How to get good reviews on Google? Positive Google reviews?


How to get good reviews on Google? Why do people need positive Google reviews for their business? With the digital landscape growing rapidly, Google Reviews have become integral to any successful business.

Google reviews can significantly influence your business’s visibility and credibility, ultimately impacting customer decisions. Read on and learn how to get more Google reviews and some actionable tips, practical advice, and expert insights on using them.

How to get good reviews on Google

Why positive Google reviews is important?

Positive Google reviews may be a quick and simple process, but the benefits are ongoing. The more people you can get to leave a Google review for your business, the more you’ll be able to accomplish in the way of business objectives.

If you’re not yet placing emphasis on Google business reviews, now’s the time to change that and prioritize it in your local marketing strategy. Here are some facts and stats to back this up:

More reviews, more leads

Did you know that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? Building up your reviews builds up the likelihood that a Google searcher will engage with your business upon finding it.

More positive reviews, more purchases

Consumers research and read reviews before making purchase decisions. In fact, they read a minimum of 10 reviews before feeling confident in making a decision. The more Google customer reviews you have, the more likely a purchase is to be made.

Higher reviews, higher rank

Google rewards businesses that have frequent and positive reviews. They are a definite local SEO ranking factor, as confirmed by Google itself.

Lots of reviews, lower costs

There are no fees to leave reviews or to respond to them. Positive endorsements for your business on your Business Profile serve as free Google advertising for your business on the world’s most trusted platform.

How to get good reviews on Google

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How to get good reviews on Google?

Now that you understand the benefits of increased Google reviews for your businesses, it’s time to get to work.

There are multiple ways to encourage customers to leave positive comments about their experience working with or purchasing from your organization.

Here are a tip to answer the question “How to get good reviews on Google“:

1. Ask for customer feedback after a purchase

Sometimes it just takes some work. Train your staff to ask customers to leave a rating for your business on your rating page. Particularly if the customer had something really positive to say or the employee goes above and beyond to help the client.

The most important thing when you want to increase reviews on Google: conduct a customer satisfaction survey. When it comes to directing your customer to leave a review after filling out the survey, you’ll have (hopefully) tweaked your practices based on what the satisfaction survey found.

For instance, say there was something many patrons didn’t like about your business. If you took the time to change that issue, then the problem no longer exists. So when customers leave that review, there will be a higher chance they leave positive feedback.

Satisfied customers felt like they were done a solid. You will be surprised at how willing they are to return the favor if asked if it is as simple as 10 seconds on their phone. This becomes a bit of training with your staff to identify these experiences and keep your rating page top of mind. Consistent reminders given to your frontline staff are crucial to conversions.

How to get good reviews on Google

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2. Add a link to your GMB page at the end of the receipt

A simple yet underutilized tactic to increase Google reviews is adding a link to the review/rating page at the end of your customer receipts. This provides the leaving customer with a paper trail for the link.

With the volume of sales as well, it also means you’re likely to benefit from a lot of ratings from customers even if only 1-2% of your customers decide to leave a review. If you have 500 sales per day, that’s still 5-10 reviews per day and 35-70 reviews per week.

Those add up quickly and it should be fairly simple to add this link to the end of the receipt.

3. Add a sign at your place of business

Similar to the next tip, the more attention you can bring to your rating page, the bigger the increase in Google reviews. Think about adding a kiosk or at least a sign near the exit of your place of business. It’s all about trying to catch a customer at the right time.

With nearly everyone owning a smartphone these days, it’s easy to leave a rating. Think about putting a QR code on the sign as well, so the customer can bring up their camera app and be taken directly to the reviews page.

It cannot get any easier than that for a happy customer.

4. Showcase your ratings on your website

Attention begets more attention. If you already have a solid 4-5 star Google rating, you should showcase this. A perfect place to do this is on your website as a featured call-out. You can link site visitors directly to your Google rating page so they can review the positive reviews.

Also, consider adding some featured ratings or a link to your Google ratings in your marketing materials. This might include any PDFs or downloads on your site, as well as offline materials such as menus, brochures, or leave behind sales sheets.

Draw attention to your ratings. It will encourage others to follow suit.

How to get good reviews on Google

5. Offer a discount on the next purchase (if they leave a rating)

We’ve all been to Dunkin’ Donuts lately, have we not?

Similar to one of our suggestions above about adding a link to your rating page on your receipt, you should also consider offering a discount. There are many variations of this including a free product, a percent discount off the next purchase, or giving them a sale (BOGO).

It both gives them some skin in the game to leave a review but also encourages another visit to your business. A win-win.

6. Hone in on your best customers or recent winners to return the favor

There is no better time to get a 5-star rating from someone than after they just won a contest, won a raffle, or received something for free. This increases Google reviews and almost guarantees that the feedback will be positive.

Feed off of this excitement and the experience to ask for a review or rating on your business page. As a market research firm, we pay rewards and gift cards to participants in a lot of our studies.

There is no better time to ask for a review than when you are paying someone $100, $200, or $300 as a thank-you for their time in a focus group.

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Why are my positive Google reviews not increasing? 

There could be one of many reasons you’re not gathering more (or any) reviews on Google. Below, we’ll share some common factors behind this.

1. Reviews are marked as spam

This is a big one.

Spam reviews are penalized and won’t show up for your company, to put it simply. Google has a keen eye for detecting this type of review and will flag it if the spam criteria are met.

When a review is flagged as spam, this can mean: 

  • It was duplicated
  • It has inappropriate content
  • The content is promotional
  • It contains personal contact information

It’s best to delete reviews that are spam or file a complaint with Google to prove it is not spam.

How to get good reviews on Google

2. Your business is newly listed

Another reason reviews may not be increasing is because your business has only just been listed online.

This is only natural–since your business hasn’t been on Google for long, it will take some time for rankings to increase. The higher it’s ranked, the more users will see it.

But don’t worry–this will likely change the longer your business is on Google.

What’s more, there are ways you can take charge and increase that ranking…

  • Be active on your company’s social media (this is especially important for local rankings)
  • Ensure you’re business is listed on Google Maps
  • Create a Q&A section

3. Embedded links in Google reviews

If you want to increase Google reviews for your business, it’s important to know that reviews with URLs included won’t make the cut.

This is yet another quality that is counted as spam in the eyes of Google.

But wait–you can actually do something about this. Kindly reach out to the customer who left the review and see if they can remove the URL before it’s removed.

4. Fake Google reviews

And lastly, fake reviews are always going to get “caught” by the almighty Google.

The common culprit for this issue?

Buying Google reviews.

It might sound tempting but don’t make this mistake. Purchased reviews are usually bots, under the guise of a profile.

Believe it or not, over 80% of consumers have likely read a fake review in the recent past.

If your company gets busted for buying reviews, Google can remove the profile altogether–so stay far away!

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FAQs about how to get positive reviews on Google

Still have questions how to get positive reviews on Google? We’ve got you covered:

How to get positive reviews on Google?

A few tips so you can get positive reviews on Google easily such as:

  • Ask for customer feedback after a purchase
  • Add a link to your GMB page at the end of the receipt
  • Add a sign at your place of business
  • Showcase your ratings on your website
  • Offer a discount on the next purchase (if they leave a rating)
  • Hone in on your best customers or recent winners to return the favor

Where do Google reviews for my business show up?

Google reviews appear on the search engine results page when you search for a particular business.

Can you purchase Google reviews?

No, Google reviews are given by customers and cannot be manipulated by your brand. In fact, putting money behind your Google reviews violates Google’s guidelines. This is the reason why customers worldwide depend on Google for authentic reviews about a business!

Can you ask for positive Google reviews?

While you can’t pay people to leave reviews for your business or provide an incentive for them to leave reviews, asking loyal customers to leave Google reviews is both recommended and encouraged to help grow your business’s online presence!

However, Google does prohibit soliciting reviews in bulk or asking for specific types of reviews. Get more tips on how to ask for reviews here!

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Do people trust positive Google reviews?

Yes! In fact, 72% of people say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more. Moreover, 92% of people will choose to do business with a local business if it has at least a 4-star rating.

However, a mix of both positive and negative reviews is ideal. That’s because bad reviews can be good for business, too, as 82% of people look for bad reviews specifically to help them set their expectations accordingly. Often, how you respond to reviews matters more than the type of Google reviews you get.

Can you get fake Google reviews?

There are times you may need to delete a Google review if you feel it violates Google’s terms. Unfortunately, fake Google reviews may pop up occasionally. While Google will automatically remove any reviews that are inappropriate, profane, or offensive, it’s important to regularly check your Google reviews.

That way, you can flag any fake reviews for removal through your Google Business Profile.

If it’s coming from a customer who doesn’t sound or look familiar, or someone who hasn’t frequently reviewed other businesses in the past, that could indicate your Google review could be fake.

Can you delete Google reviews?

Yes! If a review violates Google’s policy, it can be flagged for removal. Check out our complete post on how to delete Google reviews that breaks down easy steps to handle any rogue Google Business Profile activity.

The above is the explanation needed to answer the question how to get good reviews on Google?

Please refer to this resource as it is essential for you. Audiencegain hopes you can receive useful information about how to get positive reviews on Google? and be confident in future review activity.

Harness the power of positive testimonials to drive your business forward now! Get authentic Google Reviews from our reputable platform at AudienceGain and see your reputation skyrocket.

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