Infographic: How to Use Instagram more Effectively


How to Use Instagram (Insta) more Effectively

Once we’re talking at a convention, one of the most frequent questions we’re asked is what the future of social media is.

We’re not nice at distant future predicting, however we do believe the story of today and near-future of social media is ‘visual content’.

From the affect of photos and video on Facebook and Twitter to the new crop of social media platforms like Instagram, it’s clear that inbound marketers have to be turning out nice visual content.

We lately spent a while gathering a big Insta database and analyzing it to establish the characteristics that make photos work or not work. Please find the result in the infographic below.

If you wish to see information like this about your account specifically, try the Insta analytics tool: PicStats

Hope that will help you find out how to use Instagram more effectively!

The Science of Instagram – How to use

how to use instagram


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