What Does Public Watch Hours Mean On YouTube?


What does public watch hours mean on YouTube? This is a common question that many YouTube creators have, especially if they want to monetize their videos and join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). This article will explain more about public watch hours and how to increase them.

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1. What does public watch hours mean on YouTube?

Public watch hours on YouTube refer to the total amount of time that viewers have spent watching your public videos. To be eligible for monetization through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and enable ads on your videos, you need to have at least 4,000 public watch hours within the past 12 months. This means that viewers collectively need to have watched your videos for a minimum of 4,000 hours in the past year.

You must link an AdSense account after being accepted to start receiving payments. Although it takes a lot of effort to accumulate 4000 genuine watch times, it is worthwhile if you want to monetize your YouTube channel.

For payment, you must connect your AdSense account

2. How to increase your YouTube public watch hours?

You can improve the number of hours people watch your YouTube videos by:

Create high-quality content first to engage your audience. Make sure your movie is well-made and engaging and offers something unique that viewers won’t discover anywhere else.

Second, promote your videos a lot on social networks and other platforms to get more people to watch your videos. That will contribute to viral growth.

You should use social networking sites for advertising your video

Third, give your videos a search engine optimization boost to make them appear higher in search results. More people will be able to locate and view your clips. From there, boost productivity to get more people to watch your video.

Finally, monitor your public watch hours YouTube to make sure you’re always keeping up with the necessary standards. By doing this, you can make sure that your YouTube channel is still in good standing and that as many people as possible are watching your videos.

You must adhere to the demands for public viewing times

3. What time doesn’t count as public watch time on YouTube?

There are a few circumstances where public watch hours on YouTube do not count. These consist of:

  • No public watch time is accumulated if the video is under three minutes.
  • No public watch time is reserved if a viewer watches a video without sound.
  • Only the first time a video is watched counts against the time it is available for public viewing.
  • No public watch time is accumulated if a video is viewed on a private page or through an embed with disabled public view settings.
  • No public watch time is accumulated if a video is marked as made for children or is age-restricted.
  • No public watch time is accumulated when a person is watching a live stream.
  • Only the first video in a user’s playlist will count toward the total time available for public viewing if the user watches another video.
  • Only the watch time for the on-demand video will be included in calculating the total number of public view times if a user watches a video that was part of a live stream.

To follow the problems, you must purchase

Under these circumstances, YouTube’s public watch time is not considered. A video’s public watch time will only be considered if it satisfies these requirements.

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4. Tips to get more watch hours on YouTube

Make longer videos:

To be able to answer “What does public watch hours mean on YouTube“, we’ll give you an actual case study from our YouTube channel. Here are two of our most successful videos as of this writing.

  • How to get 500 connections on LinkedIn: The clip lasts 7 minutes and 31 seconds. One thousand four hundred ninety people have watched it for 69.2 hours.
  • How to get your first 10,000 followers on LinkedIn: 47 minutes and 6 seconds make up the video. 50.2 hours have been spent watching it, with 456 views.

Here is a practical illustration of a video in use

Even though the video with 10,000 followers had just approximately 23% of the total views, it received almost 42% of the total watch time. Longer videos are so effective because of this! Even though lengthier videos have a lower average viewing time percentage than shorter ones, they more than makeup for it when devoted viewers watch them through to the very end!

Video optimization:

When you launch a new YouTube channel, the chances are not in your favor. Because YouTube needs to learn more about you, your channel, your videos, and who would be interested in watching them, it won’t initially recommend your videos to new users, and your channel won’t naturally expand.

The good news is that you can avoid this by making your clips search-engine friendly on YouTube. You need to locate video topics with many YouTube search activity and a few videos directly competing with yours.

Users should identify the most searched topics

Make a focused video for this subject once you’ve identified a keyword with a high search volume and little competition. Then, improve YouTube SEO for your video’s title, description, and keywords. One of the most effective strategies for increasing the number of people who view your YouTube videos is YouTube SEO.

When searching on YouTube for your target keyword, if there are only five videos of topic X, including yours, your video will appear on page one of the results. If in the first rank, the rate of getting views is higher.

When users search for the topic keyword, your video will appear

Utilizing the TubeBuddy app, you may find these terms! For all of our videos, we use it. It establishes a direct connection with YouTube’s API and retrieves the number of searches for every keyword we enter.

Based on these two figures, TubeBuddy will determine a score between 0 and 100. Better if it’s higher. We then research new video titles using these keywords and tweak our videos to increase their organic reach.

A program called TubeBuddy may boost the number of searches

Create custom thumbnails for YouTube videos:

Do you want to learn about a fantastic trick to lengthen your YouTube watch time? Improve the click-through rate of your video thumbnails! Even if your video is the best in the world, it won’t get any views if no one clicks.

YouTube thumbnails and your video’s title are the most crucial success factors for achieving high video click-through rates. When users peruse their YouTube newsfeed, a strong thumbnail clarifies why they should watch your video.

When you post a video to YouTube, three freeze-frames from the video will automatically be chosen as thumbnail recommendations. But if you want your video to stand out from other videos, you need always create and publish a particular thumbnail.

Planning for the thumbnail before composing your video content will yield the finest results. Our article covers how to design, develop, and optimize your YouTube thumbnails. Remember to look it over!

A specific thumbnail design plan is required

Add tags to videos:

To increase the time people spend watching your videos, you must also increase viewership. One of the simplest approaches is to use video cards to suggest one of your related videos to a person. They are the tiny informational symbols in the upper right corner of your videos.

You may suggest up to five videos per video, and we strongly advise using this tactic with each of your productions. Because doing so will increase the virality and number of views of your YouTube videos.

You might need more videos to recommend when you first start. But do not fret. You can quickly add more cards as soon as you have enough information. Let’s thus aggressively create a ton of high-quality videos!

By using video tags, you can promote your videos

5. FAQ public watch hours mean on YouTube

Here are some questions that we believe will bring helpful information to readers about “What does public watch hours mean on youTube”. Read on to learn more about this important metric for YouTube’s success.

5.1 Do short films on YouTube count toward public watch hours?

No, the 4000 public watch hours on YouTube requirement that must be met before you can start earning money with YouTube AdSense does not include the watch time you already have from YouTube Shorts.

5.2 Do hours of watching ads on YouTube count towards hours of public viewing?

You cannot circumvent the public watch hours YouTube restrictions by running YouTube ads to increase views and watch hours to monetize your channel. But you can use advertising to increase your membership base.

5.3 What does 1 public watch hours 4000 require?

Keeping up your monthly watch time of 20,000 minutes will take you a year to accumulate 4,000 watch hours (240,000 minutes). For your whole YouTube channel, your watch time is divided. A few excellent videos will help you reach 4,000 watch hours.

The answers to the queries “What does public watch hours mean on YouTube?” asked by numerous creators are provided above. AudienceGain hopes this article has been helpful and informative for you. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thank you for reading and happy YouTube-ing!

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