How to Succeed on TikTok As A Business?


Are you a business with the desire to successfully promote your brand on social networks, including TikTok? You realize it’s time to take advantage of TikTok’s unique features to boost user awareness of your brand.

So how can you succeed on TikTok as a business? Let’s find out through this article.

 Succeed on TikTok As A Business


What is the essence of TikTok? What benefits does it bring to the business?

Viral videos, engaging virtual challenges, and exciting trends are at the core of TikTok. Don’t think that this latest social media platform is just for boring teenagers.

With 66% of users under the age of 30, TikTok can completely fulfill your brand promotion mission if you leverage it properly.

What is the secret to its rapid success? It allows anyone to be creative and express themselves through short videos (up to 60 seconds long) and helps bring people together.

Short videos are used to create engaging content that drives engagement across all social media platforms – and TikTok is made for it. With 500 million users in India, 180 million in China, and 130 million in the US, the creative platform offers incredibly diverse audiences for marketing.

So you can tell your unique brand story, be creative and reach your audience in your way with a much cheaper budget than other platforms. Remember that success on TikTok as a business is closely tied to KOLs (key opinion leaders) and influencers.

What TikTok gives you:

  • Huge library of free music and effects
  • Own a list of influencers, KOLs, and easy ways to contact
  • Easily keep up to date with trends and trends

How to succeed on TikTok as a business?

Understanding the creative market

TikTok is a fertile creative market, but not everyone understands it. If you do not clearly understand what businesses need to do, how to orient, and how to market to whom, you will completely fail because today’s TikTok market is increasingly saturated.

TikTok is not just a social network for musical selfies, it is also the only platform that helps brands express their personality in a vivid visual way. Understanding this, AdidasNeo – a line of Adidas products specifically for teenage customers from 14 to 19 years old has successfully implemented a marketing plan on the TikTok platform.

TikTok As A Business

Addidas Neo

Adidas’ TikTok account aims to localize the brand by creating exclusive content for popular local people on the TikTok platform. The articles created by Adidas all show the personality of the group of buyers that Adidas targets.

Most of the posts of fashion brands include images of their merchandise. But the clips posted on TikTok are not only easy to “show off products”, but it also shows the active lifestyle, style of each individual.

 Succeed on TikTok As A Business

Pizza Hut Sticker

You can learn the way AdidasNeo orients its marketing plan for customers ages 14 to 19, or you can learn from PizzaHut when taking advantage of the fun sticker set “red hat, sunglasses and storefront” to advertise. promote the brand.

Take advantage of advertising

TikTok as a business

TikTok’s four Ad Products

TikTok in recent years has deployed ads on this platform to compete with rivals such as Google, Facebook, Instagram. Currently, TikTok has the following types of ads:

Brand Takeover

Ads range in length from 3 seconds to up to 5 seconds. Ads will lead users to the landing page or hashtag challenge of the brand. Open the Tik Tok application and the ad immediately appears on the screen in 5 seconds, brand takes over as one of the most sought-after and used formats at TikTok. However, to get to this position, the brand needs to work directly with TikTok because the number of impressions of the above form is limited every day.

Not only displayed on app launch, but this ad format can also appear in the news feed as a gif or static to lead users to the homepage or encourage participation in new trends in the form of hashtag challenges.

The special feature of this TikTok ad format is commitment: in an industry, each user does not see an ad only once on the same day.

More viewers, less competition, brand take over is a form that few people ‘ dispute’ about the effectiveness of improving brand awareness when businesses are ‘single-handedly’. However, ‘perks’ always come with a ‘price’, and the cost of booking a place for brand take-over formats is not cheap.

In-Feed Ads

The ad will take the form of a short video of about 5-15 seconds, which will be displayed in the video stream as the user scrolls through the app. Usually, In-feed ads can be divided into 2 main types:

  • Direct native ad: used to increase views and interact with similar videos of the brand on Tiktok
  • Direct diversion ad: Navigate to the home page.

The advantage of this form is that the cost is quite good, easy to apply for brands with small budgets. This is also a ‘playing field’ for the brand’s creativity and also an ‘area’ where businesses can trap many different Call-to-actions in 9-15 seconds – such as buying now, download the app now, visit the business website!

However, like other videos in the news feed, your ad can also be ‘skimmed’ very quickly. Therefore, to effectively exploit this form, in the first 2-3 seconds the brand must start from the ‘climax’ to prevent people from skipping!

In addition, if you have enough budget, businesses can take advantage of influencers to increase the ability to navigate user actions. Fashion brands, cosmetics, or highly visual products are one of the areas where the role of influencers is quite good that brands can consider!

Branded effects

This is an ad format that no platform can replace. By working closely with TikTok to create brand-specific effects, you can make your products appear more natural.

And this form will be even more effective when combined with hashtag challenge. Think about it, what happens when you create effects and challenges that make customers look like they’re using your product – applying lipstick.

Implement brand effect ads is not as easy as other TikTok ad formats when brands have to million a certain amount of money on this platform. So if you are just starting to participate in this playground, this is still a temporary form that cannot be implemented for all brands.

Hashtag challenge

This is also the ad format that makes TikTok unique. How to succeed on TikTok as a business? You can take advantage of the hashtag challenge. And if you learn about TikTok, you will surely encounter many ‘challenges’ in the process of surfing videos.

Hashtag challenge is a TikTok advertising format formed by two factors: creativity in brand trends and spread through influencers. However, to deploy, businesses are forced to work directly through TikTok.

Even if you connect directly with influencers to promote the brand challenge, the challenge’s coverage will be either ‘strangled’ by TikTok or limited to the influencer’s fan base hired because of a violation of the terms.

When clicking on the hashtag challenge, the user will immediately be taken to the homepage with the logo, website link, challenge description, and featured videos.

But before falling into fun and exciting experiences, businesses should reconsider their original goal – increase brand awareness, introduce new products or lead, to assess the suitability of the image.

Participate in Existing Challenges.

The fastest way to market and promote your business on TikTok is to catch the trend and join the HOT challenges. It’s very simple, you just need to find the trending challenge hashtag on TikTok and start participating.

This way you can easily promote your business without having to build or strategize much.

To join an existing challenge, your first step is to search for hot TikTok hashtags by going to the Discover tab. Here will display popular hashtags and top content.

Like the simple and short video of the Mexican restaurant Chipotle and the juggling game on TikTok and the #ChipotleLidFlip challenge.

TikTok as a business

ChipotleLidFlip challenge

This campaign generated a strong response from the community and 315.8 million views on related tagged content. This video and challenges revolve around the funny, simple, and unexpected task of flipping the lid of a burrito bowl.

Create your trend

Instead of taking advantage of the challenge “trends” already on TikTok, you can also create your challenges to create new trends. However, creating your challenges requires you to invest a lot of time and creativity.

Once your challenge goes viral on TikTok, make sure your followers and video views will skyrocket, which helps expand your audience reach. Or if not at least this way is enough to PR, promote your business in a specific audience.

A good example is Chipotle. To celebrate Guacamole National Day, Chipotle launched a Branded Challenge campaign called #GuacDance. Specifically, TikTok users will create dance videos to the song “Guacamole Song”.

Succeed on TikTok as a business

Chipotle cooperated with Loren Gray and Brent Rivera

For this campaign, Chipotle cooperated with Brent Rivera and Loren Gray, both of whom are very popular YouTubers and have TikTok accounts.

The campaign generated over 250,000 Video submissions and 430 million Videos in just 6 days. Thereby, Chipotle’s influencer campaign became one of the most successful Branded challenges in the United States.

Add hashtags

A successful example of TikTok as a business is a good example of marketing that only applies the hashtag challenge without adding any links to the product and still creates a viral effect for that brand, a collaboration between high-end fashion brand Michael Kors with Yang Mi and Mark Chao.

They shot the challenge clip “City Catwalk” which is just a simple 15-second catwalk video in a trendy Michael Kors outfit. But yet the hashtags #CityCatwalk quickly became the most popular hashtag on TikTok.

Videos with this hashtag all hit more than 5 million views, with nearly 30,000 uploaders posting their 15-second videos featuring Michael Kors merchandise.

Suffice it to say that Tik Tok is the master of inclination.

With just hashtags, you can find all the trends that young people have focused on and love. With a vibrant content format and a young user group with limitless creativity, TikTok has just become a leading global application and a bridge to help brands quickly reach the next generation. Z.

Hashtag Challenge has 2 versions: free and paid.

Must work with influencers

How to succeed on TikTok as a business? To boost marketing on TikTok, you can borrow power from famous KOLs or influencers to promote your brand. Unlike posting on other platforms, content for TikTok relies on specific sounds such as trending and humorous saying that is integrated with background music to create attention for viewers.

TikTok as a business

Maybelline and Avani Gregg

When planning a campaign, brands need to keep this in mind when combined with influencer content, there are not only hashtags but also fun and memorable audio clips. For example, Maybelline has succeeded with the #MaybeItsMaybelline campaign when collaborating with TikTok star Avani Gregg (@avani) to share a makeover after makeup with a typical tune that has reached 2.1 billion views.


If you aspire to succeed on TikTok as a business, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the inherent advantages of TikTok! Be proactive and creative non-stop to achieve success! Hope this post will bring you useful information.

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