Understand How TikTok Algorithm Works And How To Deal With It In 2022



TikTok is the latest craze in social media. The video-sharing platform has grown incredibly quickly, thanks to its appealing content and ease of use. It is the go-to app for many digital media content makers, who use it to monetize their efforts.

If you are a serious creator or are looking at this platform as a revenue stream, it makes sense to try and understand how TikTok algorithm works and how you can optimize your content for better performance.

Do You Know How the TikTok Algorithm Works In 2022?

From the very early days, social media networks have kept the creation process for their algorithms secret. There is nothing wrong with it since these algorithms are the core of what keeps each social media platform unique and different.

However, with tens to hundreds of millions of videos on the platform, it somehow shows some of the basic rules of their algorithm and what you can do to improve your chances of getting found on this platform potentially.

That’s why we want to begin sharing a few of our insights on this subject with you today.

Video Interactions

Like most social media platforms, TikTok’s recommendations are filtered according to the content a user has interacted with. Well, what exactly does that mean?

Essentially, it means that the app will look for any clue about what content certain users enjoy viewing most or don’t like. Specifically, the types of interactions are defined by a set of factors that lie in these categories:

  • The users you follow
  • The account you’ve hidden
  • Comments you’ve written
  • Clips that you’ve “hearted”, shared, added to favorite, reported, or added to “Not Interested”.
  • Long clips that you’ve watched from start to end
  • The content you’ve created

Video Content

While user interactions on the app are only the interplay among accounts, video content signals are based on the engagement you have with different types of content, as discovered on the “Discover” tab.

The video content is very common, such as captions, hashtags, sounds, trending topics, or effects.

Device Settings

These are some of the things that TikTokers like to use when setting up the app. Although these things don’t affect much what you will see on the app as the two factors above, it is still important for you to be aware of them.

Some of these settings in the app that you can change to work for your current situation include:

  • Language preference.
  • Preferred country settings.
  • Type of device.
  • The interest you choose when you first log in.

What Factors Didn’t Count In TikTok Algorithms?

Some videos aren’t suggested by the application, including any videos that deem offensive, duplicated, previously seen, or spam.

As a user, you are also welcome to report any inappropriate posts to the application, which will assist with the mission of monitoring and developing healthy online behaviors.

For users who just started using this app and haven’t built up a huge fanbase just yet, the platform doesn’t base its recommendations on the number of followers you have, nor does it go by your history of success with higher-performing videos.

Having more followers on your account can make it easier to gain exposure. However, it’s even possible for smaller accounts with less exposure to get their video shown on people’s ‘For You’ page if it stands out.

What really counts is the quality of the video, not numbers or popularity!

Some Tips To Work Effectively With TikTok Algorithm

Tap into your subculture

You’re looking for a viable audience to engage with on TikTok, so joining an already existing community is the best place to start.

There are already plenty of communities like that, so participating in those subcultures directly can help get your content in front of people who might be interested in your content.

By doing so, you might be able to reach a larger audience. TikToker communities can be formed around events or organized through hashtags— your job is to find the ones that work for you and engage directly with them!

Knowing your valuable community can help you better tailor the videos with greater credibility. In this case, you can even create your brand loyalty and exposure.

Create the best caption

You’re only allowed to use 150 characters in your caption, which might sound like a limitation at first glance. However, it simply means you have to make every word count and really focus on getting your message across as briefly as possible.

A caption is also one of the most important parts of your video content. It increases the engagement and video completion ranking signals – meaning that people could potentially find your videos based on how engaging they watch this section to be!

Ask interesting questions to make people curious, interested, and motivated to interact more with your videos!

Make your first moments appealing.

It’s all about that first impression!

Just think about how many times you go on social network sites like Facebook or Twitter and find something interesting at first glance. It’s probably because it was powerful enough to create an image in your mind that made you want more of whatever it was!

It is exactly what TikTok videos can do, so develop some awesome strategies for catching and holding onto that viewing attention immediately!

Use popular music and sounds.

On many social networks, consistently participating in current trends is a way to catch attention. Most users said that they would prefer videos featuring trending songs.

But how to know which sounds are going viral? You can see a listing of the most trending music when tapping the “Plus” button at the end of your home page.

Produce high-quality clips

Making high-quality clips is a must if you hope to see your content rise to the leaderboards! Good lighting, a qualified microphone or an external recording device, and some quick edits are also vital.

You can shoot videos only with your phone, and they are good enough quality. The video length is also important to consider; we recommend sticking to no longer than 15 seconds max to attract viewers’ interest.


The TikTok algorithm is fairly straightforward to understand. We hope that this post has helped you understand how TikTok algorithm works and that you can use this information to grow your brand on this app.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to helping you succeed on the platform in the future!

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