How To Increase Engagement On Instagram In 2024


In 2024, many content creators might encounter this problem: you want to boost your social media but don’t know how to increase engagement on Instagram. But don’t worry because there are a plethora of methods to interact with your community and see your metrics increase.

How to increase engagement on Instagram with Stories

Stories are similar to the in-feed posts. So the longer people stay on your story, the more they engage with your content, and the more Instagram is going to push your story to the top of other users’ lists.

Personalize your Instagram Stories

Bringing your personality to Instagram is a terrific place to start if you don’t know how to get more engagement on Instagram.

Share a personal narrative, ask questions, and show your face! Stories are the perfect format for talkative, casual discussions. It’s crucial to show your face as a brand every now and again. Your fans want to know you’re more than just a brand. When a person’s face appears in a brand account’s story, it tends to increase engagement. Try organizing your Instagram Stories approach ahead of time if you want to take it to the next level.

Take advantage of Stickers

Instagram Stories stickers are a terrific method to inspire your followers to interact with you, which will help you build a devoted and engaged following. Also, polls, questions, countdowns, quizzes, and emoji sliders are just a few of the quick and easy stickers available on stories.

You may have direct dialogues with your followers with the Instagram Stories questions sticker. You can either invite your followers to ask you questions about a specific topic or leave the floor completely open. You can utilize the sticker in a variety of ways, including holding an AMA (ask me anything). This simple little inquiries box will surprise you with how much engagement it generates.

Instagram users want to feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. And giving them the floor to ask questions is a fantastic way to do it. Once you’ve gathered all of the questions, don’t forget to answer them in your story.

Use the new “Add Yours” Instagram Stories Sticker

The “Add Yours” sticker is a brand-new approach to create viral content chains on Instagram, and it’s unlike anything else currently available.

The sticker works exactly as it sounds: you add your own media to whatever prompt a user provides. Users that have access to the sticker can place it on their stories and tap it to enter a personalized prompt for their friends. This could range from requesting that your followers show off their WFH setup to their favorite skincare products.

Viewers can share the sticker by pressing it and swiping up to add media from their camera roll to their own tales. When a person posts the “Add Yours” sticker to their Instagram stories, it starts a chain reaction in which their followers, and eventually anybody on Instagram, can join in the challenge.

How to increase engagement on Instagram with In-feed posts

Insert CTAs into your captions

Including a call to action, or better yet, a direct question, in your caption is a surefire method to increase Instagram engagement.

Your community is more likely to respond to your comments if you provide a genuine anecdote and follow it up with a pertinent question. You can be as inventive as you want with your queries. You can seek advice, make recommendations (for restaurants, holiday places, or novels), or inquire about the type of material they would want to see from you.

Encourage your audience to click the link in your Instagram bio is also another strategy to increase interaction with CTAs.

Use Carousel Posts

Instagram carousels let you share up to ten images, videos, and text graphics with your followers in a single post. Carousel articles that provide some form of value, whether it’s offering instructional knowledge or promoting a social cause, can help generate saves and shares. So each slide in your carousel post is a chance to increase interaction tenfold.

Use relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are primarily a reach strategy, although more reach usually equates to better levels of interaction. Hashtags, without a question, should be a part of your approach.

According to the findings of a recent Later study, posts containing 30 Instagram hashtags had the highest engagement rates on average.

So how to increase engagement on Instagram with hashtags? The answer is checking to see if your hashtags are reaching out to specific populations that are interested in your material.

Create and share relatable Memes

Memes have a way of getting to the heart of every user. They’re clever, witty, and relatable. And relatability is where it’s at in 2024.

To put it another way, Instagram users want to be seen and heard. Your audience will like, comment, and share your post with their friends if you use the proper meme. Regardless of your specialization or sector, you have the ability to make a meme. The more people who share your post, whether they repost it on their Instagram Story or send it to a friend, the more interaction you’ll experience.

Create graphics that can be saved

Quotes, pictures, and repurposed tweets are all over Instagram, and they’re great for getting people to engage.

Instagram users are fond of sharing quotes on their stories, especially if they’re both emotive and visually appealing. Repurposing tweets into Instagram feed postings is a recent trend. On Instagram, this type of material is extremely interesting and popular. We recognize the irony.

These kinds of visuals, like meme production, don’t demand a lot of resources. Even if you don’t have Twitter, you may use one of the many themes to make it look like a tweet.

How to increase engagement on Instagram with AudienceGain

Instagram is still a popular way for marketers to communicate with their customers, particularly millennials. So content creators should try incorporating Instagram’s new features, with their existing user base and the useful marketing tools from AudienceGain to plan content and watch the engagement grow!

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