How TikTok Reads Your Mind And Keep The Followers?



If you use TikTok, you may wonder how TikTok reads your mind because this platform suggests many related videos; some of them are your favorite. You probably want to understand how TikTok’s algorithms work for each individual.

TikTok has achieved popularity among short video creators as it makes content creation simple. In the app, TikTok provides numerous audio tracks, background music, and other features that allow you to generate your videos easily rather than building a video from the beginning.

To better understand, let’s scroll down and read this detailed explanation!

How TikTok Reads Your Mind?

Viewing Time

The first fundamental factor that affects how TikTok reads your mind is your viewing time. According to a recent revelation from the Wall Street Journal, TikTok depends on the length of time you spend viewing every single video, then directs you to more and more related videos. This is the reason why you cannot stop using the app.

However, this approach may occasionally lead young adults to perilous baits, especially when it comes to content that encourages suicide or self-harm – both of which are extremely serious issues. TikTok claims that it attempts to stop these concerns by eliminating content that violates its terms of service forcefully.

Viewing time is the essential element, and the app wants to keep you scrolling as long as possible. So, the TikTok algorithm attempts to make you addicted to the app instead of providing what truly meets your needs.

Surprisingly, this algorithm can predict your taste in just a few hours, like your favorite music genre, your emotions, feelings, etc. Then, you will continue to enjoy videos that you like the most and obviously become more addicted to them.

However, to do all of these things, TikTok has to access your sensitive data, including private information. In the worst case, you may be at risk if this information is leaked and used illegally.

Reaction And Comment

The amount of time you spend viewing videos on TikTok is not the only element that affects how Tiktok reads your mind. There is an equation of how this social platform evaluates and scores your videos. Like any other social media, TikTok has integrated actual user behavior and machine learning-driven prediction through three factors: reaction, comment, and video duration. Additionally, the times that you replay the videos can also be indicated in this equation.

This approach is efficient when you do not create videos but only watch them and interact by leaving reactions and comments. Then, based on your interactions recorded, the app will know how to recognize your tastes, read your interests, and lead you to several related-topic videos.

What Is ‘TikTok Algo 101’?

TikTok Algo 101 is a document written by TikTok’s Beijing engineering team. Suddenly and surprisingly, The New York Times got this document, and then a lot of important and confidential information was revealed. The public has been provided with new details on how TikTok can be so addictive to users.


Hilary McQuaide, a corporate spokesperson who confirmed the document was authentic, said TikTok created this document to illustrate how its algorithm works for non-technical workers. So, they can basically understand the algorithm without having technical knowledge.

Do you wonder how ‘TikTok Algo 101’ reached the New York Times? An anonymous person who had the right to read it without sharing it received this document. This person felt upset after reading the document and finding out that TikTok tried to push triggered content aggressively to draw users’ attention, including sensitive issues like self-harm and suicide.

How ‘TikTok Algo 101’ Helps TikTok Read Your Mind?

‘TikTok Algo 101’ revealed that TikTok developed its algorithm to help suggest, calculate and predict users’ favorite tastes. Consequently, the app can increase the number of users addicted to it.

In particular, the paper contains the program’s mathematical core, as well as the grasp of human nature: the inclination between tediousness, sympathy, and cultural characteristics, which explains why users find it so hard to stop using the app. So, how does ‘TikTok Algo 101’ tell you about the TikTok algorithm?

The first algorithm is to hook your attention within a few seconds. This platform boosts several videos with an intriguing hook to make you watch the videos or even repeat them many times.

So, it can record your history and make predictions about what you like the most or which issues you’ve been recently concerned about to give you the next related-topic videos.

Additionally, the file shows how the corporation changes its system to recognize and suppress hooks, as well as how the company considers more complex concerns. To attract more users, TikTok even pushes videos with sad content or trigger issues. When these videos go viral, the apps will continue to suggest more and more content with similar topics.

The paper also illustrates that when TikTok suggests a video, it doesn’t just look at how long users have watched it. Most importantly, TikTok’s algorithm takes into account the number of likes and comments that a video receives from users, the total playtime of a video, and whether or not users view the video.

According to ‘TikTok Algo 101’, the algorithm formula of a clip is:

Plike x Vlike + Pcomment x Vcomment + Eplaytime x Vplaytime + Pplay x Vplay

Finally, the leaked paper mentioned that the scores of all videos depend on this equation, and the highest scores will be returned to the user videos.


TikTok is becoming more and more successful in invading our lives. We use it anytime, anywhere, in any situation to create short videos and enjoy them.

All in all, you probably know how TikTok reads your mind and how this popular platform makes you and others addicted to it through this article. Then, you can decide how to use TikTok properly to avoid potential risks caused by this app.

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