Ultimate Guide: How To Work With TikTok Influencers


Thanks to today’s modern technology, people can quickly contact each other through different platforms. So marketers have hit the psychology of customers. They use these same tools on TikTok to reach their target customers by promoting products through TikTok influencers.

So, how to work with TikTok influencers? The following article will help you get a few more tips for working effectively with today’s social media influencers.

Why You Should Work With TikTok Influencers?

Why Choosing TikTok Influencers?

Social networks are no longer strange to everyone, especially young people. They use the platforms for entertainment or work. According to statistics, up to 90% of 18-30 already have their own TikTok account.

Not only that, but influencers also use this platform to create content that attracts viewers. They make entertaining videos or share knowledge about daily life.

In particular, the famous stars on TikTok are also relatively young. Mostly, they are all around 21-30 years old, such as Bella Poarch or Khaby Lame. The youth of this age gives an opportunity for brands to promote their products through TikTok influencers.

How To Find The Right Influencers?

Finding suitable TikTok Influencers

A unique feature of TikTok is the personalization of each user. For any video that they like, the system will do an algorithm to recommend similar posts. Therefore, to find the right influencers, brands need to have a specific plan for long-term cooperation.

  • First, you need to determine whether your customer base uses this social network to start implementing work.
  • Then, you can search for necessary information such as: what content that your customers often watch, what articles they interact with.
  • Finally, you’ll find influencers that share the same content themes as your product.

How To Work Effectively With Influencers

Long-term cooperation with influencers will make product promotion campaigns easier. So, you can refer to the following ways to work effectively:

Have a clear goal

Set your goals

Before starting any work, you need to define clearly the brand’s goals you want to achieve clearly. Promotion campaigns need a long-term strategy to help TikTok users know more about the product.

Without a clear strategy, the brand will have to spend a lot of money on marketing, though it is not the expected result.

Define target audience

Who is your target audience?

Every brand must know who its customers are because they are the most critical factor in product consumption. Instead of just choosing a general, you need to define a specific target audience before marketing.

Specifically, you need to find information about the audience you are preparing to promote. Factors such as age, gender, job, personality will help you capture your customer base. From there, you can discover the right influencers.

Moreover, the set of customers will also decide which influencers you should hire for your brand. If the choice is wrong, the consumer you are targeting will have no access to the product. Then, the marketing campaign will not be as effective as expected.

Understanding how TikTok works

TikTok is the most commonly used platform today. However, this social network also has some strict policies for all users. You need to dig into that information and figure out how it works.

In addition, you should also consider trending videos that are being widely featured. For example, using filters or product review scripts will attract more viewers.

Allow influencers to have their own space to be creative.

The primary role of TikTok is to create content. So, the key to making the brand’s products famous is the freshness of the videos. Influencers will introduce the post and make it become famous to many people.

Therefore, your partners should not be too constrained to an existing script created by the brand. Let the content creators feel free to make new videos and incorporate products as naturally as possible.

Set specific rules

One of the top concerns of users is privacy. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have been accused of infringing on their personal information. Therefore, you need to collect data from TikTok reasonably so as not to affect users.

In particular, videos from your partner must ensure no misleading words or mentions of privacy. Before posting on social networks, you need to moderate explicit content to avoid unnecessary risks.

In addition, for the partnership to be successful, you should not closely force influencers on unreasonable terms. Regulations on time and contracts need to be drafted. Otherwise, they may refuse to work with your brand.

Commission payment policy

Brand cooperation with TikTok influencers can be maintained for a long time if you have reasonable compensation policies. Usually, contracts will only pay wages in a single time. Once completed, that commitment will be null and void.

So, to work with your partner more effectively, you can pay a small amount of commission from the products sold in the marketing campaign. Maybe the amount is not too much, but it is enough for influencers to trust the brand and continue a long-term business relationship.

Challenges For Marketers When Using TikTok As A Promotion Channel

Challenges For Marketers

Although promoting products on social networking platforms will make it easier for brands to reach customers, there are still some difficulties that brands are facing:


The age to use TikTok is relatively young. So privacy is essential to protect users. Infiltrating personal information is a violation of the law.

TikTok was once fined millions of dollars for disclosing the data of minors. Instead of protecting them, the platform has allowed brands to collect private information for profit-making purposes.

Fake Influencers

Another concerning issue is fake influencers. They use other people’s pictures to make money and attract viewers. If brands do not research carefully, they will fall into the trap of fake objects. Therefore, you need to determine the basic information about the partner you are about to target.

Viewers hate the feeling of being marketed

The most popular TikTok users are between the ages of 18 and 30. Mainly, they create accounts to satisfy their entertainment purposes. Therefore, advertising posts will make users feel uncomfortable. They feel like they are being disturbed and interfere with their private relaxation time.

The Company Successful In Working With TikTok Influencers

Many brands have successfully promoted products through TikTok influencers. This social network has become a trend, and there are many trending videos for users to catch the trend.

One of the most successful brands is E.L.F. This brand made the song “Eyes Lips Face” become the most used B.G.M. of 2019.

Accordingly, E.L.F. has partnered with many influencers from the beauty industry to make the music accessible for users to know and at the same time increase brand awareness.

As a result, posts with the hashtag #EyeLipsFace have attracted totally 6 billion views. This popularity has helped the brand achieve its highest revenue ever.


Not every success comes from a marketing campaign with TikTok influencers. However, we must affirm that thanks to them, customers can easily access the brand. Finding a suitable partner is not easy. But when you’ve chosen the right people you want to work with, the effectiveness of each video will help increase sales.

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