What is Trustpilot used for? How Does Trustpilot Work?


What is Trustpilot used for? How Does Trustpilot Work? Trustpilot Group plc, is a Danish consumer business operating a review website founded in Denmark in 2007 which hosts reviews of businesses worldwide. Nearly 1 million new reviews are posted each month. The site offers freemium services to businesses. It has been criticised for the publication of fake reviews, and allowing companies to remove negative reviews. Trustpilot is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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What is Trustpilot used for?

Trustpilot is an online review community that connects businesses and consumers through genuine feedback from customers about their buying and service experiences.

Since we started Trustpilot in 2007, our purpose has always been to help people. As a free and open review platform, we work to build trust between consumers and businesses.

We want to help businesses collect reviews to engage with their customers, fix problems, and achieve success by improving their services. We also want to help consumers learn about businesses so that they can make informed decisions when buying products and services. These things are only possible with customer feedback.

Trustpilot used for

How Does Trustpilot Work?

Any consumer with a Trustpilot profile can leave a star rating for businesses from which they’ve made a purchase or had a service experience. The platform uses those individual ratings to calculate a cumulative TrustScore, from 1 to 5. A 5 equates to “excellent,” while a 1 indicates a “bad” experience.

However, the TrustScore isn’t simply an average of all existing reviews for the business. The company’s algorithm is affected by:

  • Time span – More recent reviews are weighted more strongly than older ones.
  • Frequency – The more frequently that companies collect their reviews, the more consistent their TrustScore will be.
  • Bayesian average – Companies with few reviews are more likely to see large fluctuations in their score. To counteract this, Trustpilot includes seven reviews with a 3.5-star rating as a way to stabilize the overall score. When the business acquires more reviews, these initial 3.5-star ratings begin to have a smaller effect on the TrustScore.

In addition to the star rating, customers can enter comments about their experience with the company, from the quality of its products to their experience with order fulfillment or customer service.

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Creating a Profile and Writing Reviews

You can create a free profile by using your Facebook or Google login or an email address. In addition, customers may receive a Trustpilot invitation from a business that they have recently used. By clicking on this link, a profile is automatically created with the personal information that you have already provided to that business.

However, consumers don’t need an invitation to leave a review for a company with which they’ve interacted. Once you have logged into your Trustpilot profile, you can look for the business’s profile using the search function and then leave feedback.

In keeping with Trustpilot’s aim of providing reviews from actual customers, businesses are allowed to flag any reviews that they consider suspicious. These flagged reviews are then investigated by Trustpilot to make sure that the author has complied with its guidelines.

Trustpilot used for

How Trustpilot Makes Money

Trustpilot offers a freemium business model. There’s no cost for consumers to leave reviews or for businesses to receive basic features. However, businesses that wish to receive more advanced services pay a monthly fee.

On one hand, companies can receive up to 100 automated review invitations per month and access to basic review statistics at no cost. According to Trustpilot, 90% of the businesses that obtain reviews do so as nonsubscribers.

On the other hand, paying business customers can send out a larger number of review invitations per month and have access to artificial intelligence (AI)-generated analytics that the company says can provide deeper insights into the customer experience. They also receive marketing tools that help them tout their reviews, including widgets that showcase their TrustScore and an image generator tool for social media profiles.

Trustpilot’s “standard plan” starts at $225 a month, although additional modules—such as unlimited review invitations and location-based review analytics—add to the price tag.

How to Spot Fake Reviews on Trustpilot

Just as most blogs receive spam comments, every review platform will also attract fake submissions. If you’re trying to use Trustpilot to determine whether a particular product or service is worth investing in, there are a few red flags to watch out for. First, click on the See a detailed overview button in the Business Transparency section of the profile you’re looking at. This will show you some data about the brand’s reviews

Also, scroll to the New reviews by star rating section. If there’s one month with an unusually huge spike in reviews – unlike the screenshot here – proceed with caution

Of course, solicited reviews aren’t necessarily fake or less trustworthy than organic ones. However, an unsolicited review likely means a customer feels quite strongly about the brand in question.

If a specific review (as opposed to the whole profile) seems suspicious to you, try looking into the reviewer. Accounts without profile pictures or names have naturally less legitimacy than complete profiles. Likewise, you may be able to tell if the reviewer is paid to write targeted feedback by checking out their other reviews.

If they’re all for one company or even just a few businesses in the same niche, proceed with caution. Finally, look for bad grammar or vague, generic responses such as “Great!” or “Excellent service!” with no details of why the reviewer likes the product or brand. These may indicate fake, automated submissions by bots.

How Can Trustpilot Help Your Business?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, consumers often use third-party review sites to research a product before buying it. In fact, 91 percent of customers say that reading a positive review will make them more likely to purchase an item. So, boosting the number of reviews for your brand (especially positive ones) could increase your sales.

Trustpilot makes this easy. When you create a business account, you can start inviting customers to leave feedback. You even have the option to automate this process and send an email invitation to customers when they complete their purchases. This is an easy and efficient way to grow your business.

It’s also smart to respond to negative reviews on Trustpilot. However, avoid accusing or blaming the customer when doing so. Instead, take an apologetic, helpful approach. Customers appreciate transparency and will be more forgiving of bad reviews if you accept responsibility for a poor experience and try to make it right.

Finally, you may want to embed Trustpilot reviews on your website. This acts as social proof to establish the legitimacy of your business. When visitors see that other people have purchased products from you successfully, they’ll likely feel more at ease about doing the same. Some plugins connect with review websites to help you display them to your site visitors.

Trustpilot used for

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