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If you already know about google review then you must be wondering how does Google reviews work and creates effectiveness. Here Audiencegain will guide you on how to make your review on google quality, including further information as well as steps to do complete a perfect review. Following the post below.

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1. Overview of Google reviews

Have you ever chosen one restaurant over another based on online reviews? Google reviews are exactly what they sound like. They enable customers to publicly post a Google review about their experience with a company and its services and products.

how does google reviews work

Google review is an useful tool for you to get a good review on everything

Google Reviews is a feature integrated into Google My Business and Maps. Customers can rate and review your products or services when your company is listed and visible on these websites. The better the review, the better your site traffic will be.

2. The importance of Google reviews

Let’s find out why Google reviews are important, that is the motivation that makes you wanna know about how Google reviews work.

2.1 Google reviews improve local search ranking

If you have good reviews on websites like Yelp and Google, your ranking in local search results will go up, which is one of the main advantages of using online reviews. Local searches allow businesses to promote their products and services right to customers in the area.

By improving your local SEO, you’ll help your company be more visible and accessible to people looking for it.

2.2 Google reviews build-up credibility

Customers look to Google reviews just as much as they look to word-of-mouth recommendations. 92% of consumers used the internet to find a local business last year, and 82% of those people read online reviews. Reviews can help decide where to spend your money and what businesses to patronize. By listening to your customers, you can improve the quality of your products and services.

how does google reviews work for business

Google reviews are just as valuable to customers as word-of-mouth recommendations

2.3 Google reviews influence conversion

Positive online reviews validate customers’ interest in a product or service when they search for it. This eventually leads to increased foot traffic. Otherwise, if your company has negative reviews, it may drive away customers.

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3. SERPs and stars?

Google uses an algorithm to calculate how many stars to give different types of listings, like ads and blue links. When someone searches on Google, they’ll see ratings for things like ads and links based on how many people have already rated them.

The star ratings on Google are not a ranking factor but can be a big factor in conversions. They can help you demonstrate social proof and build your credibility.

3.1 Google stars and local pack results

Google makes it easy to find businesses near you, by displaying their information on Google Maps, Google My Business pages, and other sources. You can also see reviews from other people in your area, and make better decisions by taking into account all the information available. New reviews can take up to two weeks to appear in your overall score.

how effective are google reviews

Google SERPs local pack screenshot

How to Make More Google Stars Appear in Local Search Results

Customers must provide feedback on local business properties and other local review websites buy reviews on Google. Google recommends that business owners solicit customer feedback, which includes best practices like:

  • Requesting customer feedback and making it simple for them to provide feedback by linking to your review pages.
  • Creating mobile and desktop-friendly review prompts.
  • Reply to the needs.
  • No incentives.

3.2 Google Stars and standard “Blue Link” listings

Websites can distinguish themselves from competitors by placing stars around their organic search results listing pages. It was only recently that Google started testing star ratings in organic search.

How to Get Google Stars in Organic Search Results

Add schema markup to your website if you want stars to appear in organic search results.

Then, with the help of your development team, you can add code to your site that displays your average rating, highest, lowest, and total rating count.

how long do google reviews take to show

Screenshot JSON-LD script on Google Developers, August 2021

It is entirely up to Google when the rich snippets will appear in the SERPs after you have added them to your site. When finished, use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to double-check your work.

The addition of schema is strongly encouraged. Even if you don’t have it, if you own a retail store with star ratings, Google may show them in search engine results.

3.3 Paid advertisements and Google stars

Google Stars are described as “an automated extension type that highlights advertisers with high ratings” when they appear in paid search ads.

Text ads, shopping ads (as seen above), and free listings all contain these. The total number of votes or reviews and the star rating are displayed.

How to Get Google Stars on Paid Ads

  • Follow all policies about personally identifiable information, spam, malware, legal requirements, and other issues.
  • Submit a feed through Google Merchant Center, or incorporate structured data markup into their website (as described in the previous section).
are google reviews important

Get Google Stars on Paid Ads

Again, despite not using schema markup, some e-commerce sellers’ content may appear in SERPs.

For text and shopping ads to show star ratings, sellers must typically have at least 100 reviews in the previous twelve months.

Because Google treats reviews differently in different countries, the 100-review minimum only applies to one region at a time.

For star ratings to appear on ads, a Canadian e-commerce company, for example, must have received at least 100 reviews from within Canada in the previous year.

Google considers reviews from Google Customer Reviews as well as approved third-party partner review sites, making it easier for sellers to meet the annual minimum review threshold. Google also requests:

  • The domain with ratings must be the same as the one in the advertisement.
  • Google or its partners must conduct a research evaluation of your site.
  • The included reviews must be about the product or service being sold.

Finally, Google provides a (really confusing) requirement stating.

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3.4 Rich results, Google stars, and like recipes

The domain with ratings must match the one shown in the advertisement. Google or one of its partners must perform a research evaluation of your website. The reviews included must be about the product or service being sold.

Like other reviews, recipe cards in search results display the average review rating and the total number of reviews. The result has sparked debate among food bloggers, as only three recipes per search appear on Google desktop results (as shown in the image above), and four appear on mobile.

These prized positions will receive 75% of the clicks, leaving those who haven’t mastered online customer reviews in the dust. This means that the quality of the recipe isn’t necessarily driving these.

How to Get Google Stars on Recipe Results

Food bloggers and recipe websites must add schema to their websites for star ratings, similar to how stars appear on organic blue-link listings.

However, listing the average and a total number of ratings is not as simple. Developers should follow Google’s recipe markup guidelines. Markup is both required and recommended:

Required Markup for Recipes

  • The recipe’s name.
  • Recipe illustration

Recommended Markup for Recipes

  • Rating as a whole.
  • Author.
  • Cooking time, preparation time, and total time
  • Date of publication
  • Description.
  • Keywords.
  • Nutrition information.
  • Recipe type, such as the “dinner” Region associated with the recipe
  • Ingredients.
  • Instructions.
  • Total servings or yield
  • Video (and another related markup, if there is a video in the recipe).
how accurate are google reviews

The markup for recipe instructions would look something

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3.5 Google stars and third-party review sites

Many software companies use third-party review sites to assist customers in making purchasing decisions. Third-party review sites include Yelp, G2, and many others that are not owned by a brand and allow customers to leave feedback.

Many of these websites, including Capterra, provide star ratings.

How to Get Google Stars on Third Party Review Sites

The best way to obtain a review on a third-party review site is determined by the site that is best for the brand or business.

If you have active customers on Yelp, for example, you may choose to engage with them there.

Similarly, if a software review site, such as Trust Pilot, appears for your branded search, you could send an email to your customer list asking them to leave a review.

Google recognizes the following third-party review websites:

  • The pilot can be trusted.
  • Reevoo.
  • Bizrate – via Shopzilla.

Regarding third-party reviews, Google reminds businesses that there is no way to opt-out of them and that any issues should be addressed with the third-party site owners.

how do reviews work on google

Screenshot from SERPs listing of a review site, Google, August 2021

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3.6 Google stars and app store results

When an app is a company’s main product, it typically relies on App Store and Google Play Store downloads.

From the SERPs, searchers can see an app’s star ratings, total votes, and other important information such as whether the app is free.

How to Get Google Stars in the App Store

Businesses can submit their iOS apps to the App Store, encourage customers to leave reviews, and respond to them. They can do the same on Google Play; instructions are available here.

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4. How does Google reviews work?

The problem is how does Google reviews work for business. Following the researchers, these factors below will affect how this tool work for a better review.

4.1 Local businesses and locations

You can find the following information about local places and businesses on Google Search and Maps:

  • Examine the results
  • Excellent feedback
  • The total number of reviews is

All scores are rated from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest rating.

How are scores determined?

The average of all Google ratings for that location or business is used to calculate the review score.

Important: After someone leaves a new review, it may take up to two weeks to receive an updated review score.

how to do a google review on a company

Find review scores for local places & businesses

How do we make use of reviews from other websites

In some cases, Customer Reviews from other local review sites may be displayed in Business Profiles. These reviews are automatically generated based on information from the web by Google. Contact the original site directly if you have concerns about other sites’ reviews.

4.2 Get Google reviews

So, how do Google reviews work?

Google reviews provide useful information and help your business stand out. Reviews appear next to your Business Profile in Maps and Search. Follow best practices to get reviews. You can solicit customer feedback by distributing a URL unique to your business.

With the following best practices, you can encourage your customers to spread the word about your business via Google reviews:

  • Verify your Business Profile: Your company’s information will appear on Maps, Search, and other Google services. You must have a verified business to respond to a review.
  • Remind customers to leave reviews: Inform them that it is quick and simple to do so. Customers should not be offered incentives to leave reviews by business owners. You can also encourage customers to leave reviews by creating and sharing a link.
  • Respond to reviews to increase customer trust: Customers will notice your company values their feedback if you read and respond to their reviews.
  • Consider all reviews: When reviews are honest and objective, they are beneficial to potential customers. Customers believe that a mixture of positive and negative reviews is more trustworthy. You can always respond to a review to show customers that you care and to provide more context. If the review does not adhere to our posting guidelines, you may request that it be removed.

Share a link to a review.

You can create and distribute a link where customers can leave reviews. To encourage customers to click on the link:

  • It should be included in thank you emails.
  • Include it at the end of a chat conversation.
  • Make a note of it on your receipts.

Go to your Business Profile.

Choose Customers > Reviews > Get more reviews.

Tip: When using Google Search on your computer, select Ask for reviews.

Share the link directly with your customers or use the sharing options provided.

how does google review rating work

Sharing a link review

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5. Things about Google that you don’t know?

Google is very complicated, but if you just focus on some sections that impact your ranking of review, they will help you get better feedback on the internet.

5.1 Report fake reviews

Fake reviews are still prevalent in Google locals but are simple to report. And the process is the same whether the reviews are negative for your company or positive for a competitor’s.

To begin, search for the company by name and then click on the number of reviews:

does google review reviews

Then, hover over the fake review and you’ll see a flag appear next to when the review was posted:

working at google review

You’ll be taken to a new screen after clicking that. Simply leave your email address (for Google’s moderators, not for the business or reviewer) and indicate whether the post contains “advertising or spam” or “conflicts of interest.” That’s the end of it.

You can also visit the same screen by clicking the three circles next to a review on the map view:

does google reviews help seo

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5.2 Quantity beats quality rating

This may appear to be backward, but it is correct. If you compare two businesses that are otherwise interchangeable, but one has one review (5-star average) and the other has 20 reviews (3.5-star average), the one with 20 reviews will usually rank higher.


This is due to a variety of factors.

To begin with, having more reviews indicates that you should place more trust in the average. It could be an outlier if your company has only one review, whether it’s a 1 or a 5. Someone may have been having a particularly good (or particularly bad) day for reasons unrelated to your company.

However, your company has a reputation once there are enough reviews to show a pattern. Even a bad reputation is preferable to no reputation for Google.

how Google reviews work

Businesses with more reviews have higher ratings

Second, review descriptions can reveal a lot about a business.

Even the negative reviews mention how delicious the Irish coffee is, so you know it’s good. Even if their average rating was only three stars, but everyone agreed they enjoyed the Irish coffee, Google would still rank it high for “Irish coffee SF.”

These reviews can also notify Google of any additional services you may have overlooked in your Google My Business listing and your website. If you’re a landscaper/arborist/irrigation contractor/junk hauler, Google may overlook that you should be showing up for “custom fire pit installation” until someone mentions it in a review.

5.3 Google wants you to ask for reviews

According to Yelp’s official policy, you should never ask for reviews. Customers are only asked to leave unprompted reviews, which is not ideal for contractors.

Google, on the other hand, encourages you to remind your customers to leave reviews. As long as you don’t set up kiosks to collect reviews and don’t offer any incentives, the sky is the limit.

5.4 Google filters reviews

Everyone rails against Yelp’s review filter, but not so much against Google’s.

Google sometimes filters out reviews for the same reasons Yelp does: too many were left in quick succession from the same computer, or from people who aren’t active Google users. The main difference is that Google was so late to the review game that they would often prefer too many reviews to not enough.

how does Google reviews work for business

Google filter online review

5.5 Massive impact on your business

Looking at the image below, would you contact the first or second company?

does google take down reviews

According to conventional SEO logic, the first company to appear receives the click.

The second company is crushing it in terms of reviews. Quality Restoration appears to be a better option, even if you have no idea how Google reviews work.

Consumers will see your average star count if you appear in a commercial search (such as “water damage restoration near me”) or a branded search (such as “green restoration experts”). Customers may look up your name, see your star rating, and decide not to call you.

Whether you like it or not, your Google reviews tell a story almost always repeated when someone comes across your Google local listing. Make certain it’s a good one.

Through the above article, how much do you understand how does Google reviews work. If you want to know more details, please contact Audiencegain for support.

The other articles of Audiencegain also have the same amount of knowledge, so they are sure to help you a lot.

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