always includes the monetization guarantee with each service.


Our website’s interface so far

Perhaps only those who have actually experienced the services of both sides can tell the difference.

Unexpected results

Once these two companies are considered as one, a whole lot of trouble and confusion will arise, among customers, companies, and objective reviewers.

Customers do not have any accurate information about the difference between the two companies. The site they trust the most is Trustpilot, but there are no Trustpilot reviews about us, only articles about Unfortunately, these are mostly bad reports.

Review on Trustpilot

Why do we not appear on Trustpilot?

When was still active on Trustpilot, with 4.7 rating score, Trustpilot pulled us down since we haven’t purchased Trustpilot’s service. That is why we are not listed on Trustpilot now. But here is one of many examples of our good reports which used to be on Trustpilot.

A positive review about

What do the reviewers say?

Speaking about the reviewers, Jonathon Spire is one of the popular evaluators who encountered this problem. He made a detailed article about us, but in the end, he used comments on Trustpilot to give heavily biased opinions about us.

His introduction about


The wrong information he relied on to make his comments

It causes terrible damages to both companies.

Key solutions for customers

And the people who suffer the most are the customers, when they do not have the opportunity to access the outstanding services of each company. It’s a pity if customers search for an Instagram service but it is not from, or they choose to purchase TikTok followers but is not the provider.

So, every content creator should be a wise buyer. Before choosing any service, you need to clearly define what you truly want, and how the company you are looking for will be able to meet your needs. Secondly, after completing a transaction with a provider and you want to leave a review for others, you have to specify the company that you will review. In addition to commenting on the service, you should list out the most important information about that company. It will help those who have the same needs as you, and greatly increase the development of the content creator community.

Moreover, once you know about the confusion between and, we need your little help as communicators. Please spread this information to avoid confusion between the two companies and let customers approach the unique services each.

These simple actions can bring great things!

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