How To Get 10000 Likes pages & +30000 Views To Monetized On Facebook


According to the newest policy of Facebook, to enable monetization with Facebook you need a page that has  get 10000 likes pages and 30000 views in the last 60 days. (Minimum one minute).

How to get 10000 likes pages and 30000 views fast and safe?

There’re a lot of ways to get fake views and likes page, but where can you get real views and likes page?

How to get 10000 likes pages and 30000 views fast and safe

How to get 10000 likes pages and 30000 views fast and safe?

You can see get 10000 likes pages and 30000 views fast and safe below:

Eligibility for Monetization facebook videos

  1. Publish regular video with up to 3 min or extra , create wonderful content.
  2. At least 10,000 likes on your facebook page you can not use facebook individual profile.
  3. All in your page , total video count should be 30,000 views (views only count when it view more than 1 minute in the last 60 days .
  4. Meet with facebook eligibility standards

Ad Breaks for More Creators

Facebook is now giving access to its Ad Breaks program to more creators.

The program will be opened up more broadly in stages, starting with creators who are creating longer, original content that encourages audience engagement and retention.

Advertise your page

In addition to posting the link to your Facebook page everywhere that you can, promoting your page will make the page visible to people who aren’t friends with you.

Promoting your page in ad form costs money, though you can generally promote a modest ad for your page for less than $100.

Make sure that your page’s information is filled out

The “About” section in particular is important; if people don’t know what your page behalf, they may not feel comfortable interest it .

Make sure that you have a concise , accurate , and funny ( if possible) description for your page.

Your “About” section’s tone will likely depend on who your page’s target demographic is, so keep this in mind when writing the section .

Post photos and videos

While text-only posts have their place on Facebook , several people interact best to visual media like photos and videos.

If you have an interesting item to share (e.g . , a photo of an animal or a hike), consider uploading it.

Always include text along with the photo or video.

It may be tempting to upload several photos at once, but try uploading sequence to start.

This will give people a chance to view and like the photo without having to navigate through an entire album .

Post videos frequently

You don’t want to exposure your friends’ news feeds with posts or videos, but you should try to post at least once a day.

If you’re taking the time to curate concise, funny, and/or meaningful posts, this is actually harder than it sounds !

However, constantly posting will lead to consistent likes.

Designating a theme for your posts can also help keep your posts consistent.

If you do this, make sure that you monitor the general reaction to the topic posts, and be prepared to change the theme if you’re not getting the likes that you want.

Time your posts

You might have in mind the funniest, most relevant post that anyone has ever created, but it won’t do you any good if you post it at midnight on a Sunday.

Try to post mid-morning , mid-afternoon, and/or mid-evening for optimal results .

The best times to post include between 7 AM and 9 AM (breakfast and commute time), 11 AM and 1 PM (lunch time), and 5 PM and 7 PM (commute and post-work time).

Be sure that you’re posting in this time frame for the time zone in which the majority of your friends live.

Engage everyone who comment on your posts

If you develop a reputation as someone who is friendly and responsive in the comment section, your posts will have more activity, which leads to higher post visibility and—you guessed it—more likes.

This model works best when you interact with people and respond to the answers.

Not all posts will be conducive to responses, so make sure that you’re reading correctly the tone of the post before engaging others on it.

How To Get 10000 Likes pages & +30000 Views To Monetized On Facebook. Goodluck!

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