Grow Your Channel With 10 Captivating TikTok Account Ideas


While the global epidemic – Covid 19 made people stay indoors and away from their pals, TikTok grew at a crazy speed. With the sky-high popularity, no wonder everyone tries to build their presence on this platform.

To become a famous TikToker, you need to create high-quality, original ideas regularly. Otherwise, you can lose out on the competitive platform. To assist you with your TikTok account development journey, we will discuss 10 TikTok account ideas to boost your popularity and follower count.

Tiktok Account Idea

10 TikTok Account Ideas To Gain More Followers

Create An Attractive Profile

Most people first check out the creator’s profile before following the account. If you have a short bio, limited existing content, and a blurry profile picture, people probably won’t hit the “Follow” button.

Tiktok Account Idea

So make sure to spend some time crafting a bio that tells people who you are, what you do, and why they should follow you. Additionally, ensure that you have an appealing profile photo and your bio is free of typos and grammatical problems.

Your TikTok profile is eye-catching enough that you will appeal to potential followers.

Educational Account

TikTok is an amazing platform for sharing educational, informative content in an approachable, easy-to-digest format. For example:

Students can share effective study tips: exam preparation tips, foreign language learning tips, and quality references.

This is also the approach that many doctors apply to raise awareness about illnesses and how to safeguard against them.

Software programmers can share the process of product development, bug types, and common issues that coders encounter, then instruct how to fix and avoid them.

Besides being entertaining, educational TikTok accounts certainly have usefulness in spreading educational messages.

Science Experiments Account

You can build your account towards scientific experience. This is also a good idea that attracts many people, especially children. Because science is so visual, watching a video tutorial of an experiment being conducted is more beneficial than simply reading about the theory. Many famous accounts in this field, such as @stevespangler, @chemteacherphil, and so on.

Tiktok Account Idea

Inspirational Content Account

Inspirational content is an opportunity to share your values while converting viewers into followers.

Let’s reflect on the values you want to communicate, your mission, and what you think will resonate with viewers: helping people in difficult circumstances and spreading a positive message about life.

Tutorial Make-up Account

Tiktok Account Idea

Makeup is something that most women (even men) do every day. Many people want to learn different ways to make up to become beautiful.

On the makeup TikTok account, people have learned how to do professional makeovers at home and know economical and effective cosmetics. If you succeed, your makeup videos are getting millions of views, and many more users will know and follow your account.

Food Review Account

People who love cuisines have a diverse space on TikTok. Therefore, all food-review TikTok accounts have recently become popular and are usually on the search top. There’s a hashtag #foodreview going around; it has over 6 million views.

Tiktok Account Idea

The food review account is where content creators enjoy dishes in many sidewalk eateries and restaurants. After that, they share some comments about the foods and recommendations for different eateries, making it easier for you to choose when traveling.

Daily Recap Account

You can not believe it, but some people have made it successful on TikTok by posting about their life.

It can be as down-to-earth as your daily skincare routine or how tidy up your room – anything that can be an engagement booster.

Cute Animals Account

Capturing and recording the adorable moments of your cat, dog, rabbit, mouse, or other adorable creature are also a way to go. The typical TikTok audience is so young, so all fall for cute little pets, even other domestic animals that aren’t so lovely! It also opens the door and lets people know more about your personality.

Tiktok Account Idea

Create Videos Based on Trending Hashtags

You can stick to a trending hashtag that fits your audience and look at the kind of content being created for it.

Hashtags are a great way of making your video more findable and engaging. Therefore, if they are interested in your videos, they can click the Follow button after watching the video.

Collaborations With Influencers or Celebrity

Being a solo show does not always pay off, especially if you are a rookie. So, pairing with other TikTok influencers or celebrities is the way to appeal to followers. This collaboration gives you a chance to gain attention and help you learn from their experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Followers Do You Need On TikTok To Be A Star?

To be a star on TikTok, you need more than 500 thousand followers to engage.

How Important Is The Title, Caption, And Tags?

You’ll get a lot of attention with a sensational, impressive headline. Hence, these elements are critical for user experience and increasing the likelihood of engagement with your channel, but not so much for the algorithm to forecast delivery.

How Many Followers Do You Need On TikTok To Go Live?

The amount of followers is not the prerequisite.

First, based on your date of birth when you initially created your TikTok profile, only TikTokers from 16 years old can go live. Second, 1,000 followers is the threshold to unlock the Live feature.

TikTok users also have the option to stream live videos to their viewers.


TikTok is a social media platform having innovative short-form videos launched in 2017. TikTok’s nature as an entertaining app for the youth means that it is more likely to be less serious and sillier.

Based on that background, we give 10 captivating TikTok account ideas for you to grow your channel. Each kind of idea has its pros and cons, so you need to decide the right way to accelerate your account growth.

Good luck to you!

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