What Is Google Reviews? About Google Customer Reviews 2024


What is Google review? As the digital landscape continues to rapidly transform, harnessing the power of Google Reviews has become an essential part of any business’s prosperity.

Follow along to discover effective strategies to increase your Google Reviews.

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What is Google reviews?

Google Customer Reviews is a program that allows you to rate your purchase experience with our partners who participate in the program. The rating that you give in your review can help other shoppers make an informed decision to purchase.

If you opt-in to receiving a survey from Google Customer Reviews, Google will email you a few days after your order has been delivered. It’s important that you provide a review after your order has been delivered so that you can review your entire shopping experience.

Google will not send any other emails as a result of you opting in. The email contains a one-minute survey that looks like this:

What Is Google Reviews

Google reviews (commonly known as “Google My Business”) are user-generated reviews and comments about businesses and services published on the Google platform.

These reviews allow customers to share their opinions and experiences with a specific business, such as a restaurant, hotel, retail store or service provider, for the benefit of other customers. other products, other potential products.

What Is Google Reviews

Google reviews greatly influence customer decisions

Information collected by Google Customer Reviews

To make sure Google sends you the survey at the right time, Google Customer Reviews receives the following information about your order after you opt-in:

Data Description
Order ID This ID is the unique order number for your purchase. Google uses it to connect your review with your order.
Your email This email address is the one you provided when you opted-in to Google Customer Reviews at the completion of your purchase. The Google Customer Reviews survey will be sent to this address.
Google Account information If you’re logged in to a Google Account when opting-in, your Google Account information and associated identity.
Country The country name identifies where your order will be delivered.
Order delivery date The order delivery date is the date the retailer expects your order will be delivered. Google Customer Reviews sends you a survey after your order has been delivered.
GTIN GTIN is the Global Trade Item Number for products included in your order. This will identify which product the review data refers to.

How does Google Reviews Work?

Google reviews work successful digital marketing tactics to drive Google’s local SEO algorithm. As a result, businesses with many reviews are more likely to appear first in local searches for a specific brand keyword. And, as previously stated, the combination of the average rating, number of reviews, and proximity to the user will most likely define a listing’s position in Google Maps.

As a result, having a well-optimized Google My Business profile and Google reviews improves your local ranking on Search and Maps.

If you want your business to stand out in Maps or Google Search, you’ll need to set up a process for collecting, managing, and responding to Google Reviews.

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Difference Between Google Reviews and Google Ratings

Following are some of the key differences between Google Reviews and Ratings that a business must understand.

Google Reviews Google Ratings
Google allows a customer to rate a business without adding a review. Google ratings are numerical scores that a customer can give to a business. The score is given between 1 and 5 with 1 being the least and 5 being the highest.
Google Review is defined as detailed feedback from the customer that includes their experience using the services of a brand. It is the 6th highest factor affecting the Local SEO of a business as per SEO experts.
With every 10 new reviews earned on Google, the overall conversion on the business increases by 2.8%. With an increase of 1 full star in Google star rating, the conversion on the business increases by 44%.
When a business timely responds to 75% of their customer reviews, there is an increase in conversion by 12.3%. The business does not have an option of responding only to Google ratings.
Google does not allow a customer to leave a review without rating a business. Google allows a customer to rate a business without adding review.


What Is Google Reviews What Is Google Reviews
Google Rating Google Reviews

7 reasons Google reviews are so important

To understand entirely “what is a Google review?”, understanding the importance of Google is a top priority.

✅ Find your business on Google: In fact, 86% of consumers read reviews when they need a job done or a service.

Google reviews improve your local search ranking: As a sign of credibility, they help stand out from the crowd, have an edge over competitors, and can help build trust with potential customers, leading to more sales and more conversions.

Customers tend to see recent reviews:

  • Service is being interested by many people
  • Reassure customers that others are actively using and having success with the product or service.

Your business doesn’t need to be rated 5 stars on Google: Many customers will first see your most recent reviews

The number of good reviews affects your business’s reputation: Good reviews can help drive sales, increase customer loyalty, and attract new customers. On the other hand, bad reviews can lead to reduced sales and customer dissatisfaction. But all the good reviews will make customers suspicious.

Customers always want to see honest reviews:

  • When soliciting Google reviews, look for those willing to take the time and be truthful. Short, impersonal reviews don’t tell potential customers a little about your company. They can even appear phony at times buy Google reviews
  • As a best practice, offer your customers guidance or a template. This makes it easier for customers to leave reviews while also ensuring quality (more on below).

Customers will read the tone and emotion of current reviews of your business:

  • The star rating, number of reviews, length, and recency are all important factors for Google’s evaluation.
  • Google may not use sentiment to rank you in Local Searches and Maps, but customers certainly do. This is related to obtaining more honest, high-quality reviews.
What Is Google Reviews

Customers always want to see honest reviews

Where do Google reviews appear?

Google reviews are displayed on your Google My Business profile. Google’s ranking system can then pick them up and display them to understand “ what are Google reviews”.

Google local search results

When someone searches for a navigational keyword, for example: “best pizza near me”, if you are in the “pizza” business and the potential customer is near your location, Google will show your business listing.

What Is Google Reviews

Google local search results

Google Maps

Furthermore, if someone searches for your company name, it may appear in the Google Maps section of the Google Search results or directly in the Google Maps app.

What Is Google Reviews

Google map

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4 Step to get more reviews on Google

Hopefully, by now you realize the importance of collecting more Google reviews, but you might be wondering how to get started. Below is a step-by-step process for setting up your Google Business Profile and optimizing it to collect online reviews.

Step 1: Claim business ownership

The first step is to claim your Google business listing, allowing you to update it with accurate information and set it apart from the competition. This is accomplished through the use of Google Business Profile.

What Is Google Reviews

Claim business ownership

Step 2: Make your list look good and stand out

Once you can update your listing, make an effort to make it appealing and full of relevant information that will entice searchers to click on your listing.

Because Google reviews help your listing stand out and bring real customer feelings to the forefront, you should do the following at the very least:

  • Include pertinent information about your company: When creating your business description, include all the information that customers may find useful. You can have keywords, but don’t use this as an opportunity to stuff keywords. Google frequently considers this spam, and your local search ranking may suffer.
  • Include current operating hours: Customer will find the business on google. As a result, whenever there is a change in your hours of operation, you should take the time to update them. It is also critical to include variations, such as if you have particular holiday hours.
  • Upload photos in high resolution: Many businesses need to upload more photos to distinguish their listing from the competition. Images on your Google Business Profile help to tell a visual story about what it’s like to do business with you and will help you gain more interactions with online searchers. According to Google, listings with photos receive 42% more driving directions requests from Google Maps and 35% more clicks through to a business’ website.
What Is Google Reviews

Make your list look good and stand out

Step 3: Use a good online review management platform

Once your business listing has been claimed and optimized, it is time to collect Google reviews, which you do not have to do passively. You should make a concerted effort to solicit Google reviews from your customers.

To make things easier for your customers, you should make the process as simple as possible. This can be accomplished by implementing an online review management platform that streamlines the invitation process and makes it absurdly simple for your employees to invite customers and for customers to leave reviews.

Step 4: Get more reviews on Google

Implementing an online review management platform is a good place to start, but if you truly want to see the online reviews pour in, consider the following:

  • Determine the best time to send the invitation: In our experience, the best time to request a review is during a break in the sales process. In the auto industry, a good time might be after the sale is completed and the customer is waiting in finance. Because your customer is already sitting there, why not ask them to leave a review and walk them through the process?
  • Establish the review’s expectations: After determining the best time to invite the customer, you can begin setting expectations for what you expect them to do. When setting expectations, inform the customer of the following:
    • Why are online reviews important for your company?
    • How they will receive the invitation (text or email)
    • When will they receive the invitation?
  • Remove all impediments: Customers are more likely to leave reviews if it is easier for them to do so. That’s why you should make it as simple as possible, and if you’ve already implemented an online review management platform, you’re on the right track.
What Is Google Reviews

Get more reviews on Google

Use best practices to get Google reviews

You can request reviews from customers by sharing a URL specific to your business.

You can encourage your customers to spread the word about your business through Google reviews with these best practices:

Tip: Your customers don’t need a Gmail address to leave a review if they sign in to their Google Account.

  • Verify your Business Profile: This makes your business information show up on Maps, Search, and other Google services. To respond to a review, you must have a verified business.
  • Remind customers to leave reviews: Let them know it’s quick and easy to leave reviews. Business owners shouldn’t offer incentives to customers to leave reviews. You can also get customers to leave reviews if you create and share a link.
  • Reply to reviews to build customer trust: Your customers will notice your business values their input if you read and reply to their reviews.
  • Value all reviews: Reviews are useful for potential customers when they’re honest and objective. Customers find a mix of positive and negative reviews more trustworthy. You can always respond to a review to show the customers that you care and provide additional context. If the review doesn’t follow our posting guidelines, you can request its removal.

Respond To Retain: How to Respond to Reviews

Be it positive, negative, or neutral, a brand must respond to all the reviews posted online. Prompt response to reviews is appreciated by the users as they feel acknowledged. Google also appreciates responding to reviews as it motivates customers to add more reviews.

Engaging with users through responses helps strengthen their relationship with them. This eventually results in making them loyal customers.

Responding to negative reviews creates an impression that the brand is committed to getting better and takes the feedback seriously.

There is a certain way one should respond to reviews according to their nature. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Responding to Positive Google Reviews

Way to responding to Positive Google Reviews:

  • Acknowledge and Appreciate: It takes some effort for a user to take their time and appreciate a brand in their review. Hence, first and foremost they must be thanked for doing the same.
  • Identify Specific Praises: Highlighting specific praises in response makes an impression that you read and understood the whole review. This creates a good impression and makes the customer leave more reviews in the future.
  • Personalized Response: A brand should never display the same response to every positive review. A personalized response to each review makes the customer feel special and adds to your online reputation.
  • Showcase Brand’s Personality: A brand must let its personality shine while responding to positive responses. For example: The response can be witty if the brand theme is humor and friendliness.
  • No Over Promotion: A customer is already impressed with the brand services, so responding to their review with brand promotion is not a good idea. This indicates that the review shared was not read properly and the brand only focused on publicity.
  • Focus on Follow-Up Comments: Responding once to a review is not enough. A brand must take care if the user has responded to the brand’s response. Responding to follow-up comments on a positive review increases customer engagement.

Responding to Negative Google Reviews

Way to responding to Negative Google Reviews:

  • Acknowledge and Appreciate: Even if the review left is negative, a brand must thank the user for taking out time and adding feedback. A well-crafted response to negative reviews with appreciation to the customer makes a customer feel heard.
  • Professional tone: Being defensive while responding to a negative review is the worst thing a brand can do in such cases. Maintaining calm and professional tone while responding to a negative review creates a good impression for the other users reading the reviews.
  • Empathize and Apologize: The brand must understand the concern of the reviewer and should apologize for the experience they had. Empathizing with the user also makes the user feel acknowledged.
  • Addressing the Concern: The brand’s response must show that they have completely understood the user’s concern. Relevant resolution should be added to the response if possible. This makes a good impression on the reviewer as the brand tried to resolve their issue promptly.
  • Improvement Assurance: While responding to a negative comment, it’s very important to assure the reviewer that they won’t have a bad experience in the future. This reduces the chances of the user to disassociate themselves with the brand.

Responding to Netural Google Reviews

There are times when the review left by the customer is detailed but not on the positive or negative side. It generally contains just the overall experience the customer had as it is. These reviews are generally rated with 3 stars.

Here’s how brands must respond to these reviews.

  • Highlight the praise: If the reviewer mentioned a positive aspect of their experience, the brand must highlight it in response. This makes the praise more visible to other readers and reviewers as well.
  • Commit to Improvement: If the user has mentioned a negative aspect of their experience, the brand must apologize and assure improvement while responding.
  • Acknowledge and Appreciate: The time reviewer took to add their response must be appreciated in the response. This makes the user want to visit the place again and add more reviews.
  • Invite Returns and More Feedback: While responding to a neutral review, a firm must ask the reviewer to come back. This increases customer retention and might make them a regular one. Asking for more feedback in the future after acknowledging the one they gave, makes the customer feel important making them want to return.

FAQs about Google review

We compiled a list of the most frequently asked Google review questions. The following is a list:

How to get customers to leave reviews on Google?

There are a few methods for getting customers to leave Google reviews, but the simplest is to:

  • Make use of an email campaign.
  • After a purchase, send an email to your customers asking them to leave a review on your Google Business page.
  • You can even include a link to the review page in the email so they can quickly leave one.

How do Google reviews affect CTR in search results?

When someone searches for a business on Google, they are presented with a list of results. According to the most recent Zero Limit Web research, the top five SERP results receive 67.60% of total clicks.

Businesses with higher overall ratings appear higher on the list. As a result, having a better position makes you more visible to users. A good rating also makes you more trustworthy. When all of this is considered, the likelihood of users clicking on your business is quite high.

How to reply to Google reviews?

Typically, you will receive an email informing you that you have received a new review. When you click on the respond link, you will be taken to your Google My Business profile, where you can directly type your response:

The most effective way to respond to Google reviews is to:

  • Thank the reviewer for their feedback
  • Apologize if they had a negative experience
  • Offer to assist if they require it

What do I need to do to get more 5 star reviews on Google?

The best way to get 5-star Google reviews is to ask customers who are pleased with your product or service to leave a review.

Can I Delete or Edit Google Reviews?

A person who has added a review is the only one who can edit and delete their review following the below steps.

  • Open Google Maps.
  • Click Menu at the top left corner.
  • Select Your contributions and click on Reviews.
  • Look for the review you want to edit or delete click on “More” next to it.
  • Select Edit review or Delete review and follow the on-screen steps

Google does not allow a business to edit or delete reviews posted by their customers. However, it does allow them to flag reviews if they are offensive or inappropriate.

Google review team analyzes the review after it is flagged, and deletes it if they are found violating the guidelines. Hence, a brand must ensure that they use the option to flag a review responsibly. A review must only be reported if it violates the review policies.

How Many Google Reviews Does My Business Need?

There are multiple factors that come into play while deciding the good enough number of reviews for a business. These factors involve industry, location, and competition. A company must aim for at least 10 reviews on its business profile.

Having a good number of reviews gives a new customer enough information about the business.

This helps them in making an informed decision whether to choose the concerned business or not.

The number of reviews also depends on how old the business is. A new review must aim to get 5 reviews as soon as possible to establish their credibility.

An already established business must have at least 20 reviews to maintain a good reputation in the market.

All My Reviews Are 5 Stars. Why?

It is always a positive sign if all your reviews are 5 stars. If all the reviews on your business are legitimate and having a 5-star rating, this says a lot of positive things about your services.

There are multiple reasons why all your reviews are 5 stars including excellent customer services, high-quality services, or product.

However, it is very rare for an established business to have all 5-star reviews. Therefore if your business has all 5 stars, it’s most probably because it is new or the sample size of customers reviewing the business is small.


If understood correctly, Google Reviews can be beneficial for a business in more ways than one.

Now that you have gone through this Google Review guide, you understand the do’s and don’t of Google Reviews better.

Harness the power of Local SEO and customer engagement by responding appropriately to the reviews posted by customers.

The question “What is Google review?” has been answered. Although we have researched quite carefully, nothing is 100% certain because there will be exceptions.

However, with the above information, AudienceGain hopes you can confidently use Google reviews professionally.

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