How to Create a Facebook Page for Business 2021


If you are a beginner and know nothing about Facebook monetization, this article will show you how to create a professional Facebook page for business.


How to create a Facebook Page for Business in 2021?

Why do you need a Facebook Business Page?

Starting your first Facebook business page is a significant and essential step nowadays, since owning a business page on this platform is becoming more popular. 

What is a Facebook Business Page?

Basic Business Information

When doing business, what you do, how you can be contacted, and where you’re located are what customers want to know, and a Facebook page for business helps to complete that. Searching online for your information is the first task people tend to do when they first hear about your brand.


Business information.

And what business owners rarely expect is that visitors are most interested in the “information” section of your business, which you do not even write! The main reason that potential customers pay attention to your Facebook page is to read reviews and see what other customers are commenting about your business. Besides knowing basic information about your business and staying up to date with your product, satisfaction and engagement interactions will affect their decision to choose your products and services or not.

Photos and Videos

Taking advantage of the media is one way to catch your audience’s attention. When online on social media, people tend to view images and clips rather than spend more time reading text. Posting pictures and videos on your page will make your followers stop and take a second glance at your content text. There is no denying that using images can attract more traffic to your website.

Business Location and Map


Business location.

On social networks, when you comment about a restaurant or do a quick review about a particular store by using a tag, those locations can appear with the correct address. Other audiences can quickly grasp how to find the way to that restaurant and experience it for themselves. The location’s primary purpose of a Facebook page for business is to provide the most accurate and convenient method of communication with customers.

Benefits of a Facebook Business Page

Facebook Advertising

When it first appeared, Facebook was only considered as a platform to connect people. Still, because of its popularity and strong interaction between users, Facebook became the most potent advertising tool for every business person. 


Facebook ads.

Facebook ads display most directly and increase your business’s visibility. Since you can pick and choose who sees your ads, your business will get pushed out to a relevant audience and produce accurate results.

Besides, Facebook ads give your audience the information they are looking for due to the search engine. Facebook ads are beneficial for both sellers and shoppers.

Organic Reach

Likes, shares, and comments are the usual actions on Facebook, but they create the most significant benefits to a Facebook business page. This substantial exposure relates to organic reach. For example, you can see your friends like or share posts. Even if you do not like the page or business, you still tend to visit that page at least one time. 

Not only reaching more customers, but Facebook also provides an overview of customer insight. Based on that data about age, location, and interests, you can target who will see your ads, how your ads can work, etc.

Simple steps to create a Facebook page for business

Step 1: Sign up for your business account

The first step is logging in to your personal Facebook account, then looking for the Create tab and choosing Page. A new page appears with two options defining the business page: Business/Brand or Community/Public Figure. In this case, Business/ Brand is preferable because it covers everything except a team, a club, or a group of people belonging to the Community option.


Create a Page interface with two options

You need to name the page and fill in the Category. It ranges from Shopping, Food Delivery services to Sports & Recreation, Real Estate. Make the right decision to suit the best with your business. After that, the box will ask you some further questions about your address and phone number. This information can be public or private, depending on your settings.

After checking that information carefully, you click the Continue button. 

Step 2: Add pictures to your Facebook page for business

Next step, you need to edit the profile and banner images for your business’s Facebook page.

Your profile picture is the little square or round picture that everybody sees next to your name, and it should contain your brand logo, which is precisely the same on every piece of your social media. The perfect size for a desktop Facebook profile picture is 170×170 pixels and 128×128 pixels for mobile display. Try to avoid any details in the corners because the image will be cropped to a circle. Then, you click Upload Profile Picture to finish.

The cover photo, which is a big rectangle at the top, is also essential. It can show your products, the promotions, your new locations, etc. A presentation size of 820×312 pixels will be the best for desktop, and 640×360 pixels are suitable for mobile. Finished selecting an appropriate image, click Upload a Cover Photo. Now you have a preview of your page.

Step 3: Create your username and assign CTA

Your username is your vanity URL, giving people the chance to find you easily on Facebook. It can be up to 50 characters long, so it is recommended to take simple words for your page’s name. Click Create @Username, and type your name. If the name is @audiencegain, the Facebook Page URL would be

You need to click the +Add Action Button next to your username, choose suitable options for your customers, then click Next and Finish. This tool can direct your audience to more than ten features they can use on your page. 


Create a Call-to-Action Button on your Facebook page for business.

Facebook’s built-in call-to-action would encourage visitors to interact actively with your business. They can set a meeting time, contact you in several ways, or learn more about the services you provide.

Step 4: Edit details about your Facebook page for business

Editing information about your company is also an indispensable step. The detailed but still brief and complete information will give customers a comprehensive overview of your business.

After choosing CTA, select Edit Page Info in the top menu. Here are the sections that you should review clearly:

  • Description: It allows you to type within 255 characters, so a short description is recommended.
  • Contact: It is about your phone number, website, and email. You can choose to make it public or not because sometimes the additional contact info can drive Facebook traffic to your main website and critical products.
  • Location: If you’re a local business and have a physical storefront or office, make sure to provide your business address correctly so visitors can find you.
  • Hours: Give detailed information about the working hours of your store. Many shoppers may want to know when they can visit.
  • Price range: This section is optional, but it may be helpful to specify the price range of your products or services to target the right customers.

After all, remember to click Save changes to finish your edits.

Step 5: Get to know your Page settings

In addition to standard features of Facebook for all users, the Facebook page for business is optimized with other unique settings to make it easier to reach customers. 

General tools

It would be better to understand these core settings and handle them well if your page experiences some changes or updates.


Business Facebook General settings.

  • General → Others Tagging this Page: Mark this section as checked to allow Facebook users to mention and share about your page.
  • General → Similar Page Suggestions: Mark this section as checked to enable Facebook to recommend your page to new followers and fans.
  • Messaging → Show a greeting: Turn on this section to allow your page to automatically send your fans a greeting when they want to message you.

Facebook analytics


Business Facebook Insights.

Besides Posts, Events, Stories, which are easy to manage, under the Insights section, you can see the following data:

  • Overview: giving seven-day feedback about your metrics; for example, they are page likes, post reach, overall engagement.
  • Followers: providing information about your fans and the change of that number over time.
  • Likes: giving details about your fan base’s growth and losses.
  • Reach: giving the raw number of people your page is approaching every day. 
  • Visits: giving details about where on Facebook your viewers come from.

In a nutshell

After having a comprehensive look at creating a Facebook page for business, you may know how to handle this monetization task efficiently. Even the small business owners, who do not have the budget, can learn to do it themselves.

If you want to learn more about Facebook and how to optimize sales on this platform, come and visit AudienceGain right now. We can help business practices, and brands grow online with multiple trustworthy services and give you valuable advice from committed supporters. Sign up at our website immediately to grow your business in the long run!


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