How To Gain Instagram Followers Organically And Quickly In 2024


If your Instagram presence isn’t nearly as strong as you’d want, it’s time to discover how to gain Instagram followers fast in 2024. This post will provide 7 outstanding techniques for gaining actual and organic fans so you can start establishing your profile the right way.

How to gain Instagram followers 2024 with 7 tips

Update Reels daily

The IG Reel is one of the main spotlights of the Instagram algorithm as “a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos” on this platform.

With audio, effects, and new creative tools, you can record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos. You may share reels with your followers on Feed, and if you have a public account, you can also make them available to the rest of the Instagram community via a new Explore section. Reels in Explore allows anyone to become an Instagram creator and reach new audiences on a global scale.

This implies that the Reels you create can easily reach out to people who aren’t on your follower list, increasing your visibility and growing your following. For the best results, follow these steps:

  • In your Reels captions, use keywords and hashtags that appropriately identify your video footage.
  • Make use of popular sounds.
  • To encourage return views, keep your Reels short and concise.
  • Produce unique stuff.
  • Add on-screen text for viewers who don’t have access to a sound system.
  • Aim for high-definition video (rather than uploading content with a TikTok watermark).

Even if your brand or business doesn’t seem like a natural fit for Reels, there are still opportunities to succeed. Experiment with popular trends, take fans behind the scenes or even show your product before and after.

Posting IG Reels 2 to 3 times a day allows your page easily to be discovered among a wide community.

Provide highly-shareable content

This is a common way to deal with how to gain Instagram followers. Whenever you create content that is shareable, people can easily relate to your video and they are more likely to share that content with their friends, family, followers, etc. The result is the more people share your content, the more Instagram keeps promoting your video. Then you can see free traffic from the Explore page coming to your account.

Inspirational quotations, instructional carousel articles, and on-trend memes are all tried-and-true formats, and one viral post can reach tens of thousands of people. Besides, memes are extremely effective in spreading viral content, especially when they draw into current events. They’re frequently amusing or creative, and they usually combine text and imagery (a photo, GIF, or video). To make an effective meme, strike a balance between the popular visuals you’re using, your target audience’s sentiment, and your brand’s niche.

Make an Instagram challenge

Instagram challenges have long been popular (like the ice bucket challenge from 2014), and they’re becoming more popular on Instagram Reels as well.

Creating a successful Instagram challenge can propel your account into the public consciousness, potentially reaching hundreds, if not millions, of potential followers.

Make participation as simple as possible, establish a branded hashtag to tie the challenge back to your company, and consider what people would enjoy participating in for the greatest outcomes.

Create IGTV series

IGTV allows you to watch long-form, vertical videos from your favorite Instagram users. It can be used within the Instagram app so the entire one-billion-strong community can use it right away.

If your IG is a personal brand, a business with specific products, or it provides certain knowledge that people want to learn more about, producing IGTV episodes is going to be a perfect way to build long-term consistent followers that come back to your page. You can repurpose your YouTube videos; reupload them on IGTV; name them as Episode 1, Episode 2 as the playlists. Then people can come back and watch it over and over again.

Build relationships with followers with Story and Live

It is not just the number of followers that you have, there is a human being behind the number. So the more you build a connection with your followers, the more they are likely to interact with your content. Instagram Live and Story Q&A are effective ways to improve this relationship.

Instagram Live allows you to broadcast video to your followers in real-time. This Livestream feature differs from other live broadcasting technologies such as Facebook Live in that it is fully ephemeral: once the broadcast is finished, the video vanishes. There will be no replays. But you can talk to the people, mention all the things they want to know directly and immediately.

Meanwhile, Instagram Stories is also an in-app feature that allows users to share photographs or videos that will vanish after 24 hours. They are designed to be rapid, memorable, and enjoyable and appear in a vertical format. So you can take advantage of it: let your followers ask questions and you answer them back.

Have a Hashtag strategy

Many people might take hashtags in the wrong way: they use a bunch of hashtags in their caption to get free likes with followers. But it does not work anymore. If you use popular hashtags in your caption now, you might have more potential to ruin your organic reach. How to gain Instagram followers does not depend on how many hashtags you can put in.

The key here is to have a strategy for your hashtags. You should use hashtags that are not too crowded and not too popular. A medium search hashtag will help your content be discovered by new followers. Also, if you’re stuck for hashtag ideas, you can try out Later’s Hashtag Suggestion tool, which delivers 30 related hashtags organized by relevance that you can include in your post captions.

Organize a giveaway on Instagram

Hosting an Instagram giveaway might be one of the most efficient ways to quickly expand your following.

With the appropriate strategy, you may reach thousands of potential new followers while also strengthening your brand’s feeling of community. Set explicit entrance requirements that complement your development objectives, such as tagging a friend in comments, sharing Instagram Stories, and following your account.

Instagram giveaways are especially useful when they are hosted in collaboration with a creative or business that shares your target demographic.

How to gain Instagram followers with AudienceGain

Growing your Instagram account may appear to be a difficult task dealing with how to gain Instagram followers, but with the appropriate approaches and ideas, you can certainly handle it. Posting creative material, targeting the correct people, taking advantage of Instagram’s new features and trends are all part of the strategy. So, if you want to figure out the best direction for your channel, drop us a line immediately to discuss with AudienceGain’s expert team.

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