There’re many way to make money with social networking and TikTok is good platform to help you develop your band and earn money.
“What is the best way to earn money from TikTok?” is the frequently question of everyone.
You can’t make money direct on TikTok, it’s the reason why you can easy promote your brand become famous with this App.
– Upload Quality or Entertaining Content
– Increase Followers on Particular Niche
– Approach brands or if you’re that famous on TikTok , brands will approach you for brand endorsements
– Cross-promote other social media platforms on your channel , like Facebook,Instagram,Youtube…
– When your TikTok account being famous would surely be monetized in multiple ways.
These are parts of make money with TikTok. So, we will share you some tips to get more real followers on TikTok from our experiences that we’re using and getting great results.

1./ Edit your videos and make it looks nice and professional. There are a crap of free editing apps.

2./ Make sure you have short videos. Nobody likes long, but not to short.

3./ Always use music. It’s boring hearing a video with no sound.

4. / Utilize the Power of Hashtags

At present, Hashtags are the driving force behind the consistent growth of Social Media Networks, and the case with Tiktok is no different.
In this world of Hashtags, no one can shrug off the importance of this small yet powerful sign.
Therefore, it is necessary to utilize fitting hashtags for your videos so that they can help you expand your reach.
Also, it is advisable that you include some funny emojis and catchy contexts. A witty gesture never fails to impress hearts

5./ Break Out Of Covered and Do Something Crazy
It is not always important to do something sensible, sometimes it is required to go out of the box and present something that is either rare or does not exist at all.
I know it is quite challenging and hard for everyone to actualize. But, this is the ultimate path to go viral and take your profile to a new high.
Your funny acts and eye-grabbing performances can make the audience laugh and fill with joy simultaneously. And if you can play witty commentary in an ironic manner that’s, even more impactful.

6./ Promoting Your Brand
The is the primary way influencers make money. They become popular and then engage with brands to tell their audience how cool the brand is.
Some view this as cheap and tacky but it is a very viable way to make money.
Brand deals can be worth thousands of dollars but you have to have a huge following to earn that much.
There is a lot of noise around disclosure at the moment so you need to bear that in mind.
A few influencers have lost credibility because they were being paid to promote brands on their networks without telling the audience.
That’s not a good move if you want a future on social media.

7./ Get More Likes & Viewers From Real Fans
It’s really important to incentive more people watch your video and they’re scrolling when you have a big amount viewers have seen your video and liked it, they can be attract by that. It’s also good tips to get more viewers.
Initially, you don’t have many views and fans but don’t worry, it’s quite easy to increase that, you should to shares your content on other socials media to get more organic views beside that you also can get more likes in this way.
Tips : To save your time and help you can be a famous TikToker soon, many people use Buy Real Fans & Likes from Social Media Company, they can help you short the time to grow your account will be famous with Real Fans & Real Likes,
TikTok will appreciate your account when you have stable amount Fans, your brand will easier to get more approach but carefully, you should to choose good provider who can accompany with you until your account be famous.

This is the link to refer :

8./ Maintain Regularity and Punctuality while Synching

Tiktok is not always about the quality of the content you are uploading. It’s also about consistency and punctuality of your posts.
If your contents are well received by the audience then they expect you to post regularly, so posting your content with consistency can help you retain your audience and increase the number simultaneously.

Finnally, hope you read all of my experiences, it’ll be great with you choose the best ways and do it. Wishing you will succeed.

How to increase views and subscribers on Youtube?

1 . Create Compelling Content

Inspired content is the kind the viewers want , regardless of the niche because no matter how much support you are getting from paid advertisement , your efforts are futile if viewers does not find it compelling .

To get the most out of your content , you have to determine your audience . Create the kind of quality that revolves around them . Know what they want , and you will know what you have to generate .

Exciting content does not have to come from you all the time . There will come a time when ideas escape you . If you are having a hard time coming up with one , you can scroll through the comments section .
It is a pool of many ideas . If not , engage the viewers to leave ideas because that is one of the ways how to get the most views on YouTube – creating content that your viewers suggest , because that means , that is something would be interested in .

2 .Brand Your Video

This basically means place a watermark across all your videos .
It indicates ownership , and if viewers hover over the watermark , it prompts them to subscribe .
Another clever way on how to get more view on YouTube in the subtlest of ways .
To do is as simple as going over to Creator Studio , and under Branding click Add a Watermark where you will be prompted to upload an image .

3 .Allow Embedding

You must be generous with your video is you want to achieve more people . That is received through sharing , and it can only be done if you allow your video to be embedded .
This gives your viewers the chance to share your content on their blog or on their social media accounts giving you more get to audience that you may not have intended the video for .
However , these are always a welcomed addition .
To enable embedding , just head over to your creator studio and click advanced settings . Under distribution settings , ensure that a tick is on Allow Embedding , otherwise , this will not be possible .

4. Achieve Real Views and Subscribers

You can get a lot of views and subcribers this way , they’re real subscribers but they won’t always be worthwhile views .

If you’re going to buy views , make sure you’re actually getting real views , and that the views actually lasts .
YouTube will filter out fraudulent views , subscribers and drop them , decreasing your watch time by however long the view was , and can even penalize your channel if they think you’re buying fake views .

AudienceGain.Net is a good supplier to promote your channel with real views and subscribers.

So , it’s always Youtuber’s first option to suggest to everyone .

5 .Use Other Platforms to Your Advantage

Social media is the single most powerful tool in this day and age . Its use could make or a break an internet personality’s presence online .
In effect , it is also one of the ways how to views in YouTube .
What this does is give you access to audiences from across the world who you may not have from within your locality .
Also , it gives you a better chance of gaining an audience , especially with the varied niches that you might be into .
All you need to do is set-up a page for yourself , and just share constantly the videos that you upload . Once you are big enough , sometimes , they do it for you .
However , if they do not , you do not have to worry because websites or applications such as Hootsuite and Buffer can help upload them on platforms based on a set date .

Remember that the only way to maximize YouTube is to remember that it was never a standalone platform , and that is its networking power .

6 .Quality Over Quantity

Quality should always be at the forefront of your channel . That is why it is a must to have exciting videos , otherwise , viewers leave just as soon as they see what you have to offer .

Why is this important ?

In today’s YouTube algorithm , Watch Time is more important than views alone . This is the span of time that a person stays to watch your video , and the better the quality of your video is , the higher the chance of your viewers staying .

You may also want to refer to other videos or channels within your niche . The platform rewards this with ‘Watch Time Credits’ , which is again , credited to your channel .

7 .Building a Community

You cannot bring in viewers on your own . You need a community to back you up . Nurture a community . Engage with the audience . That is another way how to get more YouTube videos fast .
It does not matter whether it is by simply giving a reply to comments left in your video or referring to another content creator within the same niche .
You may even drop a comment if you think you should . Starting a conversation creates momentum , and that in turn brings out others who may have the same interests . As a result , the viewer counts rises .

8. Ride the Trend

Always a last resort , you can get the attention of many others by creating content that is currently trending online .
Uploading your own version gets people curious , thus it converts into views .
Always focus on what got you there , and that is the niche that you are currently in because that is your way of showing loyalty to those who made your channel what it is .

In order for publishers and creators to make money from their Facebook content, they must comply with a set of rules called Monetization Eligibility Standards.

What’s Monetization Policy of Facebook?

1./You must pass and remain compliant with Facebook’s Monetization Eligibility Standards.

2./You have to publish from a Page (not a profile) with at least 10,000 followers.

3./You must generate at least 30,000 1-minute views on videos that are at least 3 minutes long in the last 60 days.

4./You must be at least 18 years old.

How to get 10,000 Followers and 30,000 views fast and safe?

There’re many way to bot fake products to get enough required but it isn’t good for your page, Facebook will review and suspend your page.

So where can you get high quality followers and views?

I have a company that i’m using to gain high quality views and followers but before i share you that company, i’ll tell us some ideas i’m also using to get the best results. It’s free.

1. Invite Friends To Like Your Page

Once you create a Facebook page, start creating Ads. The next thing is to ask your friends, family members, and colleagues to like your page. However, you need to pace down in sending invitation requests.

Why? If you invite too many people within a short time, Facebook will block you, and you’ll not be in a position to send any more requests.Therefore, once you invite people; pause for a couple of days then invite a few more. This way, you’ll be in a position to invite many people, and your Facebook followers will increase.

2. Share Live Stream Videos

Did you know that live stream videos get interactions more than the usual videos? Actually, a report by Facebook states that interactions increases by up to six times.Are you serious about growing your Facebook followers? Then, share live stream videos.See, people want to see what is happening at a particular time, right? They’ll definitely want to watch the live video and give their views in the comments section.Was it an interesting live stream video? Expect more likes as well as followers.On the other hand, Facebook will help you by prioritizing your posts if only what you are posting generates meaningful interactions.That way, you can reach the intended persons and earn more targeted followers.

3. Hashtag It Up

Just like other social media platforms, Hashtag increases your followers by making your posts visible to people interested in the same content you are posting. If for example, you want to reach people interested in health, you just need to add a hashtag before the word “health.” How? #Gain…v….This makes it possible for anyone looking for content on health to see your page. If what is in your page is what they are looking for, they’ll automatically like your page and follow it for more information.

4. Post videos and images consistently .

You don’t want to flood your friends’ news feeds with posts or videos , but you should try to post at least once a day . If you’re taking the time to curate concise , funny , and/or meaningful posts , this is actually harder than it sounds ! However , consistently posting will lead to consistent likes . Designating a theme for your posts can also help keep your posts consistent . If you do this , make sure that you monitor the general reaction to the topic posts , and be prepared to change the theme if you’re not getting the likes that you want.

5. Communicate with your visitors .

Although Facebook’s exact algorithm for who sees your content isn’t clear , there appears to be a correlation between people with whom you regularly interact and people who frequently see your posts in their News Feeds . You can increase the chances of friends seeing your content by liking and to respond to their comments on your content ( or on theirs ) . Liking and commenting on other friends’ posts will also help your friends see your pictures.

See details:

According to the newest policy of Facebook, to enable monetization with Facebook you need a page that has 10,000 likes pages and 30,000 views in the last 60 days. ( Minimum one minute ).
How to get 10,000 likes pages and 30,000 views fast and safe?
There’re a lot of ways to get fake views and likes page, but where can you get real views and likes page?

You can see it below.

1 . Eligibility for Monetization facebook videos

1 . ) Publish regular video with up to 3 min or extra , create wonderful content .

2 . ) At least 10,000 likes on your facebook page you can not use facebook individual profile .

3 . ) All in your page , total video count should be 30,000 views ( views only count when it view more than 1 minute in the last 60 days .

4 . ) Meet with facebook eligibility standards

2 . Ad Breaks for More Creators

Facebook is now giving access to its Ad Breaks program to more creators .
The program will be opened up more broadly in stages , starting with creators who are creating longer , original content that encourages audience engagement and retention .

3 . Advertise your page .

In addition to posting the link to your Facebook page everywhere that you can , promoting your page will make the page visible to people who aren’t friends with you .
Promoting your page in ad form costs money , though you can generally promote a modest ad for your page for less than $100 .

4 . Make sure that your page’s information is filled out .

The “About” section in particular is important ; if people don’t know what your page behalf , they may not feel comfortable interest it .
Make sure that you have a concise , accurate , and funny ( if possible ) description for your page .
Your “About” section’s tone will likely depend on who your page’s target demographic is , so keep this in mind when writing the section .

5 . Post photos and videos .

While text-only posts have their place on Facebook , several people interact best to visual media like photos and videos .
If you have an interesting item to share ( e .g . , a photo of an animal or a hike ) , consider uploading it .
Always include text along with the photo or video .
It may be tempting to upload several photos at once , but try uploading sequence to start .
This will give people a chance to view and like the photo without having to navigate through an entire album .

6 . Post videos frequently .

You don’t want to exposure your friends’ news feeds with posts or videos , but you should try to post at least once a day .
If you’re taking the time to curate concise , funny , and/or meaningful posts , this is actually harder than it sounds !
However , constantly posting will lead to consistent likes .
Designating a theme for your posts can also help keep your posts consistent .
If you do this , make sure that you monitor the general reaction to the topic posts , and be prepared to change the theme if you’re not getting the likes that you want .

7 . Time your posts .

You might have in mind the funniest , most relevant post that anyone has ever created , but it won’t do you any good if you post it at midnight on a Sunday .
Try to post mid-morning , mid-afternoon , and/or mid-evening for optimal results .
The best times to post include between 7 AM and 9 AM ( breakfast and commute time ) , 11 AM and 1 PM ( lunch time ) , and 5 PM and 7 PM ( commute and post-work time ) .
Be sure that you’re posting in this time frame for the time zone in which the majority of your friends live .

8 . Engage everyone who comment on your posts .

If you develop a reputation as someone who is friendly and responsive in the comment section , your posts will have more activity , which leads to higher post visibility and—you guessed it—more likes .
This model works best when you interact with people and respond to the answers .
Not all posts will be conducive to responses , so make sure that you’re reading correctly the tone of the post before engaging others on it .

#howtoenablemonetization #HowcanyoumonetizeaFacebookpage

Optimize your profile

You have to include in your Twitter profile :

Your name : your name on your Twitter account might not be the same as your real name . State your name so users will easily find you .
Photo : include a picture with your best face . It’s a good idea that the photo shows your face and is recent .
Header Photo : to finish optimizing your profile you should include a header photo that defines you . Use the brand’s logo if it’s a business account .
Account description with 160 characters to introduce yourself to whoever clicks on your profile .
Here you can show your professional or personal side , depending on your targeted .
Use this content wisely , so your potential followers can understand who you are and especially , what your Twitter account is all about .

Define your audience

You must know to whom your content will be oriented before you start tweeting .
You must establish who your target audience will be in order to know the tone and language you will use .

Tweet relevant content for your followers

Once you have determined your target audience on Twitter , it’s time to focus on your content , making sure it is relevant , loyal to your identity and interesting for your followers .
Quality content will be the best way to conquer your public and get more Twitter followers .

Pay for Genuine Followers , Reweets and Avoid Fake Followers

It’s an easy way to jumpstart the perceived authority of business’s Twitter account . Instead of starting from zero , you can start from a few hundred to a few thousand followers to quickly get noticed .
It boosts your social credibility right away . You appear more credible , and therefore people take you more seriously . They’ll want to jump on the bandwagon , too .
Internet marketing campaigns will be more effective because you will look more reputable and trustworthy . Customers won’t hesitate to do business with you .
Using social widgets on your website that spotlight your social credibility will translate to a demonstrable increase in online sales and conversions .
The organic growth in your number of followers will grow up as a result of appearing more popular .

Where to buy ?

See details:

We have a nice website that’s easy to navigate , and provide a chat window for instant support .
The quality of our service seems slightly above average , so overall a good value . Especially , the followers they provide are 100% real and active .
Also , we will never drop , which is a plus point that few companies can guarantee at the moment . With Twitter services from AudienceGain , everything is safe and legit .
Your account won’t be suspended by Twitter , ever !

Keep active

Twitter is a very dynamic social network because people tweet at any time from everywhere . It’s important that you schedule your publications when your followers are more . If your followers realize that your profile is not updated , or you don’t post updates , they will stop following you . Be careful though , you shouldn’t overwhelm twitterers with too many publications .
Some applications like Metricool allows you to schedule your tweets at the best time according to your audience so you don’t have to stay on Twitter the whole day .

Use pictures on Twitter

Now this is comes the visual part . Using a picture means that you receive 0 .404 retweets vs 0 .133 retweets when you don’t use a picture .
This reflects the significant importance of visuals even on Twitter .

Find a captivating and successful tweet on your profile

People will look closely at the first two tweets that appear on your profile .
This platform lets you set a tweet at the beginning of your timeline , so it will be easily seen by users as soon as they enter your profile . Having a captivating tweet will help you to gain more followers and make a great first impression with your audience .

Use hashtags

A hashtag on Twitter is a kind of label that helps you find what you’re looking for .
It’s crucial that you use them on your tweets correctly .
You can also analyze which hashtags are trending more and if they fit in your editorial plan , use them .
This strategy will also help you to reach more Twitter followers .

Communicate with your followers

Interact with people who are already following you .
Ask questions or create your own surveys to stimulate their interest and improve engagement on Twitter . Once you establish a relationship with them you can take advantage of those interactions .

Retweet and ask for retweets

Retweeting what you find interesting or what complements your info will capture your followers’ attention .
It’s a way to make your timeline more enjoyable . Besides , this allows you to show other tweets in addition to yours . Asking your followers to retweet your content sometimes works and spreads your content on Twitter , so you will reach more people .

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#reweet #likestwitter #getliketwitter #socialmedia
#howtogetlike #twitterlike

Caution: After finish move channel to other Brand Account, or Email. The channel may have temporary problem, like you can see 0 subscribers, or channel closed no available, or see the monkey error. That because Youtube updating data for that channel, it may take 24-48 hours to complete. After that channel will be back normal.

There are many reason that you need to move a Youtube channel to other Email. AudienceGain will show you how to do that, here how to make it done.

Let’s say you have channel name “Lauren Hudson” (L.H), owner of channel X is email “A” and you want to move channel X to email “B”.

Step 1: Brand Account

Login to your channel

  1. If the channel already is a Brand Account, then move to step 2.
  2. If the channel is not Brand Account, then we must change the channel to Brand Account, because only Brand account channel can move to other Email.

So how do you know if channel is Brand account or not? Click here:

Brand Account
If the channel is Brand Account, there will have Managers section show up, if not have Managers, then it is the main channel.

In case your channel is main channel, you must change to Brand Account.

First, you need to create a new channel

Click follow me

Enter name of channel, then click Create.

After create a new channel, Youtube will auto direct us to the new channel. My new channel name is “Lauren Hudson New”, as you can see it is Brand Account channel.

Now we go back to “Lauren Hudson” channel.

Click to the top right corner icon, then click to your channel “Lauren Hudson”


Go to Advanced settings :

Second, from here you can move channel to Brand Account

See image below, My channel ( Now) is L.H, it is upper channel, in your case, it’s should have subscribers, videos and playlist.

And Lauren Hudson New is the orange below channel. The below channel will get delete and replace by Upper channel, so please notice this step.

We will move L.H channel to L.H New

WARNING: At this step, please double check what channel gonna be deleted, it’s must be L.H new, if it showing “0 subscribers – No videos – No playlists” like below, then you can delete this new created channel. I will not take responsibility if you delete wrong channel. Better contact me via Skype or WhatsApp before do that ( only support my customers ).

Delete the L.H new Channel

Move L.H to L.H new

 Notice: by doing this, the channel name will change from”Lauren Hudson” to “Lauren Hudson New”

Step 2: Move to other Email

Now, click follow

Enter Email and change role to Owner

Enter Email you want the channel move to, and change role to Owner and invite.

Now check Gmail on your “B” account, you will receive a confirmation email, open it and accept the invitation.

Now you can access the channel from Email “B”.

Next step is you create other Brand Account on Email “B”, and move channel to this new Brand Account on Email “B”, just like you do on account “A”.

After you move channel to that new Brand Account, we’re done!

From now the channel is own by Email “B”

Thank you for reading, please note that we’re selling Monetized Youtube Channels ^^! if you need one, please contact me always ready!!!

If the goal of your video is to rack up YouTube views, you have some tough competition.

As we often tell our video clients, nonprofits are ultimately competing against cat videos for their audience’s attention.

This means that nonprofit videos need to be entertaining – not just informative. If you can hook your audience with a compelling video, there’s a much greater likelihood that they will visit your website to learn more about your cause or campaign. But you have to pull people in emotionally first – make them laugh, make them cry, or make them think about something in a new and interesting way.

What’s the first step to pulling people in? Your video has to be seen! As the world’s second largest search engine (right after Google), YouTube is a great way to be found. By keeping your audience and their search interests in mind when uploading your video, you can increase the chances people will find it and watch.

Here are 9 ways to increase the views of your organization’s video on YouTubewithout spending extra money on digital advertising:

  1. Feature it on your YouTube page. Right after you’ve added your video to YouTube, make sure your video the featured video on the front page. People looking at your organization’s YouTube page should be seeing your most current video. It makes your organization look up to date, current and relevant, and puts the video at the center of the YouTube user’s attention.
  2. Choose a good thumbnail. If you allow YouTube to automatically choose your thumbnail, it probably won’t be very interesting. Use your computer’s screenshot feature to capture an image from your video that is emotionally compelling, and upload it in your video settings.
  3. Make your title short and interesting. Your video title should not necessarily describe your video in a way that makes sense to your administration. Make your title viewer-centric, and think about what would make you want to click on a video. (Upworthy headlines are a good source of inspiration.) And try to keep it brief – a shorter title that doesn’t get cut off is better for click-throughs. Here are a few good title examples fromYouTube star PewDiePie for Charity Water and the Sierra Club.
  4. Pick tags that will be good for SEO. Your constituents are using YouTube as a search engine – so you should be too! Think about what your supporters are searching, and make sure those keywords are included in your video tags. Keep in mind that what people are searching aren’t always an accurate description of the video.
  5. Write a good video description. In your video description, consider telling people a story instead of describing what’s happening in the video. Be entertaining, and remember that the description area is not the place to hit messaging points. PETA does a good job of video description storytellingin their video “Circuses in 60 Seconds Flat.”
  6. Take advantage of the nonprofit annotations on YouTube. It’s amazing how many people don’t know about video annotations – we were telling nonprofits how to use them all the way back in 2009! Annotations should come up at least 30 seconds in to your video and right before the end of the video, and should provide a link where people can take action. And don’t forget to check your links to make sure they’re going to the right place!
  7. Upload a transcript of your video in English and Spanish. About 38 million people in the United States speak Spanish. By uploading transcriptsof your video in both languages, your video will start appearing in English and Spanish YouTube searches. Transcripts alert YouTube of what keywords are featured in your video, and greatly increase the likelihood that your audience will find you via YouTube search.
  8. Post early and often. People don’t click on every link that’s posted by on an organization’s social media platforms. Make sure you’re continuing to post your video regularly for at least a month, and keep your posts fresh by changing the headlines and images you feature. This will include your viewership dramatically by increasing exposure to new audiences.
  9. Add a lightbox or pop-up on your website. A video is a great opportunities to let people know more about your organization, regardless of why or how people are coming to your website. If you don’t have a lightbox, make sure your video is featured somewhere on the homepage of your site. Negotiate website placement ahead of time, since it can be a space that is coveted by other departments. Your video deserves to be highlighted. It’s new content and your biggest fans would love to see it.

The goal of a video is to be seen. By taking a few small steps, you can dramatically increase the number of people who watch your video and want to engage with your organization, without spending extra money on digital advertising.

With so many people getting into YouTube marketing, the platform has become very crowded with competent video creators. All of this competition has led to another group of people seeing a market: Scammers. These scammers are trying to essentially steal money from you by selling you poor quality YouTube views. To buy safe YouTube views you need to find a trusted provider.

This article is going to help you figure out what a quality provider is in three different ways:

  1. How safe views are delivered over time.
  2. The variety of delivery tactics used to make the views safe.
  3. What you can do to make your YouTube views safer.

Let’s look at how you can buy safe YouTube views, enjoy more social proof, and improve your YouTube marketing.

How you can buy safe YouTube views

The delivery method for safe YouTube views

The delivery method may be the biggest factor in whether or not the views that you bought are safe. This is especially true when it comes to timing, a poor quality provider will try to impress you by delivering your views all at once. They will use accounts which are obviously fake to accomplish this, and this will raise a red flag with YouTube. YouTube then could investigate what’s going on with your account.

Delivering safe YouTube views based on timing is a specialty of ours here at AudienceGain:

Not only do we deliver them in a slow and reasonable amount of time, avoiding red flags with YouTube, but we also allow you to change the delivery speed with some of our services. You can choose to have them delivered even slower, ensuring that the views are even safer. In the example below from our 100,000 views page you can change from the ‘Normal’ delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks to a ‘Gradual’ delivery time of 3 to 4 months:


Now you may be thinking to yourself that you want to get views as fast as possible. This is not necessarily the case because you want your retention to be high. Not even the most viral videos get all their views all at once, many of them have a slow buildup first.


Yes, it could even take a year for your video to go viral! You can cut down on this time by buying safe YouTube views, but reaching an audience takes time.

Another factor is that views that are delivered quickly are typically done by bots, and these bots tend to not watch an entire video. Low retention is an indication to YouTube that your video should not rank well for its keywords. This will cause it to perform poorly in search results, negatively impacting your long-term YouTube views.

Tactics that are used when you buy safe YouTube views

Safe YouTube views very rarely rely on using one tactic to get all of your views. There is no way that your views can be safe if you get 100,000 of them in an hour all from one city in Pakistan. Unreliable view providers do this, or even worse, all of the time. This leads to videos being flagged, or even deleted, by YouTube.

Some of the tactics used when you buy safe YouTube views include:

  • A wide demographic area: The world is a big place, and your views should be sourced from as wide of an audience as possible. There are some instances when you will want your views to come from a narrower market, and we offer that service with our region targeting. But we are still sure to use a diverse number of areas within that narrower market.
  • A variety of ways: This is a problem with low-quality providers. They source all of their views from low-quality bot farms, and raise major concerns for YouTube. Quality providers will rely upon influencers, and established video marketing platforms, to get your views.
  • Purchasing at different times: YouTube’s spam protection is all about recognizing patterns, as that is what computers are good at. If you buy views at the same time every single time you upload a video it will established a trend that YouTube may choose to look into. You should wait a day or two for your video to establish a few shares and backlinks before you make a purchase.

Not only are these variety of tactics good for your YouTube video, they are also good for your channel. This is because all of these tactics help you create a wider area of influence, and that is exactly what you want online.

What you can do to make your YouTube views safer

This may seem counterintuitive, but one of the first things you should do to make your views safer is turn off your AdSense for the video which you’re purchasing for. Failing to do so can cause you two different problems:

  1. It is possible that Google AdSense could close down your account due to invalid activity. Keep in mind that this is a highly unlikely scenario. They would first have to come up with a way to prove that with you bought them, which is very difficult to do with an anonymous provider such as ours. Furthermore, there would be a spate of people buying views to shut down their competitors.
  2. No matter how quality the views which you buy are, you will likely see a drop in AdSense clicks. When you are buying views you are rarely buying people who are more likely to interact with your ads. When your clicks start to drop so do does your value as an advertising partner.

Keep in mind that you do not have to turn your AdSense off forever. Once all of the views are delivered you will be able to turn it back on, you may even do so before it finishes. Once it is done and you will now have a lot more social proof to bring in real viewers, you can recover that AdSense revenue that you may have lost.

Be sure to link to other videos from within the one you have purchased views for. This will also help offset any lost AdSense revenue. You need to take a longer view than just one video, this is about building an entire channel. YouTube is a long term game, with short term gains from buying views helping build it brick by brick.

Buy safe YouTube views from a trusted provider

You put so much effort into your YouTube videos. Then you go out and put a little bit of your own hard earned money into helping them blow up even more. To make sure that your efforts do not go to waste, nor your money, you need to buy safe YouTube views.

buy-safe-youtube-views-tacticsA list of safe buying practices include:

  • Delivery: Choose safe delivery methods. Proper timing is of the essence.
  • Demographics: Make sure the views are sourced from a wide demographic area.
  • Source: The views should come from a wide variety of sources.
  • Timing: You should vary the time at which you purchase the views.
  • AdSense: Being cautious with your Google AdSense account.

Consider these five points to be sure that you are buying safe YouTube views from a quality provider. Not only do we pride ourselves on being such a provider, but we also pride ourselves on our exceptional YouTube marketing tactics here on our blog.

We realize that buying YouTube views is just one small part of a broader online marketing campaign. Be sure to buy safe YouTube views from us, and stick around our blog to learn how to maximize your YouTube channel.

SoundCloud is a fantastic resource for your music. The platform is great for hosting music privately to send to promoters, record labels, or any stakeholders that you might hope to get involved in your musical endeavors since most interested parties do not want you to email them mp3 attachments or physical CDs. However, if you are only using SoundCloud to host and share music links you might be missing out. It serves a greater purpose as a music streaming and social giant. Here are six ways to start taking advantage of the social nature of SoundCloud and build an audience:


1. Upgrade your Account

First, let’s assume that you’ve covered the crucial basics on already having a profile for yourself or your band, and you have a professional-looking profile picture or logo as well as a solid and concise bio, and links to your website and social networks. Then, it can be well worth upgrading your account to one of the Pro options. Aside for the obvious benefits of being able to upload more music, it also gives you access to one of the most valuable tools an artist can have: data. Pro accounts give you extensive stats on where your music gets played from, which you can then use to market your music accordingly.


2. Get Exclusive

Release your next single exclusively through SoundCloud for streaming. This will allow for your followers, old and new, to listen to your songs exclusively on SoundCloud. Asking them what they think as a comment will help increase engagement, but make sure to show appreciation for whatever constructive comment you receive.

If you want a different kind of exclusive release through SoundCloud, consider getting audio recorded from one of your upcoming live shows and promote an exclusive live track or EP through the platform. Be sure to tag any music that you upload onto SoundCloud. Use both specific tags (like “glam rock” or “shoegaze”) and general keywords (such as “acoustic” or “piano”) so that listeners will be able to discover your music based on their interests. Additionally, if you decide to post a cover or a remix of another artist’s song, you will draw the attention of the other artist’s fanbase, and hopefully gain a few more fans, even though SoundCloud’s been clamping down on copyrights lately. Tactics like those will drive traffic to your profile and your fans will follow you there. With the ease of signing up via Facebook, you’ll likely find many of your fans across the internet are already signed up on SoundCloud waiting to flood your new single with listens and follow your profile.

Pro users should also draw attention to a specific track they particularly want to promote using the Spotlight feature. Spotlight allows you to pin up to five tracks or playlists to the top of your profile, so that visitors to your profile see and hear that music first, while the rest of your tracks and playlists are shown in reverse chronological order. You can use this feature to highlight your newest release, your singles, or your best songs.

3. Share on Other Platforms

Since SoundCloud is a social music streaming service, you can find ways to integrate it with your other social networks. Whenever you post music on SoundCloud, be fervent about posting it on Twitter, Facebook, and any of your other social networks that your fans are actively paying attention to you. Not only will that get your play counts up, hopefully your fans using SoundCloud will interact with you by commenting and sharing your songs on it. Don’t spam every single one of your new twitter followers with a direct message, but tweet about your track and include a link with a call to action if relevant, such as asking your followers to share the song if they like it.

4. Hire Soundcloud Marketing Services
This is likely one of the best and fastest hack to help you build a SoundCloud following base

Like any social network, building an engaged audience on SoundCloud takes creativity, effort, and time. However, there is another way to boost SoundCloud plays and followers much more quickly and effectively: buying SoundCloud Plays and Followers. It is a great way of kickstarting a song. Instead of starting from zero plays, you can start from a few thousand and quickly put things in gear

AudienceGain – the most trusted site to supply you with real plays and active followers (Buy 1 Get 1 Free), meaning that your music ACTUALLY gets heard. We also take care of terms and policies of the SoundCloud and do not use any bots to provide you Plays that are fake, leading to unnecessary problems in future

Our service includes a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if they’re unable to deliver their services as promised, and a Retention Guarantee for the followers they deliver.

5. Get Social and Engage

You are not the center of the SoundCloud universe. Like any other social network, in order to get the most out of SoundCloud you must interact with other users if you want to build an audience. Start by following other artists’ music pages. Comment on their music and repost it if you really dig it. They might just return the favor. Doing this will help you maximize your music’s exposure, build a community around your profile, and get you comfortable using the platform. A word of caution to the wise: While you may be tempted to purchase followers and plays from a third-party service to feel the some immediate satisfaction that comes with having a profile that looks busy, fake plays and followers only hurt your credibility. They cannot interact with you and they certainly cannot purchase your music, merch, or concert tickets in the long run.

Following and engaging with other artists is a great way to build up your own following as well as increase the engagement on your profile. Follow artists that you like, but also artists that are in your hometown and those that create similar music to you. They are more likely to follow you back. Whenever possible, establish a connection with them via other social networks as well, and ask them to provide feedback on your tracks.

For engaging non-musicians as well, follow followers of people that make similar music to you. By following them, you will attract their attention and indirectly introduce them to your music. In parallel, draw comments on your tracks by asking your followers from your other platforms to comment them. As an example, post a new release on your Facebook Page, and ask your followers to comment on the tracks in SoundCloud. Finally, make sure to always reply to comments by others on your songs. Ask for more information on comments wherever relevant to keep the conversation going. Others will see this activity on your tracks and will be more compelled to join in on the conversation.

6. Join a Group

Speaking of community, another way to increase your exposure on SoundCloud and build your audience is by submitting your music to the various groups on the platform. You can find the groups that similar artists belong to and submit your music to be posted on the group. Browse groups in SoundCloud’s search feature, where you can find groups in genres ranging from EDM, to Top 40, to indie rock, to old-school hip hop. Be sensible about how many tracks and how often you post to each group since these SoundCloud users don’t follow you yet (read: don’t spam), and watch as your play counts and followers increase over time.

7. Host a Podcast

If you are feeling super creative and want to bring a different kind of content to SoundCloud apart from your music, consider hosting a podcast for you or your band on the platform. SoundCloud Pro Unlimited offers an unlimited amount of space for an affordable monthly price ($15/month). A podcast is a great way for you to connect with your fans about virtually any topic that you think would be engaging. Podcasts give your fans an extra personal look into your life. If you feel like you can’t keep up with an ongoing podcast, consider a short-term podcast while you’re on the road or in the studio to share your experiences and thoughts. Your followers will appreciate even short audio updates on your happenings. Any form of verbal communication should be seen as a conversation. By asking questions to your listeners, you should incite further thoughts and comments by your followers, both from musicians and non-musicians alike.

If you’re feeling short on ideas, listen to the podcasts of other artists, musicians, or industry professionals for some inspiration on topics and formats. All Time Low’s Full Frontal radio show (which is hosted through iTunes and SoundCloud) and producer Jesse Cannon and ‘Property of Zack’ CEO Zack Zarillo’s Off The Record podcast (which is also hosted on SoundCloud) are filled with great content about music and the music industry and are great starting points for ideas.

Don’t Stop

Like any social network, building an engaged audience on SoundCloud takes creativity, effort, and time. Be positive, stay focused and don’t expect to see results overnight. Get your music on SoundCloud, interact with other users, and feel free to share the creative methods you’ve been using to grow your SoundCloud audience in the comments!