How To Get Unshadowbanned On TikTok – The Fact About TikTok Shadowbanning


If you are a TikToker, you must be very interested in the number of views and interactions after each post. However, sometimes your videos have a lot fewer views than the previous and subsequent videos.

In this case, people often think that the account has been shadowbanned. So what is the truth about shadowbanned, and is your account experiencing this? Let’s learn how to recognize and how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok in this article!

Misconception About TikTok Shadowbanning

When they see the video they uploaded has no views, many people often panic and find a way to increase the view. Unfortunately, they forgot to find the cause of the drop in views. In early 2021, when TikTok became popular, they decided to clean up their community. They restrict a lot of videos, making them inaccessible to users.

Since then, the phrase “shadowbanned” was born to refer to the phenomenon of accounts suddenly reducing the number of new views and followers.

Many theories for this phenomenon have been put forward, such as TikTok restricting successful accounts or being a penalty of TikTok.

However, this phenomenon is actually because your account and videos have violated the community standards set by TikTok.

Reuse other people’s videos uploaded on TikTok

 how to get unshadowbanned on tiktok

Reuse other people’s videos uploaded on TikTok

Reusing other people’s videos uploaded on TikTok, including re-sharing or reusing other users’ ideas, is not recommended by TikTok. In addition, it might be hard to find out how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok if users use this method to upload content on their channel.

Discovering that you reuse other people’s ideas, TikTok will mark your account as not a quality creative account.

And so they will limit the appearance of your video so that users can access more quality article sources. Too much of the same and repetitive content will not grow the community in the direction they want.

Use videos taken from other social media platforms

Like reusing other people’s videos or ideas, it’s also illegal to get videos on other platforms. It is considered plagiarism or, worse, problems related to piracy.

Sometimes, videos on other platforms will have a different format and size than shown on TikTok. So if you take videos on other social networks and re-up on TikTok, it will affect the sound and image quality. Also, for example, youtube has a different frame size and length than TikTok. Therefore, re-up content cannot be guaranteed and may cause false information.

One tip if you want to use ideas from other platforms is to edit them. It would help if you relied on the ideas you saw to rewrite the detailed script. Then you produce videos that bring quality content to the TikTok platform.

Video content violates TikTok’s policy

TikTok’s policy violation

In fact, the number of TikTok users is many times larger than content controllers. So they set out policies to ensure the safety of their community and installed algorithms to protect it.

Users often skip this step, and their policies are usually very long. Those who have committed violations will learn more about this issue to avoid it because TikTok’s penalty is quite heavy. All metrics are archived, and if you violate those policies too many times, your account will be disabled.

Video content looks like a violation of TikTok’s policy

Many pranks have sounded like gunfire or dangerous objects. Regarding the content, you do not intend to spread violence, but TikTok scans by machine, and when detected, it will understand that these are unusual signs.

Or another case is that you use drinks that look like alcohol but are not alcohol. However, TikTok’s AI technology will not be able to analyze that.

These behaviors also have warnings and are in terms of TikTok’s policy. For example, many of you think that violent acts are shadowbanned, but the policy clearly states that they will warn against such tendencies.

So how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok? Not only do you need to know, but you also have to understand and carefully read the policy of TikTok.

How To Get Unshadowbanned On TikTok?

If your account has ever violated the terms of TikTok, the algorithm will become more strict and meticulous with you. It is only a phenomenon if TikTok sees a video with infringing content or a computer’s IP has repeatedly been violated, such as reusing other people’s content. Then, TikTok will be stricter with such accounts in controlling content and pushing your videos to trend.

From there, your account will find be challenging to reach more people. So that’s why sometimes your videos will not be trending on TikTok but only exposed to less than 500 people or even no people (0 views).

Thus, in essence, there is not a shadowban concept with TikTok

How to get unshadowbanned on TikTok with less than 1K followers?

As mentioned above, if your account violates community standards, censorship or reaching new users will also be more difficult. You seem to have to be careful in every video or word, or content that you prepare.

So if your account doesn’t have too many followers, then go away and create a new account. Once you know how to do it and avoid mistakes, this new account will be easier to grow than keep using the old account.

Understanding TikTok’s policy

If you stubbornly keep your old account and accept strict restrictions and censorship, make sure you are familiar with the policy. The policies of TikTok are pretty long and have many hidden terms. So you have to be alert to be able to understand and remember it.

The system will automatically set up a stricter process for your account. And so you should be prepared even when making videos with few viewers. Then, after a long time with quality and consistent content, your account will gradually reach the community again.

TikTok accounts often make small mistakes that you don’t expect. However, it will still count as 1 error, and if your account is in violation too much, it will become disabled.

Specifically, if you are warned by TikTok more than 10 times, your account will be permanently IP banned regardless of your attempts to talk or Fake IP.

It means that your account will be permanently lost, and you will not be able to access or log in even if you change to another device.

Some Tips On How To Get Unshadowbanned On TikTok

Making a video has to go through a lot of hard work, from ideation, script to editing. While building a TikTok channel has to make hundreds of different videos, you will regret it if you start from scratch. So if your account is shadowbanned, we will show you how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok.

Remove content related to shadowbanned

Remove shadowbanned video

Many people often rush to immediately delete the most recent video when discovering a shadowbanned account. However, that video may not be the cause. So please check the information and analysis data of the last 10 videos.

Even if you have found a video containing content that caused your account to be shadowbanned, you will need to wait at least 2 weeks to return to normal.

During this time, you can take the time to invest in content and shoot a pre-rendered video. You can also build a new channel to keep your work or as a backup.

Reinstall the app

how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok

Reinstall the app

If you find your ban lasts longer than 2 weeks, there’s a good chance your device has a problem. This is because most smart devices today have automatic software updates installed.

However, sometimes specific errors cause the update process to malfunction. This makes TikTok on your device not consistent with the international version, which means keeping the ban.

To fix this error, you can try updating the app again. Be sure to delete all data related to TikTok, including cache, and reinstall from scratch. After reinstalling, log in to your account and check if the report is working correctly again.

Switch to a professional TikTok account

How to get unshadowbanned on TikTok? You can simply use the Pro account. This is not a way to remove the ban, but it will show why you are banned. Individual accounts will usually operate straightforwardly. Meanwhile, the professional accounts will also include data analysis.

So switch your account to a pro account so you can see those analytics. These metrics not only help you identify the issue or infringing content as in step 1. These analytics also show you what content users care about and follow a lot. From that data, you can choose your direction more effectively.

Take a few days to rest

Your video may not violate the guidelines, but unusual user behavior and activity could also be blamed. For example, sometimes the views on your video are not growing, maybe because one person re-watches the video too many times. This action may cause TikTok to suspect an anomaly and prevent your video from trending.

Even if you have removed the offending content, take a few days to rest so that TikTok can update again. Then, when you return to TikTok, filter your account to see any questionable content.

Research carefully the TikTok copyright

Research carefully about the TikTok copyright

The TikTok community takes copyright issues very seriously. For example, plagiarizing someone’s content is a violation, or that fake product appears in a video. So when you see someone’s idea is good, you can remake it according to your own. It could be your personal views, adding missing pictures, or rephrasing ideas in a different format.

However, TikTok always encourages users to create their products. Therefore, when making unique ideas, the percentage of your videos appearing on the trend will increase.

You also need to pay attention to whether the content meets community standards. If your account has a recurring range, it will continue to be shadowbanned, and the time will not be limited to 2 weeks.

Content videos need to conform to community standards

Creative ideas always are what TikTok wants to show in its community. However, this app’s audience is quite diverse, so the content will also be more limited. The following suggestions can help you build a more robust TikTok channel:

  • Ensure community standards but still have creativity and unique features
  • Content that is useful and improves understanding for viewers
  • Healthy, appropriate entertainment content
  • Build a channel with consistent content
  • Do not forget to describe the video and take advantage of the available features such as filter, edit or use hashtags.

Guaranteed video quality

Guaranteed your video quality

Currently, the number of users and content creators on TikTok is growing larger and larger. As a result, the contents on TikTok are also censored more harshly, requiring you to make quality videos. Then how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok with this vast increase?

The answer lies in quality assurance. It includes many factors:

  • Crisp, full-light image quality.
  • Speech, music, and sound, in general, are not copyrighted and at an appropriate volume.
  • Complete video editing, get the balance between color effects and transitions.

Terms Of TikTok You Must Know

TikTok Term Of Use

TikTok Term Of Use

The most common problem that makes TikTok videos restricted to other users is that the video or your account violated TikTok terms. When you create an account, TikTok will ask you to read and confirm your understanding of its terms. However, many people often ignore and do not read this section.

This becomes one of the biggest reasons leading to shadowbanned. So here, we will summarize the terms of TikTok that every TikToker needs to understand in the most concise and easy-to-understand way.

Basically, TikTok directs its users and develops into a safe, healthy platform. Therefore TikTok will ban violent or antisocial behavior, elements related to politics in general. In addition, on this platform, there are also children under the age of 18, so offensive or dangerous images cannot appear.

Specifically, there are behaviors that TikTokers need to avoid to protect their accounts.

Violent extremism

The first topic that TikTok bans is acts related to enticing, instigating, or inciting violence. These social media videos are most likely to cause war or violence, or terrorism in real life.

So you should not post videos related to:

  • Encourage or propagate violence
  • Instructions for crafting and weapons-related behaviors
  • Praise, propagate, or encourage participation in a dangerous organization.
  • Elements containing names, symbols, signs in hazardous organizations

Hateful behavior

TikTok aims at the development of a healthy, diverse, and inclusive community. Therefore, videos containing hateful behavior cannot appear on the community platform of this social networking site. Likewise, videos that have offensive content and incite vulnerable groups cannot be trending.

Those groups include ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, migrants, other sexual orientations, or caste or religion.

In short, try to avoid the following hate-related content:

  • Content that argues or denigrates a particular group of people or organizations
  • Defamatory content
  • Using words or actions that are intended to be aggressive or agitated
  • Violent events affect vulnerable groups.

Illegal activities and regulated goods

TikTok facilitates users to sell and promote their products. However, some items should not be included in videos posted on the TikTok platform that you need to be aware of. You can check the following list of prohibited items:

  • Weapons: Includes knives, knives, guns, ammunition, explosives, and dangerous tools in general.
  • Trafficking in persons or promoting the trafficking, exploitation of slaves, or prostitution
  • Buy, sell and trade wild animals.
  • Buying and selling stimulants such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco
  • Harmful chemicals are not expected.
  • Propaganda about fake or poor quality goods

Violent and objectionable content

Despite being a platform that allows creativity, TikTok still has limitations related to violence.

Many specific creative works still use gory materials to condemn or reflect. However, most videos are processed by AI technology, so there is a low chance that your video will show a trend.

So, to avoid it altogether, please refer to the following list of content to not post or share on the TikTok platform:

  • Content related to death or accident, including graphics
  • Violence, fighting, torturing people and animals
  • Kill, slaughter, mutilate the body into pieces
  • Image clips that contain gore or gore from trauma or violence

Suicide, self-harm, and dangerous behaviors

Suicide or self-harm, torturing oneself with dangerous behaviors will affect the viewer’s experience and emotions. Furthermore, if the incident lasts a long time or occurs too much, it will be a danger to the user. So to ensure the safety of our community, TikTok has introduced a ban on this content.

Specifically, the following behaviors are related that you should avoid:

  • Instructions, incitements, inducements to commit suicide
  • Life-threatening games, suicide, life-related challenges
  • Behaviors that are harmful to your health, such as unhealthy eating
  • Dangerous games or the presence of harmful objects

Harassment and Bullying

The behaviors that TikTok prohibits regarding harassment and bullying include:

  • Sexual harassment includes performing unwanted sexual acts, simulating by actions or words, writing, disclosing, or threatening others,…
  • Threatening an individual or organization to extort money or destroy the reputation of an individual or collective
  • Acts of cursing, hitting, or threatening to demean or hurt even people or animals

Adult nudity and sexual activities

TikTok is a platform that expands its user base to include children. Although there are still calculations to ensure this object’s safety, TikTok still prohibits adult nude photos and sexual activities.

Specifically, those behaviors include:

  • Sexual exploitation such as solicitation, manipulation, or sexual assault
  • Nudity and sexual activity such as depictions or images of the body, language content containing sexually explicit language.

Safe for children

TikTok requires age verification for accounts and users to ensure the safety of minors. In addition to the measures to control the content these accounts can access, TikTok also prohibits the following content from ensuring absolute safety:

Content related to the sexual exploitation of minors, including re-sharing or interacting with children using vulgar language

Manipulative behavior, attempt to contact off-platform, violation of personal information sources

Integrity and authenticity

Always aiming for a safe and healthy community, TikTok is increasingly improving its quality with specific measures. They require identity verification to avoid cases of spoofing aimed at damaging someone’s reputation:

  • Spam and interaction fraud to increase views or followers
  • Create fake accounts
  • Posting false information without precise verification
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights such as plagiarizing designs and models of a certain high-class brand.

Platform security

To ensure the general safety and the information of users. TikTok has introduced the following policies:

  • Restrict user access when detecting signs of fraud
  • Do not distribute dangerous files containing viruses or malicious documents
  • Prohibition of modifying or creating algorithms that affect the technology of TikTok
  • Prohibition of using 3rd party apps or websites to collect and influence TikTok


Above is all you need to know about shadowban and how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok. After getting all the information, you will better understand this term and how TikTok works. But if you still get into trouble with unnecessary mistakes, call us to get more useful advice and keep your content on track.

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