TikTok Brand Guidelines: Top Dos And Don’ts


Due to the rise of TikTok, there is an increasing number of brands trying to boost their brand recognition on this platform. That said, it is not easy to succeed in marketing on TikTok. If you are in search of TikTok brand guidelines, we are here to help you out. We have compiled a list of dos and don’ts in today’s article to help you become one of the best brands on TikTok.

 TikTok Brand Guidelines

Why Should Brands Choose TikTok?

TikTok has increasingly gained popularity among the community. It records a skyrocketing user base growth rate of up to 800% from 2018 to 2020. It has gained more than 2 million downloads, becoming the most popular app in App Store or Google Store.

More and more people use it day in and day out. That’s why it is an ideal platform for brands to boost their recognition. The app allows brands to create their content more visually and interestingly.

They can take advantage of the platform to reach their target audience. Accordingly, they can boost their brand identity and products.

Top 7 Things Brands Should Do

Create Engaging Content

You might not know this, but young users still dominate this short-video platform. They tend to pay attention to interesting and funny messages. That’s why delivering entertaining content is the first point of our TikTok brand guidelines.

Keep in mind your videos need to go straight to the point due to the limited length. The message can be in the form of challenges, dances, or tutorials, helping get your brand name out there and boosting your products indirectly.

For instance, Dunkin‘s account gains about three million followers with 21 million likes on TikTok thanks to its interesting videos. What sets this brand apart from others is its highly hilarious content, attracting the attention of numerous audiences to watch.

Every video gently promotes its brand identity while being entertaining.

High Consistency

Most popular TikTok accounts post at least once every day. This consistent activity can boost the audience’s feed. In return, your brand will have more views and likes, improving the account’s growth.

Another benefit of posting frequently is that it helps you know your audience’s taste and better formats. If you are new to Tiktok, it is advisable to spend more time understanding the way it works and research what the competitors are performing.

Gymshark’s account has succeeded in early sticking on trends. It follows the trendy sounds and shares a wide range of motivational workout videos, earning 3.3 million fans. Though it is not greatly innovative, its videos are of high quality, and many users love them.

Netflix – one of the top brands on TikTok also posts around three videos daily and earns about 1 million followers monthly on average. The high consistency helps it reach more audiences and enhance its popularity. Now, it is one of the leading advertisers on the app.

 TikTok Brand Guidelines

Be Yourself

It is ideal for delivering light-hearted messages that can show who the brand is. You can subtly integrate your brand’s selling points or special characteristics in the videos. You are welcome to be humorous and fun instead of being too formal.

Flighthouse is another great example for you. This big media company speaks for itself when creating viral videos. It takes advantage of the brand’s unique characteristics to make its videos.

Thus, the audience can recognize and engage in the content more. Currently, this channel boasts a huge number of likes and is the fourth most-liked TikTok account.

Embrace Trends

Your brands had better not ignore the trends on TikTok. They can help your account reach more audiences and gain more views and likes. It is best to follow the trending hashtags, sounds, and filters.

One small note is that your business account should select the sounds carefully as some are not for commercial use. You can make your own sound or use free music in the Commercial Music Library.

We highly recommend you create your campaign to enhance the engagement of your brand. Some suggestions for you include hosting giveaways, making custom audios, or hashtag challenges.

A new player Blue Diamond Almonds launched a successful food challenge in June 2021 to highlight its new spicy almonds. Later, it launched challenge #28XTREMES and received more than 11.6 billion views, an amazing record.

Be A Great TikTok Follower

The last helpful thing brands should do is to monitor what other accounts in the same industry are doing and the trends. You can understand what you should do to gain more followers, boost your identity and engagement.

Moreover, the wide presence in various channels can bring more traffic to your account. It is especially helpful if you are a novice on TikTok.


TikTokers’ influencers appear to be a new type of celebrity. If your brands cooperate with them, it seems to be a great winning strategy. There are a host of talented content creators on TikTok. They can make videos to promote your brand on their channel or yours.

A small tip is to seek an influencer that can represent your brand’s identity and sport the same target audience. On the other hand, the cooperation seems not to be effective in the end.

Top Things Brands Should Not Do

Not For Sales Only

Although your goal is to boost the brand identity and sell more products, it is best to avoid promoting. TikTok For Business encourages brands to follow the motto “Don’t make ads. Make a connection.” So you had better pay attention to creating a real connection between your brands and followers. Whenever you post any content on your TikTok, keep in mind to drop all sales spiel and create engaging and funny content to entertain.

Say No To Zero-Value Content

The first thing brands should not do is to create videos with no values. Although the primary goal of TikTok is to entertain, it is ideal for offering a space to inform and teach the audience.

No Rule Violation

You had better not violate any rules on TikTok. There are already guidelines for you to follow. It is best to check TikTok’s policies carefully, as your account can be suspended if you break the rules.

This app also tends to restrict the gambling service’s promotion and firearm’s depictions.

Avoid Engagement

There are cases that the brands run for quantity instead of quality, resulting in a decline in their audience’s engagement. Boring content could not boost your brand identity or popularity.

To grow your account, you need to create interesting content to catch the audience’s attention and engagement. This way will make them increasingly react to your next content.

No Short Film

You might not know this but, the attention of people tends to get shorter. That’s why you had better deliver high-quality content instead of posting your available short film.

It is best to create content whose length ranges from 15 to 30 seconds. If you want to upload your long-form videos, you had better consider other channels like YouTube or IGTV.

Three Great Brand Examples On TikTok


It is worth mentioning the name Amazon as a good TikTok brand account. It boasts five official accounts including @amazon, @amazonprimevideo, @primestudent, @amazonfashion, and @amazonmusic.

Thanks to carrying out numerous campaigns that use challenges and dances, it easily boosts the traffic and becomes one of TikTok’s most Branded Hashtag Challenges.

Besides, the brand also participates with influencers to promote its campaign such as the #PajamaJam challenge. The application of various strategies brings it to the list of the app’s top brands.


You might be surprised about the presence of this FMCG company on our list. Still, P&G has done a great job in making top-ranking content. The key strategy this brand applies is to hold challenges.

One of the most popular challenges is the #DistanceDance to call on people to stay home and reduce the pandemic’s spread. The brand’s account achieved about 17.8 billion views thanks to this challenge.

Knowing its audience helps it create more engaging videos and enhance its identity.

Red Bull

Another great example of a great brand TikTok accounts is Red Bull. It posts two videos every day and receives about 1.2 million likes a month. The high consistency and interesting content help the brand grab the attention of its audience effectively.


That’s all about our TikTok brand guidelines to help brands know what they should and should not do. In a nutshell, the best strategy is to pay attention to making high-quality content. You can creatively make them funnily and humorously instead of being too formal.

There are also don’ts that you need to keep in mind, especially adhering to TikTok’s rules. Anyway, we hope our article is helpful for you and your brands. Should you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment box.

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