Things Creators Need To Know About YouTube Kids Monetization


When it comes to talking about YouTube kids monetization, many Internet users might have been mind-blown by how talented and outstanding many kid creators have made lots of money on the platform.

And of course, there will also be important characters who always support these young YouTube influencers. It is their family, as well as the professional staff who take care of brainstorming ideas and video production for the channel.

As a result, by an influential child as the main character, many major YouTube channels have developed into a unique brand, with the aim of bringing laughter and useful lessons for kids.

In addition, at such a young age, YouTube has been stricter in selecting content for these children. It could be changing the kid-related content policy, or publishing the YouTube Kids program. And this article will provide a closer look into the issue: how fruitful the kid content niche can be.

YouTube Kids Program


Youtube Kids Program – new version only for children

First off, let’s talk about this particular kid-focused Youtube program. YouTube Kids is essentially a separate version of this platform, raging from kid-directed and age-limited content, in addition to family and educational channels.

The app version’s interface has large images, colorful icons, and a carefully selected launch video on the homepage.

There are also additional features such as timer and search settings, where the second option allows users to access YouTube’s main database of videos. However, YouTube Kids will filter the results for your kids to access for their security.

The service also provides adults with control over content such as search disability, watch time restriction, volume reduction and so on.

To be more specific, here are the steps to figure out how Youtube Kids works:

Set up and create profiles


Set up and create profile

  • Parents first download YouTube Kids (for free) on iOS or Android devices, then provide date of birth information via warning screen, excluding inappropriate content for children. On the next screen you will see information on how to block and report the video (if needed).
  • Next, sign in with Google account and accept the terms of service.
  • Create a profile for the kids, tailor their experience to whatever device you’re signed into with YouTube Kids. You will then be asked to turn search on or off.
  • You can also create multiple profiles for additional children in the family

Search for videos


Search for videos easily

Once you’ve set up YouTube Kids, you’ll be taken to the main screen with 5 categories in the menu on the top of the home screen, including Recommendation, Shows, Music, Learning and Explore.

Just swipe through the carousel under each category to browse existing videos and tap on a video to watch it. To see the video again, just tap the watch button on the YouTube Kids home screen to access the video’s viewed history.

If you want to search for videos, click the magnifying glass icon from the menu bar on the home screen to search for videos on YouTube Kids with millions of videos suitable for children.

Time and management mode


Well it’s time to go to bed!

From the home screen, click the lock icon in the corner to access factory settings. After completing the login notification you will see an option to set a timer for the child so they can only use the app for a certain time, as well as an option to configure settings.

In the settings, you can manage the child’s account, allow streaming to another screen, playback HD video over Wi-Fi, adjust subtitles, set custom passcode, unblock videos and so on.

YouTube’s act to comply with COPPA

So back in September 2019, the FTC announced a $170 million fine to Google following its investigation against YouTube on allegations of violating children’s privacy laws.

The FTC cited evidence that YouTube had given the advertiser information about YouTube channels that are popular with younger audiences and facilitated them to expand the reach of advertisements on videos. This is in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Although the settlement had somehow been worked out between the two parties, Google was still forced to change its current policies and business operations to control content on YouTube.

Now here comes the consequences that will and already have a devastating impact on the creators, especially for those who’re making kid-focused content to make money on YouTube.

Basically, following concerns of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) compliance, YouTube made the changes immediately. When it is rolled out, YouTube will default to assuming that all views of the child content videos will be children regardless of the age of the setting in the viewer account.



How to make a youtube channel for kids – Don’t forget Advertisements

On YouTube children-related channels, users will no longer see personalized ads. In other words, users will still see ads on videos with children’s content, but these types of ads will be less relevant to them since the Youtube system will rely on the context of the video to place ads, not user data.

Monetization features

YouTube kids monetization features will be limited. You will no longer see Super Chats or Merchandise Shelves because these features are based on user data so that YouTube can allow eligible creators to activate them.

Other features

In addition, Youtube will also turn off other features (which are largely based on user data) such as comments, live chat, playlist, mini players, notifications along with other two recent new features are the Community tab and Shorts stories.

The new “Audience setting”


The new “Audience setting” – Youtube channel for kids

YouTube’s algorithm has been always changing for the maximum support for the creators and also in order to enhance the level of safety for the YouTube ecosystems, especially the young children.

So as a result, YouTube learning systems will depend on user data so they can find the content that is clearly made for kids.

Therefore, the platform has added a new feature in the “Audience” tab to assist creators in evaluating whether their channel is suitable for a young audience or not.

There are two ways to set your audience: at the channel level and the video level.

Channel level

As a creator, if you find out that your whole channel is including kid-related content completely or not, you can set the audience at the Channel level for quick guidance.

Find the Audience tab in the Settings and go to Advanced Setting, then choose the answer that best describes your channel.

This setting is applied on all of your older videos as well, so in case you create a new channel or account, set your audiences at the channel level as the first step.

Video level

On the other hand, if your videos are so diverse in terms of content, you can mark your audience at the Video level. Go to the “Video” tab in Youtube Studio, click on videos you want to edit, and go to Audience

Remember, it’s extremely essential that you take these steps to set your audience accurately. Or else, you may face several punishments from Youtube like strikes, deactivating monetization features, or the channel’s suspension.

Identify children’s content


Identify children’s content on Youtube channel for kids

The age to identify a young audience can vary widely from country to country (as in the US it is 13 years old). So there are a few factors that you can rely on to determine if your channel content is suitable for children or not.

  • There are children’s characters in the videos.
  • Songs, poems, famous children’s stories.
  • Famous TV shows for kids or featuring cartoon characters.
  • Play theater or tell stories using a children’s toy.
  • Games with the main character are children such as acting, playing the role of fantasy characters.

Made-for-kids content’s policy for YouTube kids monetization

With the aim to ensure children only watch age-appropriate video content on Youtube, in early 2019, Youtube specifically enforced new terms of service for children-related content. Furthermore, the most essential rule was: “Creators have to classify their channels as either “Made for Kids” or suitable for age groups 13 or older.”


COPPA – Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

This can be seen as tightening YouTube’s video content management to protect children under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and other applicable laws.

Besides, these new laws also apply to creators who do not make kid-focused content on Youtube. More specifically, if a channel includes content for both children and adults, creators will have to set age preferences for each video separately.

Last but not very least, YouTube will also not distribute personalized advertisements with children’s content, as particularly required by COPPA. This somewhat affects Youtube kids monetization of the creators, as well as the increase in views and subscribers.


Monetized features on kid-focused content are disable

This newYoutube policy also confirmed content-related to children will not be able to activate monetization features such as: Donation button, Super Chats $ Stickers, Playback in Mini Player, Save to playlist, YouTube Merchandise Shelf, Personalization option ads, Comments, Channel membership, Brand watermark and so on.

Nevertheless, many creators expressed support for YouTube’s new policy since it not only helps protect kids in general, but also contributes to cleaning up the YouTube environment, as well as eliminate tricks to take advantage of this certain niche for profitable purposes.

Youtube Kids monetization – how to legally profit from this fruitful niche

Based on certain limitations in terms of content for kids as mentioned above, especially for Youtube Kids monetization, creators can still grow well if they know how to expand their monetized methods.

Establish a signature brand recognition

In general, huge kid-focused Youtube channels have built up their own strong brand with the force of supportive staff behind. These companies, therefore, can take advantage of the kid’s popularity (of course in a positive way) who is the major character of the channel to sell some certain products: toys, school supplies and so forth.


Ryan’s World Brand

To be more specific, not only making money from YouTube, Ryan also formed a toy brand with his parents called Ryan’s World. The 9-year-old boy toy company has cooperated with many other famous brands such as Colgate, Nickelodeon, Bonkers Toys, Roku, Walmart, not just on YouTube anymore.

Moreover, Ryan also turned his Youtube channel into a TV show with help from children’s entertainment company Pocket.Watch.


Stacy with her Diamond Buttons

Stacy Nastya – a Russian-American 6-year-old girl living in Florida (USA) currently owns 3 Youtube channels: Like Nastya Vlog, Stacy Toys, Funny Stacy. So far, little Stacy has a total of more than 80 million subscribers on Youtube. In total, she has more than 24 billion views on this website and each year, Stacy earns from $3.7 million to $59.7 million.

Children-friendly Merchandise

Merchandise is not the only kids monetization feature for you to sell kid-featured merchandise. Instead, you can redirect your loyal viewers to other e-commerce platforms to freely operate your own businesses and make more money. This is also seen as an effective form of affiliate marketing.


Vlad & Niki merchandise

Once you’ve created a virtual kids-only store, add the store’s affiliate link to the additional video description. On the other hand, remember to mention that you’re currently selling merchandise or making give-away to attract more subscribers.

Some of the e-commerce platforms you can access are: Shopify, Teespring, Square, Gumroad,…

Seeking sponsorship from business brands for kids.

As you can see, the creators focusing on kids have huge merits online. To exploit these full potential and make more money, you can set a brand sponsorship goal.


McDonalds advertisements on kids

However, not all children-related companies are appropriate for the little Youtube influencers. Indeed, YouTube itself has invested significantly in creating the YouTube Kids app – a children’s destination to satisfy their imagination and curiosity on a wide variety of topics, such as healthy habits”.

Besides, the platform does not allow paid advertising on YouTube Kids and have clear guidelines to restrict categories such as the food & beverage (F&B) advertising on this app as well.

In fact, young children are especially susceptible to marketing. Many studies show that children cannot distinguish between advertisements and cartoons until they are 8 or 9 years old. They are more likely to like unhealthy foods and drinks after viewing content with pictures of them.


Dairy products, clothes and toys are more appropriate

With that being said, creators as well as the parents should be especially wary of children being targeted by food companies on social media. Instead, the kid-focused creators can consider several brands associated with dairy products, clothes or toys that are safe for children to watch on Youtube.

Do you want to keep posted with more updates on making money on Youtube?

If you have a children-related channel and consider some restrictions on Youtube kids monetization that can prevent you from widen your revenue, don’t give up hope yet.

With some creativity and hard work, you can still monetize from the innovative content you upload on this creative website.

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