What is the Facebook Page Monetization Eligibility?


Are you trying to search for a summary of the Facebook page monetization eligibility? Do you want to know how you can utilize Facebook instream ads on Facebook? Well, search no more!

This article highlights all you need to know about Facebook page monetization eligibility. Additionally, we also tell you how to monetize your page through Facebook in-stream ads and start making money!

What is the Facebook page monetization eligibility?

The Facebook page monetization eligibility comprises Facebook’s Community Guidelines, Partner Monetization policies, Content Monetization policies, policies for Advertiser Friendly Content, Facebook Payment Terms, Facebook’s Pages, Groups and Event Terms, Policies for Politicians and Governments, and finally the instream ads eligibility for your page videos to monetize your video content.

Facebook’s Community Guidelines

Firstly, Facebook’s community standards are a significant part of the Facebook page monetization eligibility. Therefore, you must follow all of these guidelines while using your page and when creating and posting content to be eligible for monetization on Facebook. The main categories of Facebook’s community standards are as follows:

  1. Violence and criminal behavior
  2. Safety
  3. Objectionable content
  4. Integrity and authenticity
  5. Intellectual property rights
  6. Content-related requests and decisions
  7. Stakeholder engagement 

Violating any of Facebook’s Community Standards could result in a ban on your page or content!

Above all, be sure to visit the above link and go through all of Facebook’s community guidelines for using a Facebook account or page before posting content on your page.

Partner Monetization policies

In addition, the Partner Monetization policies for Facebook are rules and regulations for content creators and businesses monetizing their Facebook pages. These include the following main principles:

  1. Following Facebook’s Community Standards, Content Monetization policies, Policies for Advertiser Friendly Content, Payment TermsFacebook’s Pages, Groups and Event Terms, and guidelines for politicians and governments.
  2. Authentic and original content
  3. Monetizing authentic user engagement
  4. Creating an established presence and being consistent with posting activity

Content Monetization policies

However, the content monetization policies consist of prohibited formats, prohibited behaviors, prohibited categories, and restricted categories regarding the content you’re allowed to monetize on your Facebook page.

  1. Prohibited formats (static videos, static image polls, slideshows of images, looping videos, text montages, and embedded ads)
  2. Prohibited behaviors (engagement bait, soliciting engagement, cheating, and gaining unfair advantages over others)
  3. Restricted categories (debated social issues, tragedy or conflict, objectionable activity, sexual or suggestive activity, profane and robust language, and explicit content)
  4. Prohibited categories (misinformation and misleading medical information)

Policies for Advertiser Friendly Content 

Additionally, Facebook’s Policies for Advertiser Friendly Content form the second last element of the Facebook page monetization eligibility. These policies outline what content is permissible for monetization on Facebook and to what degree. In other words, these policies are essentially Facebook’s best estimate of how advertisers will view content and its monetization potential. 

What is the Facebook in-stream ads eligibility for your page videos?

Finally, the last component of the Facebook page monetization eligibility is the Facebook in-stream ads eligibility for your page videos. 


Instream ads are unfortunately only available for monetization in a select number of countries. These are:

  1. Argentina
  2. Australia
  3. Austria
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Belgium
  6. Bolivia
  7. Brazil
  8. Canada
  9. Chile
  10. Colombia
  11. Denmark
  12. Dominican Republic
  13. Ecuador
  14. Egypt
  15. El Salvador
  16. France
  17. Germany
  18. Guatemala
  19. Honduras
  20. Hong Kong
  21. India
  22. Indonesia
  23. Iraq
  24. Ireland
  25. Italy
  26. Jordan
  27. Malaysia
  28. Mexico
  29. Morocco
  30. New Zealand
  31. Norway
  32. Peru
  33. Poland
  34. Singapore
  35. South Africa
  36. South Korea
  37. Spain
  38. Sweden
  39. Switzerland
  40. Taiwan
  41. Thailand
  42. The Netherlands
  43. The Philippines
  44. Turkey
  45. Saudi Arabia
  46. United Arab Emirates
  47. the United Kingdom
  48. United States of America

Engagement metrics 

In addition to belonging from a country with Facebook in-stream ads eligibility, you should also be above 18 years of age to use instream ads in your video posts. Moreover, you must also have at least 10,000 followers or at least 600,000 total eligible minutes of views on your video posts in the last 60 days. Additionally, your page should also have at least five active videos to be eligible for monetization using instream ads.

Would you rather wait till your page is eligible for the Facebook page monetization eligibility and the Facebook in-stream ads eligibility or buy a monetized page on Facebook instead?

In Conclusion

Lastly, it is essential to follow all of Facebook’s Community Standards, Partner Monetization policies, Content Monetization policies, Policies on Advertiser Friendly Content, Payment Terms, Pages, Groups and Event Terms and Policies for Politicians and Governments to monetize your Facebook page. 

Moreover, to be eligible for instream ads on Facebook, you require at least 10,000 followers and 600,000 minutes of video views in the last two months, and five active videos on your page. 

For instance, you feel like you may not cross the eligibility threshold for the Facebook in-stream ads eligibility. However, in that case, you could always consider buying a Facebook page that is eligible for instream ads for the simple price of only $490 here at AudienceGain. 

Moreover, you can also sign up for our services to get in touch with our Facebook experts, who can help you reach the eligibility thresholds with some essential tricks and tips for 2021.

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